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Moakler Wishes Gay Babies on Prejean

3/11/2010 2:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Moakler Wishes Gay Babies on Prejean
Shanna was leaving Trousdale in West Hollywood last night, when she stated that she hopes Ms. Prejean and her St. Louis Rams fiance Kyle Boller are blessed enough to have gay children.

Wouldn't that be a kick in the crown?


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God will bless Shanna Moakler with a dead baby. Your next baby will be still born Shanna Moakler. God works in Mysterious ways. And it looks like your son Landon will be a pedophile and your daughter, Alabama will be a hooker she will get the aids virus and die at an early age. oh well.

1651 days ago


So using her logic, shouldn't she be wishing "gay babies" on Obama, John Kerry, John Edwards, Bill and Hillary Clinton as well? Since they all agree with Carrie on gay marriage.....

Just sayin.....

1651 days ago


I wish a lousy life on Shana Moakler in which she is a completely irrelevant and divorced loser....oh wait.....

1651 days ago


Why did this whore name her daughter after a state that strongly opposes gay marriage? Oh wait, that's every state in the Union actually. My bad.

1651 days ago


Wow. This is beyond sad at this point. Carrie probably barely remembers this hypocritical bioooootch, while all Shanna does is think about Carrie 24/7. Poor thing!!!

1651 days ago


Who is Shanna Moakler?

1651 days ago


who the hell is shannon moakler .. P-List? tmz sinks to new depths every day {thud} rock bottom

1651 days ago

Bubba Gump    

Holy hell, did she actually get out of bed to comment on something?

1651 days ago


This ladies and gentlemen is the prime example of a rode hard worn out 40 year old "has been". She better quit wishing things on folks kids before something bad happens to her own (that she isn't even raising)!!

1651 days ago

shannon buchholz    

tim comment # 12 , you are not very educated or informed , and I suppose you dont know any gay people , am I correct ? Gay IS NOT A CHOICE ! you don't wake up one day if your a man and say hmmmm I think I'm going to bring a guy home tonight, take a long hard look at yourrself I asume you are a straight man ? And so you are naturaly attracted to women correct ? Can you see yourself with another man? hugging ,kissing . making love ? the reaction I usually get is , ewww no ! same thing for gays, it is who you are naturaly attracted to , you dont choose your type your naturaly drawn to your type !

1651 days ago

Oval Beach    

First off...I don't think it would be very nice for the gay children to have Carrie Pre-jeans as a mother...or for any child gay or str8 to have her as a mother. Although I do believe it would be WONDERFUL karma...Those kids deserve better. And a note to "Tim"... you are an idiot... your children are probably idiots and your parents were idiots too... you come from a long line of equate being born gay to being born the president...I'm sure you were born were born a str8 that I'm certain. Your kids were born to be str8 idiots just like your parents were indeed born str8 idiots.

1651 days ago


Nice job, Shanna. You just insulted gay people everywhere. How would you like it if someone wished your children's father would be killed in a plane crash?

1651 days ago


What is wrong with this fatso? She always has something to say about everyone. Hasnt she already been in a fight with Paris Hilton and Kim Kardasian? It must be hard to be such a negative, sad and ugly person. She cannot get any attention for anything she does except running her mouth. I feel bad for her kids and their dads.

1651 days ago


WOW ! What is wrong with everyone!!! You should never wish bad upon someone's children! Poor kids!

1651 days ago


hmmmm be careful what you wish for Moakler you have children of your own....

1651 days ago
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