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Khloe Kardahsian -- My Sister Is Pubic Enemy #1

3/11/2010 3:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian has been scarred by a major hot waxing nightmare in her southern region -- and as she revealed on last night's "Lopez Tonight" ... it's all her sister's fault.

Hold onto your breakfast.


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Xanax makes you say the strangest things..

1688 days ago

Proud Black Person    


Sad but soooooo true and the sick part is that I'm Black myself...stanking slores!!!! I honestly hate the fact that a lot of Black guys feel they have to be with a white(and I use that term loosely) woman just to feel as though they've accomplished something...Being a Black woman, you have to be beautiful, fine, educated, no children and have your own money to even be considered by a "successful" man...but with a white see this trick? She's just a slore and got hitched in two!

1688 days ago


I love the Kardahsians does that mean I am over sexed too- oh no! I think this is funny, most of us girls can relate to waxing issues. It is a late night talk show after all.

1688 days ago


So true, no. 33 cutie. But, even if these black successful men do marry a black woman that is fine, i.e. Lionel Richie, they still dump them.

1688 days ago

Proud Black Person    


Right...Kayne West told the truth about one thing on that song Golddiggers..."cause when they get on he leave your azz for a white girl"...hence OJ Simpson's azz too...and Poor Nicole got caught up in that foolishness..He left his first wife (who was black, nice and educated for they went to school together) and then left her for Nicole..then got mad when karma came back to bite that azz...she was trying to leave his stanking azz for a white ironic..sick man couldn't take it cause that situation IS messed up.

1688 days ago


Why is it that WHORES have easy lives?........................and don't have to worry about money and bills and working. Good women have to worry about surviving in life, It is not fair............but I would rather be who I am than a whore any day, the Kardashians are TRASH!

1688 days ago


33. George Lopez knew her trashy ass would answer the question! Not to mention, I'm sure she set this up herself prior to the taping of the show. She's as ghetto as they come and every time her filthy mouth opens, garbage comes out. Name one Laker wife who would dare embarass herself, her husband or the laker team with such vile behavior? That's why they don't acknowledge these sluts! It doesn't matter who waxed her cave, it's no one's business, just as it's know one's business how big Lamar's johnson is STUPID!! She better hurry up and get pregnant, I'm sure after this interview, people will be in Lamar's ear about his slut wife and her hooker sisters!!

1688 days ago

Proud Black Person    

@ Lamar

You're correct, it is a stereotype but one that I strongly believe in...and this is just a blog site so you don't have to take me serious.
If someone wants to marry a slore, that's their business.

1688 days ago


First of all, Elaine is right on the money. The mother "pimps" thoses girls out and has been doing it for years and for big bucks! Secondly, shame on me for watching this little snippet video when I knew it would be filled with classless banter. When a husband thinks it's funny for another man to be speaking about his wife's privates then something is definitely wrong. And when Khloe has no problem going there herself, it's even worse! My advice: Get some self respect!

1688 days ago


you guys are overreacting. freedom of speech. turn it off if you dont like it.

1688 days ago


Freedom of speech comes with responsibility and consequences.

1688 days ago


Yeah....the kardashians are proof that money can't buy class and grace.....khloe is the worst of all. so gross. and she is interested in body parts like a 5 year old. grow the eff up!

1680 days ago


that's what you get for not knowing what the hell you are doing!!!

1678 days ago


What a classless bunch of women. The mother is "pimping" her daughters, they only care about money and getting their faces in the media. Bruce has had a horrible plastic surgery job, and looks hideous.

Why one would discuss waxing on tv is just beyond me. It wasn't funny, it was crude, rude, classless and I'm not surprised because they are a bunch of greedy no talent women. The mother is the worst, encouraging this kind of behavior.

1602 days ago


basically these people on here are haters.!!!!! i love the kardashians because they are extrememly outspoken and i love that. So what if she wants to tell the world about her waxing it's her life not yours ugh.!!! i never knew there was soooo many haters in the world. I FREAKIN LOVE THE KARDASHIANS.!!!!

1594 days ago
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