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Michael Lohan's Ex: He Used a Tracking Device

3/11/2010 9:09 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Erin Muller says she found a GPS tracking device attached to the undercarriage of her car two weeks ago ... and Erin tells TMZ she believes her ex Michael Lohan is the one who put it there.

Muller claims her dad found the device -- which can track the whereabouts of her vehicle in real time -- while he was checking for an oil leak.

Muller says when she showed cops the device, they told her it's the same kind they use to track their own vehicles.

According to Muller's lawyer, cops are investigating the situation as a felony eavesdropping case -- and, as a result, Erin says she's so paranoid that she's going to have her apartment swept for bugs.

We spoke to Lohan, who told us Erin is "full of crap."


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oh jeez    

JLS wow. Credibility, huh? Michael is a convicted felon. Not just once either. He also beat Dina in their marriage. She says this. Nothing he does is shocking. I hope they nail him and are able to trace it back to him. He deserves to go down.

1637 days ago

oh jeez    

The comments from JLS belong to Michael or Kate. Its so obvious. Please Michael or Kate. Your twitter page is an admission to you following her around. The police have seen it. The know that you deleted but did write what time Erin was seen leaving a restaurant w/her ex. WHO YOU NAME. You name all of the people she's been with. Your twitter is a walking admission to you stalking. You should be more careful. Initials in the cliff. Her little dances. You are one sick man. Do yourself a favor and get committed. You need help! As for Kate, she is disgusting. You can't go from Erin to Kate and think people will believe you.

1637 days ago

oh jeez    

Eric and JLS is so Michael. He has that big of an ego that he never thinks he'll get caught for anything. If I were him I would never bring up anyone's credibility. All he is known for is being one sick and twisted b*tch. Poor girl, but yes, she did get involved with him. No one deserves what he has done to her. Posting pictures, selling tapes. For such a God fearing man he should be ashamed of himself. You don't think of God like when hearing the name Michael Lohan.

1637 days ago

oh jeez    

Michael's PAID sound off to ROL or X17. Loser deserves to die.

1637 days ago

oh jeez    

You are sick in the head. No one believes you. You are known as a woman beater. A sick individual who would stop at nothing to sell his own family out. NO ONE would put it past you to track your ex. Just like your "fake" twitter page. You didn't want the admission that you were so upset that your fiance left you. So what happened to bringing down Twitter? Another one of your famous Lohan Lies. You will have your judgement day. Oh and the ring you gave her when you asked her to marry you, was that fake like you?

1637 days ago

oh jeez    

Who would get into a relationship with a man like this? Everyone sees what he is about.

1637 days ago

oh jeez    

for his EXCLUSIVE with ROL or X17. He can't hold back. Any second now.

1637 days ago

oh jeez    

always a convict. Leopards don't change their spots. The girl is lucky to have gotten out when she did. She got into bed with a horrible person. She is going to have to deal with his wrath until he moves on. Its sick though how he tells the media how he always wants to put space in between them. He acknowledges that he isn't over her by just saying that. Lohan and Major don't seem to be real. He is always pulling away from her in pictures.

1637 days ago


ohh i believe the allegations that he is with a new girl kate major who looks like miss piggy hahaha.. and he is sick and demented!! i worked at the Lodge restraunt in east hampton where erin and michael had gone couiple times, and i caught him in bathroom doing coke, and he offered me some!! erin looked soooo beautifull and couldnt believe that she was w/ such an ugly deuchbag!! i wish i had the strength too hit on her and slip her my fone# while he visited the bathroom every 10 minutes!! she was soooo beautifull!!! Erin if you read this will you go on a date w/ me? i will treat you how a real man would treat you!! like a queen!!!~~WrathOfKing :)

