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Richard Belzer: I Didn't Choke Apple Employee!

3/11/2010 2:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Richard Belzer from "Law and Order" claims he never choked the Apple employee who called 911 on him yesterday -- and dude says there's surveillance footage that proves him right.

Richard Belzer: Click to watch

Belzer tells TMZ the drama all started while he was waiting in line at the Apple store in Manhattan. He says a female employee approached him and asked him if he needed help ... so he placed his hands on her shoulders and said he would love some help.

That's when Belzer says she freaked out, called the cops ... and told them he had choked her.

Belzer says cops showed up and took a look at the store's surveillance tape ... and decided the woman's claims were unfounded.

Belzer tells TMZ, "Perhaps I shouldn't have invaded her space, but it was clearly non-threatening."

According to the New York Post, who broke the story, the woman still filed a harassment report against Belzer.


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'You should of gone and bought a PC?!'...

You should have finished grade school, learned how to spell, and bought a Mac!

1664 days ago


It shouldn't be illegal to choke an Apple employee anyway.

1664 days ago


I would choke an Apple employee too if they tried to sell me an iPad.

1664 days ago


He was probably trying to import a cd and itunes got stuck importing a track and kept trying, and trying, and trying, and trying, and trying, and trying until he had to force quit itunes. If its true, good for him, I hope he choked the $hit out of that lady.

1664 days ago


Belzer is clueless about this. Why the hell did he touch her? That's totally inappropriate. He says she needs to get help, but it's he who needs to get help. You shouldn't go around grabbing strangers. It's creepy and dominating. What a tool.

1664 days ago


some of you ppl r really something. this is what's wrong with society now, everybody is so anti social. I've worked in retail and I have had many ppl touch my shoulder, if she didn't like the touch she could have simply said please take ur hand off of me bc I understand some ppl do not like to be touch by others. Now if he would have touched her on her lower back or somewhere inappropriate than I would say he was trying to get a feel in. I just don't see how n e one can get that this man is a freak bc he touch her shoulder.

1664 days ago

Booger McGee    

Yah, Belzer should have kept his hands in his own space bubble. Dumbass.

However, I think a certain Apple employee needs to get over herself. Seriously.

1664 days ago


Fire her stupid ass. She clearly has no customer service skills and is probably a neurotic mess.

1664 days ago


This young lady has a very happy & wonderful life. She not only is college grad but professional dancer. She only works for Apple part time and she sees celeberties every day in the city. Please there is nothing she wants or needs from that broke down 65 yr old law & order actor. The next time even, she feels threatened by ANYONE she needs to use her pepper spray I gave her and to ask questions later. They wont die just have bad headace & running eyes for a few hs. But at least she will be safe from nuts like him.

1664 days ago

Blue Lake    

Is he joking? You can not be touching people, what a doofus. Deserves to lose a bundle on this.

1664 days ago


Lets face it...shes an a-hole looking for a few bucks.

1663 days ago


Ask yourself, "Would I freak out if someone touched me in a non-sexual, non-threatening way?" If you answered "yes", please lock yourself in a basement and never bother anyone with your crazy ass again.

1663 days ago


$CA-CHING! That store clerk is filing a lawsuit next, you watch.

1663 days ago


Some of you people blow my mind. Thae fact that you can't even touch another human being without having the cops called is incredibly sad. Should he have known better? Probably. Should she have called the cops? Not at all. Should she have then filed a complaint after they determined there was no issue? Definitely not.

People touch me all the time. Sometimes its weird people that I'd rather not touch. I do not call the police. The guy was being friendly...she knew who he was. Why would a famous actor come into the Apple store and try to choke an employee? It makes no sense at all.

For the person that "applauds" this girl, you are what is wrong with the world today.

1663 days ago


What else can you expect from a zombie Apple drone? She must've been having her iPeriod.

1663 days ago
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