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Corey Haim -- Vicodin, Valium, Soma Found

3/11/2010 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the 4 pill bottles found in the apartment where Corey Haim collapsed yesterday included the generic versions of Vicodin and Valium ... and the same doctor prescribed all 4 powerful meds just days before Haim died.

Law enforcement sources tell us the pill bottles retrieved in the apartment of Haim's mother are hydrocodone (Vicodin), diazepam (Valium), haloperidol (an antipsychotic med) and Soma (a muscle relaxer).

We're told all 4 meds were prescribed by a prominent Los Angeles psychiatrist. Sources say all 4 meds were prescribed the same day -- several days before Haim died.

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No Avatar


isnt it funny that a Jews best friend would be named Hiam

1689 days ago


I would think a ten year or even thirteen year old boy raped by a man the size of the man who raped him would be in physical and emotional pain the rest of his life.

1689 days ago


i believe we are dealing here with a number of issues that, unfortunately, have combined or overlapped to result in the sad death of a well liked and personable 80's actor. first and foremost we have the issue of personal responsibility. the drugs were self administered and were known for their potency, especially in combination. secondly we have the issue of the doctors responsibility to uphold his oath to do no harm. prescribing that many drugs at the same time seems to be a betrayal to that oath and to his patient. thirdly the issue of drug companies and their thirst for revenue at the expense of society. fourthly the ex hollywood star syndrome that must be as painful on the way down the ladder as it is glorious on the way up. im not sure which contributed more to the demise of this individual, but surely all played a role in robbing us of yet another star whos warmth will never again be felt. its all so sad.

1689 days ago


Yes, it's all the doctors fault...The doc was over and shoved them down is throat..Get real folks..If you're fat, it's the grocers fault..If you're a drunk, it's Budweiser's fault..Where the hell does it end..?Take responsibility for your own actions and stop putting blame where it doesn't belong..Christ sakes you liberals, call it like it is..!!

1689 days ago

Conrad Sifel    

To the fellow who said he found himself in tears over Corey sir are a sad pathetic bastard! One Corey down one to go.

1689 days ago


Well, I'm a HUGE Corey Haim fan. Always loved his acting, and all of his movies. Fact is however. This dude has had a major drug & alcohol problem since he was in his teens. In the long run, everything eventually catches up, to people with such problems. He was great, in his day, and I'm sorry that this happened... We all coose our own destiny, or atleast, contribute to it. I feel bad, but the way it is, is the way it was going to end up, no matter what anyone ever attempted to do to prevent it ahead of time. Drug addicts, always find a way, to indulge their desires, and addictions. Each of us, is bound to our own choices in life. Sorry, if anyone thinks I'm wrong. Perhaps I am... I don't claim to be an expert. This is simply based on my personal observation of life,and destiny based on personal experience.

1689 days ago

ED RN    

I am an ED nurse. The gov. is changing the pay for hospitals and md's. Insurance company's will not have to pay to hospitals with low patient satisfaction scores. This will cause hospitals to close in areas that are underserved. I've seen many MD's write scripts because of the pressure to "please the customer" when they known a pt is just seeking drugs. This ranges from pain meds. to those coming in for an antibiotic when they have a virus. FYI antibiotics ONLY kill bacteria not a viral infection such as the flu virus.

1689 days ago


I have been taking a mixture of painkillers,with a anti depressant and muscle relaxer for 8 years.I have deteriating disc disease,spondlyosis,athrititis of the spine,and the worst an most debilatating of all is syringomyelia it is were tumors/cysts form inside the spinal cord it is undescribeably the worse pain that it creates and what it has done to my life because of the pain.I am thankful for these medications without them the physical pain would be intolerable and my quality of life would be ZERO.The amount of overdoses is so alarming to me. I use a pill daily dosage container and write my times and dose taken for all my meds,now whether it is purposeful or memory loss an taking meds on top of meds.I don't know but its not the meds fault its the person who is taking the meds.I feel sorry for the families that lose family members but there are legitimate reasons for these meds.An taking them as prescribed is the first step.

1689 days ago


If it was these drugs, I'm no doctor, but they are mostly relaxers which could slow dow your heart and make it stop. Doctors go through a lot of schooling, are licensed and should know better than to prescribe these together. Let's wait for the official autopsy though...

1689 days ago


Yeah, and everyone is freaking out that they wanna legalize medical marijuana....guess what people?...ya can't overdose on pot.

1689 days ago


Haim was a loser. Just like his friend Corey Feldman. What makes someone think after abusing one's body with illegal drugs that prescribed drugs will help? Losers.

1689 days ago


Okay, I take vicodin and soma for back problems. I have been taking them for about two years now and I never once had an issue. I don't think this should all be on the Dr. who issued them. it has to lie some what on the people using them. I think it's very sad about Corey, but he shoulod have followed the dirstions on the bottle and there would probably be no problems now.

1689 days ago

ED RN    

also... I'm sure many of you reading this are on pain meds and other crap you shouldn't be on. Once you start the cycle of pain meds. this will decrease your pain tolerance and cause phantom pain. Next thing you know you're on all this crap for pain and think you're better than a crack head because it's prescribed and you have a medical condition. When did people stop being able to deal with pain and still function?

1689 days ago


another bored rich boy bites the dust,, good for him,hope he enjoyed the last moments as the meds kicked in and he found breaths hard to come by,,

1689 days ago


Wait a minute.... are you telling me that the patient doesn`t
know enough NOT to take to much of ANY drug ?
Are they accountable [ patient ] for anything ??

1689 days ago
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