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NBA Owner Sued by Former Nanny

3/11/2010 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The dude who owns the Indiana Pacers basketball team is being sued by his former nanny after she allegedly got the chop ... when she was ready to pop.

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, Herb Simon and his Thai supermodel wife, Bui, are accused of firing Claudia Leite after she told her bosses she became pregnant last month.

In the suit, Leite claims the family "feared" that she would want to take a "brief or limited medical leave of absence" around the time the baby was due -- and according to Leite, that wasn't gonna cut it.

But the nanny isn't going after the Simons alone. The family's former driver is also suing the couple, claiming they kicked him to the curb when the guy became "disabled with severe infections."

Both the nanny and the driver claim the Simons also cheated them out of several paychecks -- they're both asking for an unspecified amount of cash.

We called, but we were unable to reach Simon's rep for comment.

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This suit is BS. They are super nice people. I have worked for them and they treated me very well. The nanny is probably in cahoots with the driver.

1653 days ago

Mis BS    

I have worked for them as well and this is BS. They are extremely nice people that would help others in a second. This is just another employee trying to take advantage of their employer

1653 days ago


First question: Is that the "nanny" or is that the "wife"?

Second question: Does anyone out there remember a terrific singer named Joanie Sommers who sang the Pepsi jingles back in the early '60's? She was the best Pepsi spokesperson ever! Does anyone know where she is today?

1653 days ago


The photo is of Bui Simon. She was Miss Universe in 1988 or something like that.

1653 days ago

Brute Reynolds    

Big rich Indiana guys get to screw the help.They call it "Lettermaning".

1653 days ago


Can the title be any more sensational..."NBA Owner Accused of Screwing Pregnant Nanny"

TMZ this is an employment issue about wrongful termination. I'm so over your tabloid headlines!

1653 days ago


Stupid people of the world listen up, you spread like a nasty disease...the way you have infected this world with your own poor self imagine and insecurities. If you are intelligent and have a positive self imagine there is no way in hell you could possibly kick people when they are down, make fun of sick people, salivate at the thought of someone failing, buy into all this negative gossip, how ugly someone is,what are they wearing??ect... you are walking around with a banner across your forehead only visible to intelligent people that reads: I hate myself and I want you to hate yourself too. You are too stupid to even realize how bad your karma is kicking your ass, you are in such a pathetic cycle...going with the flow, trying to fit in. Please I beg you to become wise and stop infecting our world. I wish I could make you see what it is doing to your own life and those you care about it. Learn how to love yourself, jack-asses!

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2010/03/10/corey-on-corey-dont-jump-to-conclusions/4#comments#ixzz0hqYgIbuQ

1653 days ago


SHOCKING!!!!!!!!! That's the best time to screw em. Somebody's got a screw loose.

1653 days ago


Your headline is misleading, the Simon's are generous people, this is a fabricated gossip news story. Shame on you TMZ.... slow day I guess ..... The Simon's are better than your crap. I feel bad for even visiting your site - no more. RIP TMZ!

1653 days ago


I love all the comments within a short span of time of supporters. Hmmm..this time of night it means ONE PERSON doing it. So funny.

I am going to guess he's really good friends with Scott Jones. A lot in common....and there is no reason to doubt this isn't true. I just think it's amazing anyone wants to admit via a lawsuit that she screwed the ugly old dude. I wouldn't for the money...

1653 days ago


I can see suing for back wages. However, most employment is "at will", with no contract stating longevity or scenarios that depict "acceptable" separation.

Absent a contract, employers are free to hire and fire anyone they wish, at any time they wish, and for any reason they wish. Likewise, employees are free to walk away with or without reason whenever they wish (What if the nanny quit her job and left the family without a nanny? She puts them in a difficult position. Should the family sue HER?). If the family just plain doesn't like the nanny, should they be forced to keep her employed? No. If they suspect a nanny has been stealing, should they be forced to keep her employed? No.

If there are back wages to be paid, they need to pay up. However, absent a contract, they are under no obligation to keep her employed, pregnant or not.

"Wrongful Termination" is bogus. No one should be forced to employ someone that they do not want to employ unless there is a WRITTEN contract explaining exactly what is/is not included in the employment agreement.

1653 days ago


Bui is Porntip Nakhirankanuk, Miss Universe 1988. Bui is a nickname. Apparently she is very nice.

1653 days ago


So according to Sampler it's perfectly fine for employers to treat employees anyway they want so long as there isn't some written agreement stating otherwise. If the boss wants to date you and you say no and he decides to fire you over that well that's totally within his rights. Employees are at the be mercy of the lording employer at all times so watch it. Thank God we have laws protecting workers from that sort of nonsense that Sampler would have us all think is perfectly acceptable. I'm guessing he either doesn't work, has a failed business or is one of those barely making 'bosses' who thinks he shouldn't have to pay his workers a minimum wage or insurance.

1653 days ago


Of course they are nice people, until they turn on you. It sounds like it is a place of discrimination.

1653 days ago
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