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Kate Gosselin's Kids Meet Her New Partner

3/10/2010 6:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While at home in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, Kate Gosselin's kids enjoyed playing with their mommy's new partner on "Dancing with the Stars", Tony Dovolani.

Tony's got some tough (dancing) shoes to fill.


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maggie olmstead    

I would have to say she is so VAIN. The children have nothing to do with her irresponsible bitchy ways. She so definately needs Lamictal or welbutron. It is not fair to call the children bastards. They come from a lugit family that split up. The dude with dancing with the stars may tap into that bitch but he won't last long, John put up with her rage and stupidity and self righteousness but majority of the men out there would'nt. She has to change her ways for sure.

1667 days ago



1667 days ago

maggie olmstead    

Jealous TROLLS get real obviously you did'nt keep up with John and Kate plus eight. She was a ROYAL BITCH to John and even the children. It was her way or John was going to pay. Even the children were aprehensive to act out around her. TOO CONTROLLING

1667 days ago


So so jealous. Very sad for you. I am sure your heads will explode when you hear she is on the cover of People again. Ha.

Go Kate. Those of us who watched J&K from the beginning and have been paying attention (and aren't prone to JEALOUSY, lol) know you are a good mom doing the best for your kids.

1667 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

Time to let the "Kate hate" go and move on if you really care about these kids. Kate is hardly the first parent to go on the show. I hope she has been warned that the "Kate Haters" will most likely make sure she is the first to go, whether she deserves it or not, dance wise. Jealousy is a very ugly thing.

Tony is a great guy and the kids will love him. Too bad the pettiness of the Gosselin haters will most likely hurt his chances of staying in the competition past the first round.

I just wish people would stop voting based on popularity and vote on performance. I know I do. It is a dance competition, not a personality competition.

1667 days ago


Here a mom of 8 tring to support her children while the dead beat dad out there swinging his pickle tickler at the young girls..What is the BUM FISH FACE JON doing to support the children???Kate home w/ the children and working..Kate made arrangements where she could be home w/ the children..When are u troll haters are going to realize JON the ones to venture the hate on...GO EAT YOUR TWINKIES......

1667 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

Tony lives in Conneticut and having the dance studio at Kate's house allows him time at home with his family. He's happy to have the studio at Kate's home.

DWTS has accomodated many of the performers in the past. It is not surprising that they are accomodating Kate.

I will be voting for Kate if she deserves it. It is a dance competition after all.

As for those who dislike Kate, I doubt any of us can say we've never been a witch to our husband. If you haven't, well, then you are one of a very lucky few. Fortunately, we haven't had a camera following us around to immortalize those unfortunate incidents when our stress gets the best of us.

1667 days ago


Can't wait for Kate to be on the show! The kids are too cute, they must be looking forward to watching their mom dance.

1667 days ago


Hmmmm.....I'm in Pennsylvania and sure it was nice out, but I didn't let my kids out in summer clothing, guess she was to busy to notice that.

1667 days ago


There is SO much wrong with this pic. First off its the end of winter and she has these kids dressed in SHORTS???? OK are you kidding me? The ONLY time she is snapped with the kids is when there are CAMERAS around. She is so predictable its disquesting.
This woman ( I use the term loosely and roll my eyes )is OUT OF CONTROL and needs to be knocked down a few hundred pegs.

1667 days ago


I LOVE the people who say they love Khate and let her do what she wants. HOW quickly they forget about what a ragging BITCH she is. She treats people with ZERO respect and treats them horribly. She talks down to people and is brutally self centered not to mention a HUGE narcissist. That is NOT the makings of a " GOOD " person. Her kids are going to HATE her when they are old enough to realize SHE ruined their lives. WITCH

1667 days ago


All she is is a fame whore. I'm sure that all this press and pictures lately, is by far the LONGEST she has EVER smiled in her LIFE!! It is so obvious how fake she is. Please!! What happened to DWTS anyway?? They are bringing on contestants that aren't even STARS!!?? I think they need to change there name to "Dancing with people you may have seen on TV", because many of them aren't even stars!! Enough with treating these reality people as "stars"!! They are just people with cameras following them around. No talent or anything.

1667 days ago


you people are soooo stupid and ignorant for your hateful comments!!! why can't she live her life??? just really judgemental and disgusting!!! I hope you're ready when your day of judgement comes- somehow I don't think you will be.

1667 days ago

Finaly he came to his sences    

I have never missed an DWTS show but I will not watch this on with that scank on it she is not a star she is a sell out she played on the good hearts of people you know see me pitty me all the while she was ploting how to walk away with everything Jon was not as smart and lost it all but she knew how to play us but she is a scank she was cheating to she was the one who wanted a open relationship as long as Jon would do the show she was savey but she is a a b***h and I for one will boicot the show this year.

1667 days ago


I like Kate so I'm going to watch her dance at least she's not beeping 20 year olds

1667 days ago
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