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Michael Lohan's Ex Arrested for Harassment

3/11/2010 3:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The never-ending he said/she said saga between Michael Lohan and his ex Erin Muller continues ... and this time, she's the one who just got locked up for allegedly harassing him.

Michael Lohan/Erin Muller

Erin's lawyer tells TMZ that Erin was arrested today in Nassau County, NY and booked for harassment -- and it's all because Michael claims she called him on the phone ... which would be a violation of the restraining order he has against her.

We're told Erin -- who actually has a restraining order against Michael as well -- is still in custody and is expected to be arraigned tomorrow morning.

Erin's lawyer tells TMZ, "Erin denies ever calling him ... and once again we're dealing with another bogus allegation."


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If they didn't lock them both up in a nut house then they didn't do the right thing.

1665 days ago


never ending?

it will end when you stop posting this trash

1665 days ago

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1665 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Someone needs to take out this Blohan trash! And this should serve as a example of what you can expect when you deal with any of the slime with a Lohan name! And TMZ absolutely needs a spam button to kill off the abuse these rip off, ID stealing sites crap here! Complete scams! It would be a good business op for a Blohan though!

1665 days ago


Neither of these losers are worth the waste of time they spend on one another!!! Please....each of you go find another loser to ruin your life over!!!!!

1665 days ago


x17 suxxxx.. they wouldnt post my comment and all i said which is the truth is that.." michael is crazy, and his allegations that erin muller stole things and hacked into his acct are entirely false!! i am friend sw/ erin and i witnessed alot of crap he pulled and im sure i will be testifying in a case im sure and when i am gonna be asked to tell the truth in court I AM!! and all i wanted to post on x-17 is that kate major slept w/ my friend not even 4-5 hours after 1st meeting him last year and ive witnessed michael do drugs in front of me, and heard harrasing and threatening calls he made to her.. at no time did she ever call to harass him.. she just wanted the stuff back that he stole from her, which included a beautifull necklace i bought her from Tiffanies, unlike the cubic zirco he got her probably out of a gumball machine!!

1665 days ago


Michael Lohan is a loser. I hate men like him. Pumpin up the old ego any way possible. His daughter is embarrassing herself as well. They embarrass each other.

1665 days ago


WrathofGod ..who doesnt know God. What r u trying to get her drunk, fill her with Coke and rape her again. There tapes of you ROB and recordings of Erin admitting and discussing everything.
A FRIEND of Erins. On the tapes she says you r a psycho/stalker and she hates u. YOU drugged her and raped her dude.She says on the tape, Michael wasn't there to protect her.
If you and Erin's "so called" friends keep it up and I hear Michael is going to release the tapes one by one. And then the additonal felonys will fall, one by one too.

1664 days ago


WrathofKing.. u rapist, drug dealing loser> Evereything u said and did to Erin is on tape. Erin even says ur a psycho stalker. A friend? You Rob. Junkie/Drug dealing rapist of E Hampton> A Tiffany Necklace? Ha. Michael just sold the engaement ring for 50 of your tiffany Necklaces, you jerk. If you and Erins "so Called" friends keep it up and I hear Michael will bring more charges and release the tapes one by one>

1664 days ago

oh jeez    

No more gossip. Michael the ring you gave her was fake. You are a liar and hopefully will die soon and go straight to hell. You deserve what is coming to you. Get it through your coke filled head. Its the DA's case against you, YOU MORON!!! She has so much on go ahead and release. Your tapes are altered. Everyone knows you can't be trusted. Your track record speaks for itself. Drop dead and lose the Nitro in the washing machine

1664 days ago

oh jeez    

You would love it if everyone kept their mouths shut. You are a control freak. BUT THE BEST is...that THE WHOLE WORLD sees that you are a nut job. So you do a great job of bashing yourself. People know what you did with the GPS. You were stupid enough to write it on your twitter. You are dumb. But that must be all the coke you do with your drinking straight out of rehab fat girlfriend. She's a real winner next to Erin. Erin, long and lean and beautiful. Kate a fat orange glo'ed disgusting jaw locked, gum smacking POS. You are going to jail. We all can't wait.

1664 days ago


ohh no more gossip aka michael lohan or kate major, i cant wait for this to blow up in your face! your credibility is ZERO!! you have nothing on me!! Erin spoke very highly of me and you couldnt stand it because i actualy treated her like beautifull woman which she is! you tore her down and belittled her and beat her! i am disease free and challenge you or anybody to go anywhere to get tested for anything!!including drugs!! you are an embarassment and i got your textes last night, while i wasat dinner in the city, but i refuse to get in a battle of wits with someone who would lose faster than Kobayashi eating 20 hotdogs.. and for all you people following this you are probably wondering who i am?? i have nothing to hide and if you want to know anything here is my identity you can find me on facebook because i have nothing to hide!! Rob Andrade and i live in East Hampton

1664 days ago


We'll see in court how well you treated her when the tapes are played. She said,you convinced her to go out to ur house to get coke u had there then while she was high, screwed her from behind and she doesn't even remember it.She evn said "you werent there to protect me". That's date raped you piece of garbage. now I find out that there were alot more visits to the house! She says ON TAPE you are a psycho stalker.

1663 days ago


Then weeks ago, you talk to me like you cant stand her only to try to do the same thi8ng you did last time. OOOPS. Did you act like an ass in the mall again, high on drugs, or pass out while at a light in yoiur car, or cry byour eyes out begging for her.YOU OBSESSED, broke ass, trailer living loser> BE A MAN, and meet me at your lawyers office and face me , face to face if you raelly care about her> Otherwise, the world WILL know that I am telling the truth and you are lying.Including the false charges from day one and your rapes as well.

1663 days ago


besides coming home TO ME and sleeping with me each time she left you, on one occassion she even slept with me an hour later. And she didnt use a condom ( ever ) with either of us. Why do you think she ISNT disease free. This will all come out. Enjoy the "CITY"..yeah right! are you gonna leave her high and beaten in an alley like Joe did?! That's on tape too!

1663 days ago
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