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Corey Feldman -- This Is a Tragic Loss

3/10/2010 4:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Feldman & Corey HaimCorey Feldman has just released a statement on the death of his best friend Corey Haim, in which he calls the event "tragic" and begs people to learn a "lesson" from Haim's passing.

In the statement, which Feldman posted on his blog, the actor says "My eyes weren't even open all the way when the tears started streaming down my face."

He adds, "We must all take this as a lesson in how we treat the people we share this world with while they are still here to make a difference."

The post concludes, "I hope the art Corey has left behind will be remembered as the passion of that for which he truly lived."


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britany murphy had flu, and some prescription drugs there...
what s going on with there?

1655 days ago


Some of the comments on here about this guys passing is disgusting.
Some people just do not have any respect for the dead, shame on all you who picked here to spout all your vile rubbish, you disgust me.
And bravo to the rest for their beautiful heart felt reguards.
R.I.P Young Man, Thank you for the memories x

1655 days ago


We must all take this as a lesson in how we treat the people we share this world with while they are still here to make a difference
How about, we must all take this as a lesson to stop using drugs on our own free will.

His overdose isn't my fault Corey.

1655 days ago

alexis rangel    

well i'm sad to see such a cool person die !! he was my favorite childhood actor !! in licence to drive !!

1655 days ago

su.san smith    

I have no respect for Corey Feldman - HE IS THE BIGGEST JERK on this planet.
IF he cared so much for Corey Haim - We would still have Corey Haim with us.

1655 days ago


Willie Davis (age 75), one of the greatest in baseball history who kids looked up to before the next generation began looking up to drug addicts.

"Davis is one of the most powerful business people in the world, as a member or former member of the boards of Alliance Bank, Dow Chemical (1988-2006), Johnson Controls (1991-2006), K-Mart, L.A. Gear, Manpower (2001-), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (1999-), MGM Mirage, Rally's Inc., Sara Lee (1983-), Schlitz Brewing, and WICOR Inc. He has been president of All-Pro Broadcasting, operators of radio stations KCXX-FM, KATY-FM, WLDB-FM, WLUM-FM, and WMCS since 1976."

1655 days ago


@ #8 , Like many family and friends of drug addicts Bev, Feldman did distance himself from Haim after trying unsuccessfully to get Haim to stop using drugs.. yeah what jerk eh? Why should Feldman stick around to take Haim's abuses, why should Feldman expose his family, friends or child to someone who was always high on pills?

Haim who blamed Feldman for his problems rather than taking responsibility for his own problems, why didn't Haim call out his molester instead of blaming Feldman yet again... Give me a break.

Haim probably approached Feldman recently to patch up their relationship since Feldman was going through a divorce and Haim could have him all to himself again. Probably tried to get Feldman back on drugs so he didn't have to feel like such a loser all by himself.

1655 days ago

Sad sad    

God, it so stupid when people blame this stuff on fame. What? you don't think everyday people od ever? More everyday people od then celebrities. We have a prescription drug problem in America and it's slowly getting worse.

1655 days ago


Say what you want about Dr. Drew, but he at least is calling attention to the fact that addiction is a huge problem with celebrities and since their "friends and families" really are not doing anything at least he tries.
as for the fame whore that is Corey Feldman...I was wondering how quickly he would grab some press time in order to pretend he cared about his former friend, he did the same thing with MJ accusing him of molesting him as a child and then suddenly being his "best friend" again when he died. What a sick way to use the press. If anyone saw the two coreys show they would have seen how crappy CF treated CH. CF clearly feels he is better then Corey Haim. Corey Haim was a friend to him even though CF kicked him to the curb in favor of his ugly hooker wife who has now dumped him. She hated CH because even as a drug addict CH saw right through her slut&y whoring ways and was a better friend to CF for telling him about it. Way to go Corey feldman for exploiting yet another star who was more famous then you. Let's face it no one paid attention to CF despite his being in the biz since he was 3 until he teamed up with Corey Haim.

1655 days ago


Susan you are an idiot. Why is it Cory Feldman's job to save Cory Haim? Cory Feldman went through all the same crap in life that Cory Haim did. Cory Haim was an a$$ on the Two Cory's while Feldman was always ,at least trying, to do the right thing. The real 'jerk' overdosed on pills. Thank God Cory Haim is finally out of Cory Feldman's life for good. Maybe now Cory Feldman can focus on his own life instead of dealing with the ongoing guilt trips Cory Haim vomited on him.

1655 days ago


to "corey haim was an ass" don't forget...Corey feldman never went through the stuff he did UNLESS he had press there. Corey Feldman never helped his friend UNLESS he had press there too. Corey Feldman accused MJ of molesting him, in the press and was the first one there to comment on the loss of his "best friend" when MJ died, all in the you see the common denominator here? Corey feldman cares about himself and was NOTHING until he started hanging out with Corey Haim. Did you see Corey Feldman on surreal life? The cast hated him he was a whiny spoiled brat on there, and his nasty whore wife was even worse. Even as a drug addicted person with a tragic life Corey H saw right through how that whore was using his friend and he tried to help his friend NOT in the press.

1655 days ago


Feldman was right to distance himself from Haim, they were both addicted to drugs and prone to relapsing. Part of the consequences to drug abusers is that friends and family won't enable them through association.

However, Feldmans delusions of grandeur and narcissism often surpass his grief. He turned MJ's death into an opportunity for self promotion.

1655 days ago


Shut the ^$&% up~~Have U no respect~DID U read the part He had the Flu and was taking OVER the Counter Meds~~Does This Not Sound alot like Britney Murphy!! AND If Cory had a Problem with Cory F, Well thats there deal~Not any of Ours, Everone said Brit Murphy OD Too, well when your sick with the Flu, and Fluids Build Up in your lungs and around your Heart, you are in trouble!! Same Here! So please how about a Prayer for his Momma, and leave it too the family..bunch of haters~~

1655 days ago


R.I.P. Corey Haim. you are finally at peace. we will miss you.

1655 days ago

Anna G    

Corey Haim RIP. My heart goes out to his family, friends and fans. I was really touched by his story from what I saw on The Two Coreys.

To Corey Feldman, I am sorry for your loss. The lesson learned in your statement today was unexpected. If you learned that lesson from this tragedy, you are on your way to becoming someone with class.

1655 days ago
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