1637 days ago


First of all, I know first hand what had happened that day with Erin bc I was THERE with her and her father when the tracking device was found under her car! Her father had gone down to check on her leak and stumbled upon this pretty big magnetic tracking device. Once he found it she called the police and they came right away. Honestly, I wouldnt put this passed him, but no one thought it would be soo obvious to find, but it was. The cops came and took it and asked some questions, etc.. I was actually scared for her and for me, as well as her family because having anyone stalk you even if its not intended for you is really kind of scary and inhumane. No one knows what they are talking about bc he is capable of doing anything and everything to this poor girl and he has. Its quite ironic how every time she went somewhere, he would twitter about it the very next day and your telling me he hasn't followed or had someone else follow her through the tracking device?? Yea okay, I know exactly what type of person he is and what kind of hell she's been through with him. I have been around her and him a bunch of times and I saw the TRUTH, not the lies he has been telling. He never lets go to anyone who has ever been in his life and is trying to make her life a living hell as best as he can. He also has her falsly charged for things that he has in fact done to her repeatedly. Her innocent family has also gone through a lot heartache whereby he has harassed them as well. Erin just wants to live her own life with out any part of him in it; cant he get that through his head or not?? And, for all you who think she is still inlove with him, you are totally WRONG!!! I think its the opposite; that is why she keeps getting false charges brought upon her. If he really wants it over, then he needs to leave her, her family, and her friends alone for GOOD!It is also just not her who gets harassed by him, her friends do as well as I have been a victim to his madness. She has also been stalked by him repeatedly before all of this hit the media where I was apart of that too. He never wanted her to have her own life and be around anyone else but him. She wasnt aloud to do ANYTHING with out him being there! A phone call every 2 minutes to see what she was doing; sounds kind of insecure and pathetic if you ask me. This never ends with him and justice needs to be served to the GUILTY not the INNOCENT. I will be by her side until the very end defending her truthfullness and credibility regardless of what the media twists around or believes what he says that isnt true!!

1637 days ago


If the police ID-ed it as being like theirs, then maybe it is 'theirs' & they are following her for a sting-op on her dealer! or, as originally thought, it's Lohan's and it proves he like to play 'I Spy' and has a fetish for gadgets and is a bit of a sleezy voyeur!

1637 days ago

oh jeez    

Michael has put Erin through HELL. He isn't over her. Not in the slightest. Why would he tweet about the guys she is seeing now if he was so OVER HER. She finally got him out of her life. The 2 1/2 years of mind control. It makes him so MAD that he has no control over her anymore. She is working on herself to get the years of abuse he put her through. As for her being a coke head. That is insane.If he video taped her...why would he do that? You think he wasn't doing it? He frames everyone. This time its going to all come crashing into him. His lies are finally catching up to him. Once Erin's case is done. WATCH OUT. The stuff that she has on him is going to blow people away. The things he has said to her and done to her are DISGUSTING. You wouldn't treat an animal the way he has treated her. But look at what he did when he went to adopt a dog. Speaks volumes on his character. Which he has none of. No one in his life is around him for that long. They eventually all get a read out on his insanity. He blows up like a little boy. Has major tantrums. THe guy is fifty. Time to grow up. Erin has moved on. She's back with people who love her and enjoy spending time with her and she doesn't have to worry about him checking up on her every 2 seconds like he used to. He's manic and def needs help. I think he makes this clear every time he talks to the press or tweets. His tweets are just an admission of his guilt and his craziness. Even the deleted ones. You can't delete what you have said. It always comes back to you. How did Michael know where Erin was at 1:30 in the morning? Aghhh...a GPS maybe. You should have seen the size of it. Held up by massive magnets. NOT NORMAL. If he is so in love with Kate Major why does he constantly tweet about past moments with Erin. Why did he open up a fake twitter under her name and a fake Facebook page. He is scary and sick.

