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Corey Haim Approached by 'Celebrity Rehab'

3/10/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Haim was approached in the last 10 days by the casting company for "Celebrity Rehab" ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with Dr. Drew's show tell us casting producers called Corey. They say he was "extremely defensive and insulted, saying, 'It's the last show I'd ever do.'"

Our sources say the 3-minute conversation ended with Corey saying, "I do not need help."

We're also told the casting producers spoke with Corey's mom last October at an autograph convention, pitching the show.


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Are these more false rumors & speculation from law enforcement to TMZ again? Like with Brittany Murphy?

What if Harvey Levin died (heaven forbid) and pill bottles were found by his bed and everyone was saying he OD'ed when there was no concrete evidence of such yet???

1658 days ago

Wanda W.    

For "Robyn", there were whole a lot of us who were molested. NOT ALL OF US TURN INTO PATHETIC DRUG ADDICTS ! It's a CRUTCH to do anything chemically to ourselves when life gets too hard !

1658 days ago


RIP, Corey.

1658 days ago

Emergency Broadcast System    

His blatant irritation and nasty response to "Celeb Rehab" was classic with people who insist they don't need help...when in fact they are the ones who need it most.

1658 days ago


How can TMZ or anyone else report it was a Drug Overdose when toxicology tests haven't been done yet?

1658 days ago


For "One Who Knows" maybe not everyone is as strong as you are. Corey was a kid in Hollywood when he was molested..He was a child who got drugs easily..Then once he was addicted it was impossible for him to stop..That is what he did to handle the pain he was in..Don't look down on him for that..RIP COREY!!

1658 days ago


I think he needs help but doubt very much if Dr. Drew really helps anyone except his show. They seem to come and go and come back again but have not seen many long term successes. Maybe he needs an intervention and private rehab for at least 6 months. These people go to rehab for 2 weeks and think that'll do it. Never does.

1658 days ago


We can't get a two for one, Corey Feldman where are you?

Look lot of young people dieing young and it goes back to drugs prescription or otherwise. There is a lesson to be learned here.

Stop the Self Diagnosis and Self Medicating. Go another route besides throwing pills down your throat. Your system can't take that abuse.

1658 days ago


OMG how dare Drew Pinsky reveal that they tried to get Corey Haim to come on his show. Pinsky makes me sick, trying to get his name in the news by claiming he was trying to save Haim and that he refused. If someone really needed help they wouldn't go on TV to do it.

1658 days ago


So much potential. He seemed so lost and so lonely for so long. He had the world to reach out to, but seemed like he was standing in the middle of a crowded room screaming and no one heard him...I can't help but think about the page he put out in the newspaper saying that he was back and ready to work. He didn't even make it long enough to comb gray hair. Truly sad.

1658 days ago


I've wondered who the molestor was, as well.. and have my suspicions.. I wish he would have had a chance to tell who victimized him. Keeping quiet does NOT help anyone-- perhaps the abuser just learned that he could keep abusing, because his victim's wouldn't tell.. doesn't help the victim keeping it bottled in and a secret. and it sure doesn't help society - the abuser keeps on abusing more and more children.

Maybe Feldman will eventually come clean and lay it out there.. but I have my doubts.

I do believe he was self-medicating and that addiction is a DISEASE.. however,we're not even positive that's what killed him.

We'll see in 6 weeks or so, like usual.

1658 days ago


What will Dr. Drew say now?

If he says it on twitter, we'll have it:

RIP Corey Haim, wish he took Dr. Drew up on the offer.

1658 days ago

Wanda W.    

So "Robyn" let me get this straight. Haim was molested as a child,was involved in drugs at an early age,HAD a successful show biz career,but couldn't pull it together to quit, EVER, even as an adult ? And allowed his past to dictate his future ? Is that what we're supposed to swallow ? Sounds lame to me ! HE WAS WEAK ! Stop making excuses for the drug addict ! He was killing himself for years,and he didn't notice ? You'll have to come up with something better than that !

1658 days ago


I would have rather seen Mr. Haim on Celebrity Rehab than read what I read this morning about his death. 38 is too young to die. He really did have the potential to have a great life and career. Drugs robbed him of EVERYTHING. They overtook every aspect of his life. If anything good comes out of this maybe there is some young person paying attention thinking about doing a little line, or smoking a little something. Before he does he sees this story and sees where he might wind up. The sad thing about drug addiction is you don't know what kind of addict your going to be until it is too late. Some recover; some don't

1658 days ago


Again another celebrity and prescription drugs. As a pharmacist I am wondering, what do Hollywood pharmacists screen for before handing out prescriptions? Do you look at the patient history and refills? Are you watching for Dr. hopping? Do you ever refuse to fill prescriptions? Or is it the celebrity blinding you to their greatness so you fill the prescription anyway and figure , "what the hell, it was a legal script I'm not liable?" Come on, in my state we would be brought before the Board of Pharmacy, not just the junk Dr.

1658 days ago
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