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Moakler Wishes Gay Babies on Prejean

3/11/2010 2:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Moakler Wishes Gay Babies on Prejean
Shanna was leaving Trousdale in West Hollywood last night, when she stated that she hopes Ms. Prejean and her St. Louis Rams fiance Kyle Boller are blessed enough to have gay children.

Wouldn't that be a kick in the crown?


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And if they're not born gay, let's hope they make that choice when they're teenagers!!!!!!!!!
Posted at 12:31AM on Mar 11th 2010 by Em in em

I did not know that homosexuality is a choice. Interesting.

1654 days ago

San Diegan    

Why would you wish that on her children? I hope her kids are not gay, not because I dislike gay people, but because I don't want her kids to feel unloved because of something so trivial.

1654 days ago


Why would anyone wish such a horrible thing on anyone?? Nobody wants a gay baby. And why wish this on someone as beatiful as Carrie?? I pray that her babies are normal, healthy and free from the mental illness that this crazy person and TMZ wish upon her.

1654 days ago

San Diegan    

Really, Kimmo? You would care if your kid turned out to be gay? You would feel less love for them? You're a foul person, then.

1654 days ago


Hey Shanna: Can we wish that your children grow up to be ultra-conservative Christians who tell you that you're going to hell? That seems fair.

1654 days ago

Just Sayin    

I'm amazed at how heterosexuals are so educated on homosexuality!

1654 days ago


She is right. I'm gay and fought it off and it didn't work. At 22, I realized there was no way I was going to start a family. It just wouldn't be fair to anyone involved. IT IS NOT A CHOICE!

1654 days ago


For those of you who think being gay is a choice, let me date or marry your daughter.

I doubt there will be many willing parents.

1654 days ago


wow so mature !!

1654 days ago


I'm with the others who state that homosexuality is NOT a choice. Although I am heterosexual, married, and have a teenage daughter-what I AM is educated about something before I speak.
Why, WHY....would some one deliberately choose to live a life that is a lie (while "in the closet"), where they are ridiculed, and targets of hate crimes. Why would someone choose to live a life where they would be continuously discriminated against?

To argue that homosexuality is a *choice* is plain ignorance.

1654 days ago

You Can Do Better    

Carrie Prejean just may have her very own stalker in ShannaMoakler! lol This woman is obviously obsessed with

1654 days ago


I wonder if this woman has any clue how pathetic she seems? My guess is she thinks she is being cool and hip by attacking Carrie Prejean. I am sure she thinks people all over Hollywood are clapping as she seems completely obsessed and focused on Miss Prejean. Clearly she knows attacking Carrie is one way to get her face on TMZ.. obviously this is the only way anyone would even give her a second glance. It is highly unhealthy and it makes her look like a ridiculous loser. "D" list celebs desperate for time in the spotlight are God's most pathetic creatures... they are just sad.
This woman has nothing going for her... nothing. I for one have never felt she was even remotely attractive. She has that drag queen look to her... like a man trying really, really hard to be beautiful and not quite being able to pull it off.

1654 days ago


We'd ALL be blessed if Shanna would shove something else in her big yap other than her own foot.

1654 days ago


Didn't know being gay was a blessing..Hey because I prefer the opposite sex doesn't make me bad..getting fed up with PC and this gay crap..being hetrosexual is not a bad thing and I wouldn't wish that one anyone..So get you're panties ruffled and scream back..just don't bitch slam me - save that for your boyfriend.

1654 days ago


I hope Shannon's kids grow up to be Christians.

1654 days ago
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