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NBA Owner Sued by Former Nanny

3/11/2010 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The dude who owns the Indiana Pacers basketball team is being sued by his former nanny after she allegedly got the chop ... when she was ready to pop.

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, Herb Simon and his Thai supermodel wife, Bui, are accused of firing Claudia Leite after she told her bosses she became pregnant last month.

In the suit, Leite claims the family "feared" that she would want to take a "brief or limited medical leave of absence" around the time the baby was due -- and according to Leite, that wasn't gonna cut it.

But the nanny isn't going after the Simons alone. The family's former driver is also suing the couple, claiming they kicked him to the curb when the guy became "disabled with severe infections."

Both the nanny and the driver claim the Simons also cheated them out of several paychecks -- they're both asking for an unspecified amount of cash.

We called, but we were unable to reach Simon's rep for comment.

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at least someones talking about the pacers (kinda) but its in another bad way...if mr simons gonna fix this he needs to just fire larry bird...the worst gm to ever try and put a team together...he got rid of great players for drunk has drafted junk ever since hes been her im over payin to see those bums they keep puttin on the court

1663 days ago


On FOX News in Indiapolis, it is reported that the family had workers working 80-160 hours plus every TWO WEEKS AND NOT PAYING THEM OVERTIME. What a bunch of of A**Holes! It is a law in the State of California that if you are an "employee" that is "told when to arrive for work" and "when to go home for the day", you are entitled to be paid overtime (time and a half) for hours 8 through 11, and double time for each hour above 12 hours. It just disgusts me anyone on here would stick up for a family, BILLIONAIRES NONE THE LESS, who would treat people like this. They deserve to have their names drug through the mud!

1663 days ago


Sounds like a classy guy. Plus he's got no chin - who could trust him.

1662 days ago

Juan Valdez    

On March 11th, 2010, It was reported by TMZ.com that Bui and her Husband Herbert Simon (President of Simon Property Group and owner of the Indiana Pacers) were each named as defendants in a Civil Lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court by a former Nanny and Driver.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/tag/herb+simon/

On March 23rd, 2010, it was reported by WTHR TV 13 in Indianapolis, Indiana that a second former nanny has filed a law suit against both Herb and Bui Simon, alleging she's owned over a half million dollars in back pay. All three suites filed in Los Angeles Superior Court allege that the Simons engage in practices that are in direct violation of the California labor code.

Read more: http://www.wthr.com/global/story.asp?s=12191567

April 4th, 2010, it was reported by WTHR in Indianapolis, Indiana that Bui Simon and her Husband, Indiana Pacer's owner Herb Simon are facing yet another lawsuit (the fourth in less than one month) in Los Angeles Superior Court from a fourth former employee. This time, a former house manager accuses Bui Simon and her husband of firing her for refusing to pay an undocumented worker in cash, and under the table. The lawsuit claims a supervisor instructed the employee to withdraw cash from a Simon account every week, put $200 in an envelope then hand it to an undocumented immigrant worker as his weekly pay. The plaintiff's attorney explained, "This was all designed to conceal from local and state authorities the existence of this undocumented worker." After objecting repeatedly, the suit says the employee was fired and ordered to write a letter of resignation.

Read more: http://www.wthr.com/Global/story.asp?S=12286465

1633 days ago


very good information this you for this

1548 days ago


I can’t believe that people would say this about Bui and her family! They are some of the most giving people I have ever known. In fact if you look at the recent Montecito you will find that Bui and Herb have just been elected to the 40-member board of regents at Pepperdine University in Malibu and Bui was quoted “My foundation, believes that every child is an angel and deserves wings to fly to their fullest ability.”

1538 days ago

Juan Valdez    

After hearing Bui was elected to the Board of Regents at Pepperdine, I did my own research, and I found this. I guess my University did no research into Bui before cashing that check that bought her board seat. Great example for all students at Pepperdine, flash you totties and shake your rump for a crusty old billionaire, trample on those who work for you and break a few laws, and simply buy everything you want, including a board seat at Pepperine. Glad to see there is no moral or ethical code for a board of regents chair at Pepperdine, it is simply for sale. Maybe Pepperdne can get Rod Blagojevich to market the Regent Seats to the highest bidder.

1531 days ago

Cara Guzman    

Wow, too bad the nanny and driver didn't realize the real truth would come out in trial! DUH...Good job Simon's for fighting for justice and not letting greedy people take advantage of decent people.

1057 days ago


You might want to update your information TMZ. The Simon's were vindicated in court. And the nanny and driver were buried in their greedy lies. Good for the Simon's for standing up for justice and not settling with criminals. More to the point, Shame on the nanny for betraying the children!

1041 days ago
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