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Coroner: Corey Haim Had a Heart Problem

3/11/2010 6:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Coroner: Corey Haim Had a Heart ProblemCorey Haim had pulmonary congestion, an enlarged heart and water in his lungs, according to the L.A. County Coroner's Office, but the Coroner has not determined that any of those conditions caused Haim's death.

Law enforcement sources tell us someone from the Coroner's Office called Corey's mom, Judy Haim, today and told her they found these conditions during the autopsy but that they could not say if the maladies caused Corey's death.

Our sources say the Coroner will not determine a cause of death until the toxicology report is in.

As we first reported, law enforcement found 4 prescription meds -- including Valium, Vicodin and Soma -- in the apartment.


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I want to know what makes any of you experts in the medical field. The guy had a physical disease. Can you not tell by the way he looks? Assumptions only make you look like an ass

1694 days ago

um, no thanks    

1. Finding those medications in his apartment is a far cry from finding them in his system.
2. Finding one or more of those medications in his system is a far cry from proving he died if an OD.

They sources early on saying he appeared to die of an OD seriously jumped the gun in this situation and those sources obviously need to be flushed out by an internal investigation.
Giving out that type of reckless assessment to the media does not reflect well on the department as a whole and more importantly, it's clearly an abuse of their power, position and it's not legal, ethical or acceptable.

1694 days ago


I realize that t.v. has turned us all into armchair physicians, however, we aren't the ones performing the autopsy. And he did say at one point that he was born with a heart murmur and he also felt like getting sober was the thing that was actually going to kill him. We don't know what happened. Maybe he ate a drug salad. Maybe he was just really sick. Or maybe God just really didn't want "License to Fly" made. No matter the reason, I am heartbroken. He is missed.

1694 days ago

An intelligent responce    

This is wrong if people want to have their little tea parties and bash the logical way to stop doctors charging uninsured americans 500 dollars for a consult when an insured person's plan pays 15 bucks find some where else to do so. Before you use your uneducated mind to comment on a blog comment on something you know. A known fact is upper middle and upper class families have more drug abuse for prescriptions then welfare families. Get your facts right STUPID!!

1693 days ago


#14.....Amber isn't white by the way. Your stupid a$$ comment about abortions may have something to do with white woman not wanting 6 babies with 6 different daddies and live off welfare! How many kids do you have? They probably all have different daddies. I'm damn happy I'm white.

1693 days ago


The list of bottles found in his home also included the drugs
Haloperidol, and for you morons on the boards here who clearly have
nothing more than a grade 3 is an anti-psychotic
medication, a very old one. It is primarily used to treat
Schizophrenia. It has been known to cause sudden death due to
Pulmonary Edema. If he had an enlarged heart, and was taking
Haldol it would explain the
water on the lungs, and pulmonary congestion. Either or can contribute to the other. Before you
run your mouths about him dying of a drug overdose, perhaps you
should educate yourself first. You would
all do well enough to remember, we are ALL one day, one bad choice, or one stroke of bad luck away from ending up in a situation where we see the only way to find solace is to immerse ourselves in drugs. Show a little compassion, and respect for his family. To watch you heartless pigs truly saddens me. Karma is an amazing thing, it comes back when
you least expect it. He never hurt anyone but himself, but your words hurt many. Think before you speak.

1692 days ago

Carol R.    

Corey, you suffered here on Earth- drug addiction is a disease. And if people cannot understand this they need more education. Living is difficult with this. As well as just surviving.
Rest in peace now. No more suffering. May GOD be with his Mom and family.

1692 days ago

Higher truths    

51 you are right about pneumonia going around. My teenager had it two weeks before we found it. I also think that the flu shots themselves are making people sick. At any rate, upper resperitory illnesses weakens the body, making other meds more sensitive.

I am getting tired of hearing overdose via gossip sites every time someone dies.

51. Right #47 this is what lots of peeps are dying from this flu going around we just hear of the celebreties not the regular people in this state. its very strange that brittney and Cory and one other i cant remmber who died thinking it was drugs and wasnt they were trying to take over the counter stuff for the flu and its a chest flu lots of phemonia going around we just dont hear about the regular peeps !!

Posted at 7:05PM on Mar 11th 2010 by tiv

Read more:

1692 days ago


If you had watched The Two Coreys on A&E there was an episode where Feldman took Haim to the Burrard Health Centre (you don't go to Burrard Health Centre for nothing it's a private centre) because Haim didn't feel well. They ran tests and said he had a heart problem which was probably cause by his drug addiction early in his career. Sometime medical problems don't appear for years. Don't assume that he was recently taking drugs it may have been a combination of several things including underlying health conditions.

1691 days ago


R.I.P Corey. To your family and friends, keep your heads up. He was a amasing soul that will be truely missed. Drug abuse is a serious disease thats very hard to overcome. No one walking the earth has the right to judge the next person. Thats our Lords job! Corey now walks with him. Thanks for the great movies and childhood memories.

1688 days ago


His enlarged heart was from a lifetime of drug abuse, as I'm sure the final autopsy results will show. I can't figure out why everyone wants to blame these doctors. These celebrities have to start taking some responsibility for their actions.

1687 days ago


To all the haters who posted regarding this article:

May none of you ever live in glass houses,
may none of you have ever thrown stones.
May none of you ever have a rumor spread about you,
and May none of you never tell a lie.
May none of you ever make someone mad,
May none of you ever piss someone off.
May none of you ever have problems,
May none of you ever make a mistake.
May none of you ever have your life be everyone's business,
May none of you ever want to live a private life.
May none of you ever meet a vindictive soul who has nothing better to do than trash you after you die.


1528 days ago
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