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Chris Brown to Fans: Please, Save Me!

3/11/2010 6:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown is literally begging his fans to help keep him relevant -- and the convicted woman beater is using a recorded audio message to spread his desperate plea.

Chris Brown

Brown's message is available through -- a website in which celebrities can record messages for their fans. In the message, Brown begs his fans to help "bring me back"-- saying "a lot of radio stations aren't playing my records. They are not being that supportive and I wouldn't expect them to."

Brown goes on to say he's "a better guy now" ... but says "[My music] won't be possible if I'm not relevant on the radio."


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Dirt Burger    

He should of cut his losses and just go away. That was a savage beating he gave her, he should have served jail time for it.

1652 days ago


ROT IN HELL LOSER!! You deserve to lose everything for beating a woman. You NEVER showed any real remorse & your mamma should have whipped your ass instead of trying to sugar coat the fact that you beat Rhianna especially since it wasn't just a one time thing. You thought you'd get a slap on the wrist from the public because Rhianna didn't make a big deal about the other times you hit her.

1652 days ago


No one will be happy until this kid takes his own life.. Is what he did wrong? Ofcourse..He is doing what the court has asked, that chick has moved on and so has he..I don't believe he will do it again, I think he was provoked and snapped on her crazy ass..Let him get back to what he does best and loves best: HIS MUSIC!!

1652 days ago


So he's saying he's not relevant if he isn't beating on women?

The little prick needs to disappear.

1652 days ago


wah - wah - wah

1652 days ago


Team Chris!

1652 days ago


Go away, woman beater. You are a monster, a creep, no one wants you. We don't see your smile anymore we see your huge jagged teeth and they are eff'ing scary, poor Rhianna and any other woman you dare to bite like a savage. You should be in prison, not out begging for decent peeps to buy your crap. You dug your own hole now go away.

1652 days ago


Some people have scandal after scandal and it just washes off them like water off a ducks back.

For others, it is career ending. Chris Brown is one of these others.

This does not mean his life is over - just this particular career. Like a disbarred lawyer or doctor stripped of his licence, it's time he starts looking at what he wants to do for career 2.0.

Chris, you can redeem yourself -- but it won't be as a performer.

1652 days ago

Bernie Madoff    

I never heard a celeb beg, has hell frozen over or is my heater just broken.

1652 days ago


he sucks. he should just quit now and stay out of the limelight.
sings like a girl anyhow...

1652 days ago

Bernie Madoff    

@Real Talk

Charlie Sheen aint begging us to watch his show, that's the difference.

1652 days ago

johnny b    

aaite guys, i hated him when he battered that girl. but lets not judge his music too? i love his new album... and the guy's got what it takes to be among the top rnb artists around. im a fan of his music (not HIM), and think its time we forgave the guy. didnt kill anyone, did he? bigger criminals walk the street man.

1652 days ago


Chris you made your bed now lay in it... you did this to yourself punk.

1652 days ago

Santana A.    

OMG stfu already! everyone thinks they're so perfect! he made a horrible mistake, no one is saying that what he did was acceptable but he's doing all the right things to become a better's been over a year! it happened and it's done with! Chris has all the right to continue to make his music and do everything he was doing before. So what if he's asking his fans for help? I want to hear his music being played again as much as he does so he's not doing anything wrong by reaching out to his fans. People just don't want to see him come back from this,haters I swear..but anyways, I'm sure Chris will prove everyone wrong. Just watch :)

1652 days ago


dont worry CB, everything will turn out fine. and f*ck everyone on here with they're negative comments who've never committed a sin in their life!

1652 days ago
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