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Corey Haim -- Drug OD, Sources Say

3/10/2010 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Corey Haim did indeed OD on drugs, and his mom is the one who discovered him in the apartment and called 911.

Corey Haim Dead
Although cause of death is premature, so far law enforcement is telling us it was "possibly accidental."

We're told LAPD has opened a death investigation.

Singer Rick James died in the same apartment complex in 2004.


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chicken head    

was he fighting with his homosexuality ?
anyway this is sad

1635 days ago


Was he married? had kids? I feel sorry for them. This guy led a tragic live maybe because he couldn't get any roles in hollywood. It is so sad for those child stars goes to show children should not be working it's messed up you work as a child and when you are an adult you can't get work? fkd up.

1635 days ago


And TMZ, please delete any unnecessary comments. I can't believe there's people like this who actually bother to make comments like these on someone who has just passed away. Trust me, even I was shock to see MJ die. So please do us a favor and take those comments off.

1635 days ago

S D M F    

One Corey down one Corey to go!

1635 days ago


Reply to OH MY GOD, and I have more spelling talent in my in a lock of hair than you have spelling skills in your whole body. LOL at " TRADGEDY "

Seriously, this guy was a washup, still making direct-to-video sequels to his only film from the 80's. Going to comic book conventions to sell autographs too That's pretty low.

1635 days ago


Several years back, when I was visiting in L.A., I got a hotel in the Burbank area. The desk clerk told me I had a celebrity staying in the room next to mine and she told me it was Corey Haim. The next day, the drapes were wide open in his room and when I walked by, I glanced in. I never saw Corey, but the room was a total mess. It looked like he had a fit of rage and just tore the room apart. Even though I never heard anything, it could have been like that before I got there. I was hoping I would have seen Corey come out of his room, just to say HI and let him know I admired his work but I never heard or seen him but I heard the TV on one night. A couple days later the room was clean and he was gone.

1635 days ago

Vince from Kensington    

What did this tool OD on? Vicodin? or heroin?

1635 days ago


How devastating to hear of Cory's Death, R.I.P
Cory, soar high above and smile that beautiful smile of yours and know that you will forever be missed. Thank you for ALL the memories of your fine work, my prayers are with him and his family in this horrible time. God Bless you sweet angel

1635 days ago

Vince from Kensington    

MaRy..are you high as the dead Corey?!?!?

"Thank you for all of your fine work"


1635 days ago

Vince from Kensington    

Fine work!!?!?!?! as high in the sky as the dead Corey!

1635 days ago


Prayers with the family. For many years he was struggling. He's now at peace. Hollywood puts this kids in the Lime Light and then doesn't know what to do with them when they grow out of their cuteness. It's a shame. Children grow up to quick in the City of dreams.

1635 days ago


I am truly sorry to hear this news this morning. Corey was a great actor and I am sure still the sweet young boy at heart that he lived up to be in the 80's although it was always sad seeing him struggle, my prayers and thoughts go out to his family and his friends especially his best friend Corey Feldman whom was there to support and help him when Mr. Haim needed it the most! God Bless

1635 days ago


You idiots and your "devil" talk. Drugs are NOT the "work of the devil." You bible thumpers think that anything bad in this world is the work of the devil. Get a grip. Pharmaceutical companies make drugs and people take them. Period.

1635 days ago

chicken head    


1635 days ago


Hey who put a gun on his head and told him to take the drugs everyone writes their own book so thats the path he chose he did make a few good movies though ill give him that

1635 days ago
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