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Lohan's Baby Lawsuit is


3/11/2010 3:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan E tradeE*TRADE is firing back at Lindsay Lohan's claims that the online investment company ripped-off her name and likeness in its "Lindsay is a milkoholic" commercial.

E*TRADE issued the following statement to TMZ -- "We believe the claims are without merit and we intend to defend ourselves vigorously in this case."

The investment company says its commercial was meant to be "witty and memorable."

The commercial features a baby named Lindsay -- who gets accused of being the "milkoholic" other woman in a baby love triangle.


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Lohan did not go thru my mind when I saw this commercial. I love the E-Trade Commercials. Lindsay Lohan needs to get a life and maybe a job.

1681 days ago

No Lindsay - you are not a milkoholic - you are an ALCOHOLIC . . . GEEZ get over yourself.
Your career is failing so you needed a little drama to bring yourself into the spot light. Why do you try getting it together . . . Rock on E-trade!

1680 days ago


Big Chuck, please don't call her a witch, I am a witch and nothing like Linsey Lohan. Lohan you need real help, no one thinks of you as just Lindsey. Cher,Madonna,Oprah,Jamie Lee, they have singular Identities people know them when you say their names. what was your last movie? Frieky friday with Jamie Lee, when was that? Get for real there are a lot of other Lindsey's(no matter how you spell it)than you. Being a Milk-a-holic would be a way better stigma than being a known Alcoholic.

1679 days ago


Lindsey,It's too bad you are so childish and self centered. Who are you going after next, families who give their children YOUR NAME! Your paranoia is showing...try growing up... I think you need a big dose of reality. You are no Dolly,Cher,or MaDonna.

1679 days ago


HAS YOUR LIFE HIT SUCH A LOW THAT YOU HAVE TO RESORT TO THIS NONSENSE TO GET PUBLICITY INSTEAD OF USING YOUR OLD ANTICS!? You really like need to get a grip on reallity. That commercial is not,I repeat, NOT about YOU.

1679 days ago


I freaking LOVE this commerical! My name is Lindsay and the first time I saw it I was cracking up!! It has never even crossed my mind that they were "talking" abt Lindsay Lohan!! There are how many Lindsay's in this world??? Maybe we should all sue! hahahahaha

1625 days ago


lindsay lohan what a big joke she is its no ones fault she got herself banged up to be honest people like her are 2 a penny she has always got to be the centre of attention but you know one day her luck will run out she is a loser time is running out for her i have heard so many not so good things about her i use to feel sorry for her not anymore cause she will no doubt end up the same was as marilyn monroe did lindsay lohan is an attention seeker cunning and very sly in her attitude i know many things about her but i will not say

1490 days ago


This lawsuit is ridiculous! I saw this ad prior to hearing about this lawsuit and Lindsay Lohan did NOT cross my mind at all. She shouldn't get a penny for this AT ALL. It's robbery on her part.

1485 days ago
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