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Corey Haim Connection to Massive Drug Ring

3/12/2010 8:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Haim Connection to Massive Drug RingCorey Haim's death is now under investigation -- and has been linked to an "illegal and massive prescription drug ring."

State Attorney General Jerry Brown
says his office is conducting a probe of Haim's death because an unauthorized prescription in his name was found during a probe of fraudulent drug-prescription pads in San Diego.

Brown said the prescription drug ring under investigation operates by ordering prescription drug pads from authorized vendors using stolen doctor identities -- i.e., identity fraud.

The pads are sold on the street to prescription drug addicts or dealers.

The A.G. notes that many of the doctors whose names are printed on the forms are unaware that his or her identity has been stolen.


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Rick Flair!    

Let's wait and see what happens before jumping to conclusions.

PS, I like SEX!

1650 days ago

Solid Quarter    

Guess Haim's user mommy will have to take her son's place turning tricks in East LA. The shared the needle, now share the johns. Sperm burpers.

1650 days ago


And Jerry Brown is on the Pol path again! You guys have to see through this guy.

1650 days ago


And docs in the clinic I work at wonder why we went after them when they left their rx pads in our exam rooms! One even left his name stamp in a room--one that he uses to stamp rx's with. I gave it back to home and wondered out loud if he really wanted half the county having rx's for hydrocodone with HIS name stamped on them.
Our system is better now, it's all computerized and the rx are filled on the computer and have to be printed off.
Very well could be boxes of the rx pads are being intercepted before they reach the health care setting that they are headed to. Or someone who works in a healthcare setting are lifting them from work..they are usually left in drawers/desks, etc...just laying around for anyone to lift. It's not like they are under lock and key or anyone counts them to make sure none are missing.

1650 days ago

AM Hood    

It is so sad to see such a young man lost in this drug era of the our young people. I also say the other Corey give a "paid" Larry King segment, where he talked about his friend being lost in Hollywood, not being hires for jobs It seemed He was referring much to himself but, using and demeaning the name of is dead friend to boost himself. He is such a D$$$, he did the same to Michael Jackson at Mike's death. That guy is such a looser and while I won't say he does not deserve work because HE IS SUCH A TRAITOR to his friends, I do not like that GUY (the other Corey-what ever his last name may be. That guy would sell his mother down the river for another 15 minutes of fame.

1650 days ago


Forgot to add...dependng on the rx pad, if it is for certain controlled drugs, it also has the doc's DEA number pre printed on it. That number unlocks people's access to a whole new level of drugs. Illegally, of course.

1650 days ago

Solid Quarter    

Could Feldman be more of a douchebag? Haim was a filthy, no talent junkie. Whining on Larry King about how people should not pick on former child stars is just pathetic. Perhaps you and dead boy should have taken your earnings, diligently studied to get educations, developed real (not reality) careers and become responsible adults.

Instead you are both loser deadbeats, crying for glorydays, and now Haim is taking a dirt nap. What sorry excuses for human beings. You actually believe your own press releases as if you have some rare talent. You were in the right place, right time, right look. Now you are human garbage and Haim is worm food

I have an idea, why don't we mourn for children who die from childhood illnesses, soldiers who put their lives in harms way defending our country, and police officiers and fire fighters who do the same. F*ck the Coreys. They had the door open to do anything and instead all they want is attention and drugs. Shame on them and all who are famous for being famous and not accomplishing anything in their lives that is not entirely self indulgent.

1650 days ago


Edmund G. Brown is Jerry Brown and he's running for Governor again. That's why he's doing the investigation. Self-serving nit.

1650 days ago


These prescription drugs are nasty sh*t. It's so addicting and ruins peoples lives. I'm sure he was probably getting illegal drugs. It's the drug of choice in LA. I feel so sad for him, what a waste of talent and life for someone so young.

1650 days ago

Solid Quarter    

rainbow4321 I suppose those Doctors and most normal people assume that not everyone is thieving junky. Sadly, you are right that we must assume that and limit peoples access to stealing Rx pads.

The idiot that earlier blamed the doctors for Haim, most that I know truly want to help people that is why they are in the business. To suggest that they may have some ulterior motive and should be blamed for a junky's behavior is a bit of what is wrong with the world. Take responsibility for yourself (as low life Haim should have done) and make choices.

No drug addict nor alcholic gets better unless they want to do so. If you are stupid enough to believe that it is a disease and that you have no control, then you probably believe Obama/Pelosi don't really want to redistribute wealth and income, to ensure more fools become dependent upon the state.

1650 days ago


8. The State Attorney General is Edmund G. Brown not Jerry Brown.

Posted at 7:20PM on Mar 12th 2010 by WHATDA

Edmund G.(Gerald) Brown is Jerry Brown's full name.

They are one and the same person.

"Jerry" is a nickname for Gerald.

1650 days ago


18. Guess Haim's user mommy will have to take her son's place turning tricks in East LA. The shared the needle, now share the johns. Sperm burpers.

Posted at 7:58PM on Mar 12th 2010 by Solid Quarter

Haim's mom was never a hooker, and neither was Haim.

They never shared the needle. Haim didn't use needles.

Now go back to sleep, where you belong.

1650 days ago


Shiiiit , damn dudes, whats they spect doin' all dem dopes..... hell da gonna die

1650 days ago


omg! the autopsy said HE DIDNT DIE DUE TO AND OVER DOSE!!!!!!
let the guy rest in peace=(

1650 days ago

Solid Quarter    

Jerry Brown, former Governor of California, fna Governor Moonbeam for his silly ideas and being a bit of a space cadet. He also dated Linda Ronstadt back when she was a hot dish (before blimptom). He is a corrupt career politician and son of a politician.

1650 days ago
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