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Corey Feldman -- This Is a Tragic Loss

3/10/2010 4:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Feldman & Corey HaimCorey Feldman has just released a statement on the death of his best friend Corey Haim, in which he calls the event "tragic" and begs people to learn a "lesson" from Haim's passing.

In the statement, which Feldman posted on his blog, the actor says "My eyes weren't even open all the way when the tears started streaming down my face."

He adds, "We must all take this as a lesson in how we treat the people we share this world with while they are still here to make a difference."

The post concludes, "I hope the art Corey has left behind will be remembered as the passion of that for which he truly lived."


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RIP Corey... My heart goes out to his family and Corey Feldman... this is a tragic loss of a great man and he will always be loved

1654 days ago


RIP to Corey Haim.

Feldman however is a jerk, a liar, a fame whore. He makes me sick.
He was only too happy to try to destroy Michael Jackson, along with all the other A-holes that went after him. But then when Michael dies, Feldman is there, wearing his wannabe MJ look, pretending to be a friend.

RIP Corey


1654 days ago


Americans take prescription drugs like candy; instead of counseling people think that taking a pill will cure their ills. Ledger, Nicole-Smith (who's phsychiatrist saw her hours before she died), Michael Jackson, Britany Murphy, Corey Haim; I'm sorry but you can't be in that much anxiety, pain, and depressive state in your 30's. If you are that messed up, go to counseling. Like I said after each of these deaths; this isn't the last one.

1654 days ago


how sad, corey was an incredible talent that hollywood seemed to have turned there back on. as addiction is a disease u chose to do it once then it takes control of u in that moment for the rest of ur life.i have been clean for 8 yrs and not a day goes by that i still dont think about the drugs. corey was a lost soul may he finally rest in peace without this monster haunting him... as for feldman well i hope he learns that u must treat people in ur life with love and compassion.while they r here.

1654 days ago


My condolences to Corey Haim's family, such a waste of such a young guy! It would be a terrible life to work as an actor and try to make it big. Some make it big and still get into those predicaments, fame should never be the blame for anyone's choice (good or bad). It's too bad that even his best friend ..did not hear his cry for help!! But, any moron could see that on the Corey and Corey show. Yes, he was a big boy and he could have taken care of himself! I would not have in a million years let my wife talk me into turning my back on my best friend of many years!

1654 days ago


What a BEST FRIEND Feldman is. Hope he's not in charge of the headstone!

1654 days ago


I loved Corey Haim. It is ashame that his life ended the way it did and that his addiction took his life. I hope this is a lesson to everyone. Please remember: do not be quick to judge, respect his family and friends at this time, and may the memories of Corey live with as all forever!! You will be missed, Corey :) xoxoxo

1654 days ago


Aw to bad another celeb dies from DrUgs, imagine that.... Now his buddy can write a song.. and we all know it will SUCK!! I do feel bad for his family, but we all know some people are going to try and get another 15 mins. of fame out of this!

1654 days ago

billy buck    

I have never seen these two fellas act. I do know that they are/were famous actors. They started acting as children, right? Needless to say, they have been taken advantage of for years. Managers, agents, parents, producers, and the like. I feel sorry for them.

You are right, for the most part, this fella put the drugs into his own system. But, who, other than someone who is mentally ill would put themselves into situations where they lose their loved ones, self respect, and bodily health for a fix? No one in their right mind would do that. Some people may say that this fella (the deceased) was selfish and grandiose. No, he was scared and confused.

I am sorry to hear of his passing. And yes, I can see how a person can keep returning to rehabilitation. Because, they are desperately trying to put their debilitating disease into remission.

