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Coroner: Corey Haim Had a Heart Problem

3/11/2010 6:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Coroner: Corey Haim Had a Heart ProblemCorey Haim had pulmonary congestion, an enlarged heart and water in his lungs, according to the L.A. County Coroner's Office, but the Coroner has not determined that any of those conditions caused Haim's death.

Law enforcement sources tell us someone from the Coroner's Office called Corey's mom, Judy Haim, today and told her they found these conditions during the autopsy but that they could not say if the maladies caused Corey's death.

Our sources say the Coroner will not determine a cause of death until the toxicology report is in.

As we first reported, law enforcement found 4 prescription meds -- including Valium, Vicodin and Soma -- in the apartment.


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Solid Quarter    

Could Feldman be more of a douchebag? Haim was a filthy, no talent junkie. Whining on Larry King about how people should not pick on former child stars is just pathetic. Perhaps you and dead boy should have taken your earnings, diligently studied to get an education and become responsible adults.

Instead you are both loser deadbeats and now Haim is taking a dirt nap. What sorry excuses for human beings. You actually believe your own press releases as if you have some rare talent. You were in the right place, right time, right look. Now you are human garbage and Haim is worm food

1694 days ago


Glad most of these people on this site are all PERFECT!!! Reads like most of you are doctors,judges,jury.....Whatever!! FYI There is only one perfect soul and it does not walk amoung us in human form.Everybody has some kind of bad habit. Mabe you have never had a beer or to many,or taken any script meds or more then u should have.Mabe u never tryed a street drug.Mabe u stuff ur face with food,or drive ur car too fast and talk on ur cell while u do it.Mabe you cheat on your spouse and have unpretected sex.Mabe you just spread HATE.All of those things can kill u and many more!!!

1694 days ago

Solid Quarter    

Wish I had had government funding to abort that sh*t Corey about 39 years ago. I guess letting Michael Jackson pack his fudge was a bad call, but the money was good and its all about the money. If he could have just made one more movie then I could have enjoyed retirement. Corey how could you do this to me? I am broke and will have to go back to turning tricks in Bakersfield.

1694 days ago


it's soo easy for people to judge others that have struggled with addiction for years and not see the underlying issue which may have been depression or haveing a camera shoved in your face constantly being asked "what are you up to these day's"? which pretty much adds up to "why aren't you working anymore"? I watched the show "The 2 Corey's" when it was on air, and Corey Haim had a lot of feelings bottled up inside him, and he was willing and able to work and do peojects, but Corey Feldman alway's seemed to try to put the kobosh on any oppertunity that he had comming his way. I think Corey Feldman was holding Corey Haim back, in the films they made together I always saw Corey Haim as "The Star". yes they were friends but when one friend get's more recognition than the other, there can be underlying issues there. maybe Corey Haim felt that his time had run it's corse and the only way to get off the "two corey's" ride was to numb himself of all his pain. on the show he often painted out his emotions. life is precious and we need to be thankful for the people we have that enrich our lives.

1694 days ago


Haim had suffered from flulike symptoms for two days, the deputy coroner said.

1694 days ago

Maverick-central NY--Hammondsport    

****Reguardless of his past and present partying, the guy was human, mistakes we all make some time or another. Loved him then and still do Lots of luck and encouragement goes to his Mom and family and friends...gone but not forgotten....I will remain a fan forever!!

1694 days ago


Sounds to me like he had AIDS.

1694 days ago

Oh pleez    

Ansley, you're an idiot. Drug overdoses regularly have congested lungs - it's called "coma lung". And for the idiot who said no one could OD on those pills - Jesus, read a book, you're even dumber than Ansley.

1694 days ago

lee r    

i met Cory last year in Indy at horror hound and he looked so good and 20 years younger and was one of the nicest guys in the world he talked took pics with us and even went out and had a smoke with everyone it was like he was just an every day person and i had made the comment that he looked so much better after going to rehab and he said thank you ..he really will be missed he was a great man even with his ups and downs but we have no right to judge because we are all human and make our mistakes...but anyway i could go on and on so i will end it here and say ...thank you Cory got making my day last year and you will trully be missed

1694 days ago


I am a parent. I have no sympathy for his mother. She needs to move her ass back to Toronto till the end of her cancer-riddled life. Where the heck was Corey's father while the mother sold her son to MICHAEL JACKSON to satisfy her lust for materialism? There is a G_D afterall, and those who wallow in depravity are indeed perishing. Has anyone esle noticed how quiet the Jacksons are this week. More than ever before, I believe that those three children need to be removed from their sick enviornment.

Corey Haim = Born to Lose

1694 days ago


Pulmonary congestion is an old man's disease. It is shocking that he didn't get to a hospital sooner. Everyone I have ever heard of that was using Valuim ended with pulmonary congestion. Their heart just drowned.

1694 days ago

fame ho    

A lifetime of cocaine abuse will do that to you....cause heart damage. Wake up Milk-aholic.

1694 days ago


Sounds like congestive heart brother died the same way it will be 1 year on March 27th he was no junkie, believe that...still I feel for his Mother to see all of that, my Mom found my brother dead on the couch so my heart goes out to his family-this is really heartbreaking no matter where this guy was in life he was still a person.....

1694 days ago


This guy dropped out of school after the 8th grade.

1694 days ago


"Coroner: Corey Haim Had a Heart Problem"

What was the first clue?

1694 days ago
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