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Corey Haim Connection to Massive Drug Ring

3/12/2010 8:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Haim Connection to Massive Drug RingCorey Haim's death is now under investigation -- and has been linked to an "illegal and massive prescription drug ring."

State Attorney General Jerry Brown
says his office is conducting a probe of Haim's death because an unauthorized prescription in his name was found during a probe of fraudulent drug-prescription pads in San Diego.

Brown said the prescription drug ring under investigation operates by ordering prescription drug pads from authorized vendors using stolen doctor identities -- i.e., identity fraud.

The pads are sold on the street to prescription drug addicts or dealers.

The A.G. notes that many of the doctors whose names are printed on the forms are unaware that his or her identity has been stolen.


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Martin Bormann    

Wow, where the F was Jerry Brown when all the other Hollywood people were offing themselves with illegal dope?
Oh snark--Brown wasn't a candidate fo govener then. So now, he picks up this unknown actour's suicide and makes a capital case out of it. Give me a friggin break.
Hey Brown, investigate misfeasance, malfeasance and incompetence in your own office. You are an attorney, right? You are aware of the doctrine of competence? Why don't you start enforcing it close to home? Get Bugliosi to help you. He can tie it all back to the White Album.

1655 days ago


Come on! Enlarged heart is from speed...All the old cocaine addicts I knew all had enlarged hearts. He was a known meth addict for years.

1655 days ago


The pharma corps and their DR minions are the biggest drug dealers.

1655 days ago


As a recovering addict myself, who has been sober from prescription drugs for 5 years, I think that his death is a shame and sad. However, there is only one person responsible for Corey's death- COREY!
No one forced him to abuse drugs for the last 20+ years of his life, everyone always wants to blame a doctor or friends/family or supposed fraudulent drug rings...
But in the end, it all boils down to Mr. Haim being held responsible for his disease and his one forced him to do dope.
And obviously in the end, whether a dr prescribed the pills or Corey bought them illegally, it doesnt matter- he took the pills willingly and died.
If it wasnt the pills, then perhaps it would've been from meth/coke whatever...the point is that as long as HE chose to be active in his disease, he had only one place to go-in the ground.

1655 days ago


What a bunch of idiots.....You think for one second the TMZ will actually tell the truth in anything they report???? Duh!!! Nothing but a bunch a piss-poor journalism group if there has ever been one!!!! You people really need to get real jobs. Try it....Do you know what actual pictures are? A snapshot in time. Not that anyone you take pictures of were doing anything that you say they were. Good thing you arent worth pictures. Your lives might go to hell then too. Good luck. SAD, SAD, SAD. I hope your mommas' are proud of you.

1655 days ago


but how is he linked? i doubt this.

1655 days ago


I don't really care how he died, the fact is he died. Why is that as soon as someone in the "industry" dies, the media has the drag them through the dirt? I'm so sick of reading this B.S.

1655 days ago

nash deneal    

greatest news I have heard all day.
SMoke Relief

1655 days ago


"22. Could Feldman be more of a douchebag? Haim was a filthy, no talent junkie. Whining on Larry King about how people should not pick on former child stars is just pathetic. Perhaps you and dead boy should have taken your earnings, diligently studied to get educations, developed real (not reality) careers and become responsible adults.

Instead you are both loser deadbeats, crying for glorydays, and now Haim is taking a dirt nap. What sorry excuses for human beings. You actually believe your own press releases as if you have some rare talent. You were in the right place, right time, right look. Now you are human garbage and Haim is worm food

I have an idea, why don't we mourn for children who die from childhood illnesses, soldiers who put their lives in harms way defending our country, and police officiers and fire fighters who do the same. F*ck the Coreys. They had the door open to do anything and instead all they want is attention and drugs. Shame on them and all who are famous for being famous and not accomplishing anything in their lives that is not entirely self indulgent."

Perfectly stated "Solid Quarter"....Exactly Spot ON!

1655 days ago


The doctors don't care because most of them get under-the-table commission for sales of prescription drugs. If an addict magically steals the prescription pads they "accidentally" leave on their desk, and starts writing up crate-loads of Vicodin, guess what? $$JACKPOT$$.

1655 days ago


Whats with the other corey....and the snot like piece of hair that is like 10 inches long in his face that a fashion statement ...way cool for california ...please stay there...don't do Orka or any other shows please no one cares...the guy was what he was and leave it at that.

1654 days ago


The pharmacy that have been filling the prescription should be investagated also. Most Dr use the same pharmacys which the workers there must have been aware of what was going on and ignored it.

1654 days ago

Caring Kate    

From what I understand, almost nothing goes on in showbiz without first going through organized crime bosses, even the so-called small time bosses. The protection and cover-ups by the muscle and far reach of the mob amid these senseless deaths of active or formerly active celebrities is stupidly obvious. I continue to plea with organized crime: use those brains for good. Our species and planet needs your talents to go in a positive direction! Look at the big picture and stop being stuck in this damaging small minded stuff. Our world in the 21st century needs those who can build up our planet and our species, not those who are stuck in doing the ho-hum pointless destructive stuff. Organized crime, no matter at what level you operate, get a grip.

1654 days ago


76. The pharmacy that have been filling the prescription should be investagated also. Most Dr use the same pharmacys which the workers there must have been aware of what was going on and ignored it.

Posted at 10:55AM on Mar 13th 2010 by pam


Not really. Once the rx is handed to the patient, any pharmacy can be used. It can go to whatever pharmacy the patient wants to use. Unless the pt is using the same chain pharmacy (ie CVS), the pharmacies involved have no idea.
Our clinic stopped the doc and pharmacy shoppers by starting a pain contract with the drug seeking pts. They can ONLY get their narcs filled at our hospital pharmacy. No where else. They take it to an outside pharmacy and their ability to get any further narcs from us is cancelled.
Medicaid is another way to follow who is getting what drug. That funding source keeps track of what each pt gets filled/when and where
If someone is paying cash, there is no way to keep track.

In the pain contract, the pt also agrees to random drug screens.
Any narc (or illegal drug) found there that has NOT been prescribed by our docs, violates the pain contract and again, no more narcs from us.

We had one pt who was given a drug screen coke was found but none of the Lortab we had been giving her. None. Conclusion: She was selling the Lortab to score her coke. No more narcs for her from us.

There are measures that docs/clinics can take IF they want to. Sounds like the ones out there choose not to implement any, especially if it involves celebs.

1654 days ago


#8: Jerry Brown is Edmund 'G' Brown. Idiot. His middle name is Gerald. Aka JERRY. Flipping moron.

1654 days ago
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