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Conan's Tour

No Bread

for the Redhead

3/11/2010 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien isn't making a single cent off his upcoming 30 city comedy tour -- sources tell TMZ that Coco is doing the whole thing so he can employ his former "Tonight Show" staff.

We're told roughly 40 people have been hired to work on the production -- many of whom are "Tonight Show" alums.

The move is no sweat off Conan's back -- dude scored a $32.5 million severance deal from NBC before they kicked him to the curb.

And more good news for the crew -- tickets to "The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour" are selling out so fast, more shows have already been added.


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He is doing this for his staff and you can tell his sincerly cares for them. If he didn't he waould be on an island somewhere right now not caring for them or working at all. I never liked Conan before, find him somewhat annoying, but have a lot of respect for him since all this Leno fiasco. Good in him for doing this.

1688 days ago

Rev. D    

Hes not funny?
Thats why this tour is nearly sold out then?

Maybe its just his smooth, red locks they want to see.

Roll on the day hes back on late night.

1688 days ago


way to go Conan!ur still d best!and who ever said that your not funny can all go to hell!f%#k them all!Jay Leno should be the one to leave!

1688 days ago


My Goodness, I don't like to to be disrespectful to seniors, but some of your Leno lovers really need to find a hobby.
I think it's great that Conan is doing this to provide work for his staff and his worldwide fans are getting a chance to see him.

1688 days ago


In my city the show has already sold out! floor seats started at 800.00 bucks! Sooo bummed its already sold out, good news is they are being sold online auctions, bad news the bids up to 1,500 dollars for floor seats.

1688 days ago


Did coco get a contract? I haven't read that FOX gave him a deal yet. MAYBE just MAYBE his SO-CALLED fans can put him in the number one spot! You know that Leno is NUMBER 1 and not on some BS spin material...but by 3 million over letterman! NUMBER ONE!!! WHAT HAPPEN coco fans? Don't you hate being wrong all the time? The real HATERS are YOU!!! YOU HATE on LENO when he was NOT the one who QUIT and YOU HATE on anyone who tells the TRUTH and doesn't support your fantasy world...SUCKT IT...THE TONIGHT SHOW IS NUMBER 1 again as it was when LENO had it for 17 years!!! YOU FAILED COCO from the START you are to BLAME!!!!! IF you ALL had been there from the start you would be here now!!! TRUTH!!!

1688 days ago


Coco, is a stand up kinda guy, way to go CoCo, we love you and F leno

1688 days ago


He could teach could teach The Chin and The Toothgap a thing or 2 about class.

1688 days ago


This man is not funny AT ALL.He needs to fade away and stop with his media hungry craze.

1688 days ago


Meanwhile, Jay Yoko's Faux Tonight Show is already beginning to decline—just as I predicted. From an AP story published today:
"It's [the ratings battle] been much closer the second week. Through four nights, Leno is averaging 4.3 million viewers and Letterman has 4 million.
Considering Leno usually beat Letterman by a million and a half during their last season of competition, that's a sign of erosion for NBC's late-night franchise."

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Only the second week back!

1688 days ago


BFD.....Jay has been doing shows for free since the economy tanked in the cities that were hardest hit....I guess he feels he doesn't have to advertise his good deeds like else can Conan get anybody to say a good word about him?

1687 days ago


I love the losers spinning a good thing... And, Oh yeah, we always need to take account for the unemployed- I'm sure their thinking right now how they wish they could go see Conan (probably worried about Rent instead) - stop the whining, you charge what you think you can get. If they were 1000bucks a pop and you cant afford them- work harder!

1687 days ago


i absolutely adore conan o'brian...what a great guy...i hope he gets another show soon.

1687 days ago


why not?
at least he is doing something he enjoys and is helping out his staff while they aren't working

1687 days ago


Conan wasn't given the chance Jay was given in the beginning... Let's say Johnny Carson decided he didn't really want to leave. so due to his status, he ends up getting an almost exact replica of his Tonight Show, but at 10pm so everyone can go to sleep earlier. No one gives this new guy Leno a chance, because they get their talk show fix that they are more familiar with really early now... How well do you morons think Leno would've lasted back then if that had happened? hahaha.... ya right.

and the naysayers should do their research before commenting (though if they are Leno fans, doing anything involving a thought is out of the question.. I get it).. Regarding these shows Conan is doing- Dates that weren't even announced til the moment they went on sale have been selling out all over the place.

Smart move on Conan's part (for him and his staff... NBC wanted to keep him off the air, but no one said he can't go on tour) and fans get to see a rare treat in their city that probably won't happen again if he gets another show in the Fall.

1687 days ago
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