1637 days ago

oh jeez    

Everyone knows that Kate Major hooked Michael up with HER drug dealer. He does coke, he drinks. Everything that he doesn't say he does...HE DOES. I hope his heart really does blow up. The world would be a better place. As for Orange Glo. She'll get hers. She's a baby who is obsessed with her ex of 4 minutes. Do you think she'll last "playing house" with a 50 year old convict. After all he spit in her face once and called the police on him. After Michael was chasing after Erin telling her not to leave him. KM is low. But she is young. When she grows up she'll be left with a pile of SH*T to deal with. She will deserve every bit of that pile. Can't hang with Michael and not get taken down. I'm glad Erin has moved on. She's out meeting people and having fun again. Not under house arrest and empty get rich quick promises. Story of his life.

1637 days ago

oh jeez    

To Michael Lohan; AKA
Desiderio,Donato,Sullivan Goddard,etc.
From; a Survivor
FYI: if you don't shut up & leave your daughter(s) alone, I will release my[OFFICIAL] records of YOU from November 30,1989, et al . The statute of limitations on prosecuting you for the criminal ACTS committed on me, by you, against the state of __, & then your wife (who wouldn't press charges @ the time because she "feared you would kill her"---as reported by the HHI police/detective.
Lindsay was probably only 3 years old at the time, & U were beating up,Raping,kidnapping, threatening with a gun, innocent people (about the same size & age of your daughter now).
Because u r such a sicko & now a media whore, I have had to remember (every day), that horrible life-changing day on November 30,1989! If you just stayed out of the NEWS, I might have healed by now, instead I relive it, as if it were yesterday ....& can see your Celtic "family tatoo" on your R bicep, your diamond encrusted cross, your beaty rageful eyes as if it were yesterday . FYI; THERE IS DNA FROM THE CRIME.
I fear for your daughter, & want to reach out to help her SO PLEASE SHUTUP & GO AWAY, NOW !......
To Lindsay,"he is a sick & dangerous DRUG ADDICTED psychopath, & I am a random stranger, & asking nothing from you except for you to start HEALING , & STAY AWAY FROM HIM & FILE A RESTRAINING ORDER & LOVE YOURSELF"!
Yes, its true that ML threatened to kill me if I reported him to the police ....But I did....& he fled (remember Michael?), leaving behind your prized "midnight blue Jaguar" , because there was already a warrant for his arrest (1989), from state & federal crimes.
Happy Thanksgiving Lindsay;}you are young, beautiful, & still healthy physically, there is time for you to HEAL. Please take this message as a Gift......I, however am presently fighting for my life.

1637 days ago

oh jeez    

Going by his Twitter:

# Catching up on "things" since gone.Boy, sopme people dont learn. PEOPLE, PLACES and THINGS.Change them and things change.OUR biggest problem 9:00 PM Feb 23rd via web

# At Paradise Cove in Malibu...initials still in the cliff. What great memories. Gotta check , out Key West....great memories there too. .... 2:39 PM Feb 21st via web

# Buit noody talks or hears about ALLL the good times, do they 2:41 PM Feb 21st via web



# Quizno's, Empire, those lawyers&that God,make me smile. Then again,some things don't. But hey, it's all about letting it go 10:13 PM Feb 6th via web

# "Lake"s,"Manor"s. and wine.Some bad old habits,just don't seem to go away!When will people learn¬ repeat what led them to where they are. 7:35 AM Feb 6th via web

# If you cant go to Florida, bring Florida to New York 1:34 AM Jan 29th via web

Thinking about Utah!!!!! My GPS in the hot tub, suprise at the bottom of the popcorn bag, Zales,That cozy room and house&avoiding the press 6:52 PM Jan 24th via web

# interviews overseas suck! time difference is a bummer.commercials made me think of Cellino&Barnes, Empire,Quiznoes & the silly little dance 12:59 AM Jan 22nd via web

# God will need to give me patience for 1 more week.Then,the grievance, supoenas and the plugs get pulled.Can't take the lies/hidden agendas. 5:36 AM Jan 12th via web

# Lose one, gain a family. Let bigons be bigons, pray that others dedicate themselves to getting help (spiritually and physically). 8:05 PM Jan 10th via web

1636 days ago
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