1654 days ago


I agree with Rabba very much. You took the words right out of my mouth. Lake and Zippy do da, your just mean spirited people. When I come on these comment sites, I cannot believe how much hate is being displayed for someone you don't know. I have been recovered now 8yrs. addiction is very hard to overcome. However you have to want it. Like Corey Feldman said, wait for the report on what killed him. He had a bad heart and admitted he didn't help matters any. All I saw when I always watched the 2 Corey's show, was a very insecure man, who just wanted love and to act again. Yes he burned a lot of bridges and that's his fault. But I bet there will be tons of people at his funeral, who by the way haven't spoken to him in over 10 yrs. Where were they when Haim was down? I know, his Mother and Corey Feldman. I was so relived they remained friends after the show. My heart is filled with sadness for his mother and Corey Feldman. His mother has cancer and something tells me she is not going to fight it anymore. I really don't and can't imagine what this poor woman is going through. So all of you making comments that are just plain mean, remember what comes around goes around. Please try and be nice. Better yet don't write anything at all if you didn't like him. R.I.P. Corey Haim.

1653 days ago


Feldman has the ability to do a few things for Haim 1# instead of selling on ebay he could pay for the funeral,He could get Haims mom a better place to live and the care she needs, He, out of respect to his best friend tell the authorities who when they were kids was molesting them and bring those people to justice as they no doubt caused alot of Haims issues.
Thats what a best friend would do.
If Feldman is still friends with these people shame on him.
If I were his mom I would have gone after them a long time ago .They should both now do it for Corey H and all other kids in that situation.
If their desire to stay in with the people is stronger than their love for Corey H shame on both of them

1652 days ago


First of all, corey feldman, infests nothing. He should and IS suppose to be front and center because the 2 shared their past lol@ those ridiculous comments,In the 80's you never saw one without the other. Second of all, once again, Corey feldman front and center with Micheal Jackson, do u know how tight they were? Feldman in his later movies dressed like MJ from head to toe, till this day homeboy sports his little white boy mj curl. 2 places where corey feldman needs to be, aduh.Ya knuckleheads!! Corey Haim **RIP** I use to cover my wall with his posters, him and joey mcintrye from NKOTB. Tiger beat, Bop, whatever I got my hands on. I can't believe he's passed. Its kinda unreal. Him, Brittany Murphy, MJ,Heath ledger, I mean that time is really behind us. I'm 32 now and it brings tears to my eyes.Lke wow we are really old.And YO! We are droppin like flies!!! Its sad..with all the money they had, EVERYTHING, at their fingertips and look at the dumb chit they do to themselves.

1652 days ago

marc matthews    

Haim was a prominent figure in my youth, and will be remembered for all the great things he was a part of. R.I.P Corey

1651 days ago


Doctors and Pharmacist should not be held responsible,for writing and filling script its not their fault that the medication is not being taken exactly as prescribed to lessen the risk of addiction,you see the bottom line when you abuse you make the doctors afraid to write pain meds,finally the patience winds up suffering even more,because a handfull of people want to abuse,there meds makes it really hard to get the Doctor to write you a decent{opiate-type} pain reliever to help you with your chronic pain,so all you people take pain meds the way doctor prescribe this way we might be able to stop most of the abuse,and blaming the doctors,it just kills me the doctor is trying to help you out of your pain,and then you abuse them and all of a sudden you want to sue or blame the doctor.for something you did to yourself,a few years ago i was shot with a 12guage at about 2feet i was being held up he blew a hole in my chest you could put a bowling ball in it,i had the hardest time trying to get pain meds i went thru so much pain before i finally got the help i needed i was so close to killing myself.

1641 days ago

Lisa and Laina    

No one should feel sorry for Feldman, he was a horrible friend and now trying to get any attention (work) he can. He was always jealous of his much better looking "friend". A true friend would never have treated Haim they way he did on the show the Two Coreys. A true friend would never try to capitalize on the death of his "best friend" or speak of him as if he were a pathetic vagrant. Feldman you are a disgusting loser and I hope Hollywood and the public treat you accordingly. To Corey Haim's family, we are so sorry for your terrible loss our thoughts are with you. Very glad Feldman is not invite to attend the service, he probably would have tried to sneak in with a camera.

1648 days ago
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