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Corey Feldman Arrives for Larry King Interview

3/10/2010 8:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Feldman just arrived to the CNN building in Los Angeles where's he's being interviewed by Larry King about the death of his close friend, Corey Haim.

Corey Feldman


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You absolutely nailed that right on the head. This guy is a douche. What is with that piece of hair he has hanging in his face? Freak.

6. Corey Feldman is the biggest LOSER on the planet. What a complete embarrassment. Going on Larry King to cry his crocodile tears -and hoping -in his diseased mind-that he will get a movie or tv show out of this latest appearance. The idiot has no talent and is a complete joke of a human being. The End.

Posted at 8:33PM on Mar 10th 2010 by MrHarryBawls2010

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1652 days ago


Geez people... give him a chance. Maybe he wants to say some nice things about his friend since everyone is jumping to conclusions.

1652 days ago

dirty diana    

he's running his face now

1652 days ago


Oh what a surprise. NOT.

He is so devasted he has to run to Larry King.
Feldman blows. He sold MJ down the river it get attention. Then he dressed like MJ when he passed away, to get attention.

RIP Corey Haim

1652 days ago


Well he is ripping into to TMZ deservedly. Just a couple weeks ago they were wishing death on the kid.

U people are disgusting, build people up and tear them down because u dont have a life.

F U Harvey!!!

1652 days ago

dirty diana    

yup just like some people said, it's all about me me me me me me me , he really should go find tila and take off with her far away. the end.

1652 days ago


I thought both of them were dead.

1652 days ago


Can someone please cut the stupid 10 strands of hair on this guy??? It's annoying the cr@p out of me!!!

1652 days ago


just saw the first 15 minutes of Larry King. Feldman did say something that needs to be said re: sites like TMZ and Perez taunting celebrities about their every character defect and now doing the same with Corey Haim. The bloggers (and posters)need to cut the snarkiness and just try to report. Give the guy some grace and respect.

1652 days ago


Yeah right, on Larry King he is talking about things such as no one there to help him lately when he had no car and had to live with his mom. He was talking about everyone pouring out now, but not when he needed the help. Well, if he cared so much, why didn't he move him and his mom in with him or help him get a car so he could get his mom back and fourth to the hospital.
The more he talks, the more he makes himself look bad is all I keep thinking.

1652 days ago


You people are all haters! Corey Feldman rules, he's not the one who took drugs and was addicted to them. He supported Haim in everything and put up with alot until it came to the point he had to protect his own child. He isn't the only one that has said they had to distance themselves from Haim. They two made up in the last several months and no many people even knew and I heard nothing about Feldman bragging about that for attention. If he says anything, you haters hate on him and if he says nothing you do the same thing. Get over yourselves, you don't walk in his shoes or know what their relationship was all about. Haim would of been on King to if Feldman would of died, don't kid yourself. I'm sure he's going to say only good things about him and how it was such a waste to Haim to die so young and not to get involved in drugs. Grow up people and get a life!!!!

1652 days ago


Does Larry even have a CLUE who either Cory is? Larry's interviews are so shallow and awful the past few yrs. He mixes up names all the time. Kinda like Regis. Geez, guys....retire already!

1652 days ago


Ok did anyone else notice Nicole Eggert? She looks WEIRD!! Did she just have surgery because she didn't look like this on Celeb Fit Club. WTF? I didn't even recognize her.


1652 days ago

Allen Ridak    

You people are freaks!!!
How did you react when your best friend died and it was all over the media?
Morons, you shouldn't be judging anyone on how they react to a friends death. Everyone handles things differently.

1652 days ago


"23. Please. If he is so worried about why everyone is acting concerned now, but wasn't there for him such as that he had no car or was living with his mom, then why didn't he take them in or get him a car if he was such a big friend to him.
The more he talks in this interview, the more ridiculous he sounds towards this front he is putting on."

Exactly. Feldman's wife isn't even in the picture any longer so why didn't he step up to help his "best friend"? He actually described Haim as "destitute" yet Feldman was allowing him to live in a month-to-month transient apartment complex with his ill mother. Great friend.

1652 days ago
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