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Jamie Jungers Wins Mistress Beauty Pageant

3/10/2010 11:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie Jungers is now the queen of the Tiger Woods mistresses -- which is kinda like being the thinnest kid at fat camp -- by winning Howard Stern's Mistress Beauty Pageant.

Jamie Jungers: Click to watch
Jungers just took home the $75,000 prize after exposing a bunch of personal information about Tiger ... like the size of the club, what he wanted from her sexually speaking, and on and on.

Jungers had stiff competition -- Jaimee Grubbs and Loredana Jolie -- but was able to take home the crown, because Howard felt she was "the true mistress."

Of course, Grubbs losing a tooth didn't help her chances. But she did get a $15,000 runner-up prize -- more than enough for a dental visit.


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I'm under the impression that Tiger Woods would have voted Rachel as the ultimate Tiger mistress. Agree?

1626 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Just another publicity stunt by Stern trying to rally some attention to a career that has come and gone

1626 days ago



1626 days ago


I wish these skanky whores would self-combust. They will do anything for 5 more minutes of infamy. The whores should all give thier $$ to Elin for pain inflicted! Too bad Elin can't stone them like in the biblical times. Too bad elin can't sue them for adultry!!! I hope every penny these whores make leads to thier downfall. Oh wait they can't fall any lower. They already are the bottom of the barrell. Tiger had to have been on drugs & alcohol to touch these skanks.

1626 days ago


What a sleazy, degenerate culture this is that we live in!

1626 days ago


Howard Stern is God

1626 days ago


So she is the queen hoe!

1626 days ago


Stern and Gloria Alred ought to team up.

1626 days ago


Howard Stern is a troll. The three stooges he had on are simply a perfecty good waste of DNA. If they couldn't shake their moneymaker they'd be on skid row, homeless. If Troll Stern would have been smart he would of bought each one a Toyota Prius so their last orgasmic scream is right before the crash of death. Oh, What A Feeling... Toyota!

1626 days ago


Howard Stern is pathetic. He used to be funny but now it's all lesbians all the time. Sad. No wonder he's divorced and on his second marriage. I feel sorry for his current wife--unless she's only in it for the money--in which case, Go Beth, Go!

1626 days ago

Cappy Lills Kid    

Bad Karma - Remember what goes around
comes around

1626 days ago

Stupididy at its best    

She looks ridiculous with the crown on her head !!!!! Waoww she must be so proud to be named QUEEN OF THE WHORES . What an achievement and a recognition.
I am a woman and when I see this kind of action being recognized and rewarded I want to puke. What a shameless society we are living in ? Where are the morals, principles and values ????
She is making money while she helped destroying three innocent people lives.
I believe in Karma and I pray with all my heart that one day all those sluts and homewreckers pay dearly for what they did. There's no excuse for sleeping with a married man with little kids. there's no sympathy because they knew what they did. What they wanted is money and fame. Enjoy while you can because it won't last long....
By the way Howard Stern you'd better take care of your business at home because I'll bet one day this is you who will be cheated on !!!

1626 days ago


are these wat they call upscale prostitutes? good job!!!

1626 days ago


Hey Malone, you are such a slut. You can't handle Howard and his coolness? You must be a conservative bitch who can't handle a little bit of "straight talk"????? I'll bet you were molested when you were small by your uncle and you are taking out your anger on Howard. He is too much of a man for u...

1625 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    


1623 days ago
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