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Chris Brown to Fans: Please, Save Me!

3/11/2010 6:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown is literally begging his fans to help keep him relevant -- and the convicted woman beater is using a recorded audio message to spread his desperate plea.

Chris Brown

Brown's message is available through -- a website in which celebrities can record messages for their fans. In the message, Brown begs his fans to help "bring me back"-- saying "a lot of radio stations aren't playing my records. They are not being that supportive and I wouldn't expect them to."

Brown goes on to say he's "a better guy now" ... but says "[My music] won't be possible if I'm not relevant on the radio."


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Bernie Madoff    

How much did CB pay yall D-Bags to kiss his butt, did he promise to put you on his next album.

1695 days ago


N-word, please!

1695 days ago

Alan C    

It is amazing how someone with such potential, a rising musician could throw it all away on ONE senseless act of girlfriend beating. And while he has the right to ask for help (from his few remaining fans), simply his time has COME and NOW IT IS GONE! Thank God for that!

1695 days ago


His career is one wants to listen to or support an abuser, who really has never shown true remorse. Go get a college degree, kid and sing in your church.

1695 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Alright as I know many celebs check out this page.. .so here it is, I'm an adult... and YES I love Chris Browns Music... i have ALL 3 CD's and I play them all the time at work, Right now I am representing Graffiti as I feel this is his best work yet... As for The OTHER person in all of this, no I don't listen to her music, she isn't that interesting to me... I might have IF she didn't act like a shameless hussy all the time now! She is classless!! At least Chris IS trying and he deserves to be an artist just like some actors in H-wood who are adult men and are habitual women beaters whom you all are fans of I am sure! You all come on here and sit in judgement on this kid, And YES I said KID.. 20 doesn't make you an adult YET!That takes time and years... So get off this kid already. He is talented and can sing circles around some other people I can mention and also around any of you judgmental people on here!! I will say his music gets TONS of air play in Arizona, where I am... and he is welcome here! So if you people hate him... thats just fine... but just remember for every time you point a finger at someone for their faults,,,, three more point back at you, no one is perfect and we all do things we aren't proud of, Most of you are jealous because YOU don't have what it takes to even reach the level of stardom he is on... and allot of you are skin head racists propagating your hatred.... then there are the ones who just hate because you all are ill educated and all you know how to do is HATE!! All of you are the same ones who say nasty things about Michael Jackson and his kids too....I hope this kid gets it all back and then some... and you haters will just have to go on and hate as he rakes in the dough... to say No ONE likes his music anymore is incorrect as there are tons of fans world over and he didn't need to use a pity vote to get them... he has had them all along!! The TRUE fans have stuck by his side... 100% true!! So go on and hate... because he will be around for a very very very long time!!
Move on haters... you are looking foolish!!! And YES they are selling Graffiti at Walmart where I work and play the CD, it has helped the sales here as well!! So Chris Brown... I am glad to help!!! Haters... Thats right I just said it out loud"! CAN YOU HEAR IT NOW!!!!

1695 days ago


hey chris

you beat up a girl

1695 days ago


..wondering how many of these racist hypocrites are still anticipate watching Charlie Sheen on his show.

1695 days ago

Bernie Madoff    

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. Time meaning being ridiculed and blacklisted from your profession. People are not hating on Chris Brown, Chris Brown hated on himself when he did the crime, now he must do the time. Some times there are no 2nd chances in life. If a law student or medical student 20 years of age commits a felony he or she can never legally practice their profession in the U.S., so what's the difference with the public not wanting to listen to his music, it's the public's choice, not Chris Brown's. It's all about supply and demand, Chris supplies it, but we don't demand it.

1695 days ago


i don't think it's fair that charlie sheen is allowed to return and start filming tv show 2 and a half men, he's a woman abuser as well and is very violent, america is racist

1695 days ago


Yeah.... Chris you have to pay the consequences. I only think he's "a better guy now" because he knows how he hurt his "image" and he's only sorry because of all the negativity he's brought upon himself, not because he hurt his gf.
not to mention at one point I adored this guy, and while lots of girls did he was in that mindset of abusing girls... I don't see a second chance for that.

1695 days ago


As a saved Mother, Chris I pray for you daily. You made a mistake and you've apologized and done what the courts demanded of you. Your fans love you, and those haters, let them stay where they are. Move on people.. You've made mistakes I'm sure. No one is perfect, no not one.. I've been on both sides of this situation.. so I know we move on. CHRIS!! WE FALL DOWN.. BUT WE DO GET UP!!

1695 days ago


Pictures killed the radio star.

1695 days ago


Didn't know he was relevant to begin with..go slap a ho you kook.

1695 days ago


Yo Chris ! We all make mistakes in life. Time for you to man up dude. A woman beater won't be given special privileges.. Fortunately you are young enough to obtain a new career. Go to ITT schools.. Whatever .. theres a ton out there. But frankly young man, I do believe your career as you knew it, is over. Good Luck

1695 days ago


This is why I say F America buncha hypocrites, full of fake acting, putting up fronts everyday to live paycheck to paycheck wasting money on spring breaks while complaining about being broke. Ugh woman beater? Ok he was wrong, but its more than obvious she lied, and all facts prove it jus like we all believe Elin didn't hit Tiger, funny she swung a club at him and caused him to crash and people say whatever, he deserved it, BUT Rihanna damn near cause them to run off the road and suffers a few bruises from being hit and banging her head on tha door and glass and the country act like he just started beating her, idiots, again never hit women I agree but does that mean they can beat on you. Why does everybody say it's between them when asked to respond because real people know she started swinging and he lost control, but making her the victim is bs.

1695 days ago
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