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Erin Andrews -- No Mercy for Peeping Tom

3/12/2010 7:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Erin Andrews is outraged that her convicted stalker, Michael David Barrett, will ask the court on Monday for probation after his creepy peeping tour of Erin's hotel rooms.

Erin Andrews

The "Dancing With the Stars" beauty tells TMZ, "He is seeking the mercy of the court. He did not show me or any of the other victims any mercy."

Erin's lawyer, Marshall Grossman, was even stronger, saying, "I think it would be a travesty of justice for this man to walk free. It would be a license for others to engage in similar predatory activity."

Grossman goes on ... "It would send a terrible message to the other 16 women known to be victimized by him in the same manner."

Prosecutors are asking the judge to sentence Barrett to 27 months behind bars.

The sentencing hearing is set for Monday. Erin says she'll be in court and she'll ask the judge to throw the book at Barrett.


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This is the best thing that ever happened to this chick. NO ONE knew you before and look at all the cool stuff you get to do know and all the money your making. cry me a river

1685 days ago


#18 What about the other 16 women - did they all get a talk show, uhh no!! Guys who seem to think jerking off while peeking into womens and girls rooms is o.k seriously need an attitude check!! This is the sort of crap that rapists and sexual molesters start out doing before they graduate!! If it was someone in your family being spied on by any normal Joe Bloggs you'd think it was o.k to go out there and beat the guy's brains in for him - because just one of his victims ends up on DWTS you want this idiot to get away with probation and a little slap on the wrist saying "bad boy"!!
He should be put on a sex offenders list, then forced to undergo psychiatric evaluation and to spend time either behind bars or in a secure, psychiatric facility for at least some sort of treatment/therapy to rehabilitate him before he graduates to more serious sexual offences!! If he gets probation and he re-offends how does that make the Justice system (such as it is!) work hm?! There were 16 other women this guy did this to, that means he's got a taste for it and pity is the last thing the idiot deserves!!

1685 days ago


The guy didn't accidentally look through a hole in the wall produced by an act of thunderstorm lightning, he deliberately and repeatedly planned and forced events like this and he deserves to be put in a cell for some time, where there are no holes except the one below his back, where his shower buddy will teach him a few dozen lessons and new sex positions. If not convicted and given good punishment, burn the lawyers and hang the judge.

1685 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

I say 27 months in jail plus neuter him.

1684 days ago

Tyler Elliott    

Jeez.. Erin Andrews acts like the man raped or physically assaulted her. Obviously what he did was wrong, against the law and deserved punishment, but sorry Erin, we don't put people into prison for life because they peek at our boobies.

1684 days ago


She should thank him for giving her the media attention that she craves.

1684 days ago



....thank you michael david barrett, next time please get a better camera

1684 days ago


Gotta get my mojo started.

1684 days ago


she sure is milking this for all it's worth. I had never even heard of her before all this but now all I hear about her is in relation to this incident.
Some woman think their hootches are lined with gold and their poop doesn't stink. They usually turn out to be the nastiest ones.
She's just mad because she didn't get paid money for showing the goods. It is rather sick of him and Im sure she feels violated it really that bad?

1684 days ago


There are a lot of sick perverts in this world. This guy, and the people here defending him, are prime examples.

1684 days ago

santana ortega    

harvey is it possible that erins stalker could make the the case he has a sex addiction problem and go to rehab to avoid jail time? santana in kansas city

1684 days ago

capt andy    

why would we need to look through a peephole to see our sisters naked.Hell just mistakenly walk into the bathroom when she turns off the shower works every time and I think she actually likes it even though she yells heh heh ..girls ..well good looking girls like to show off what they got.and whats safer than your brother

1684 days ago


60 days in jail, probation and register as a sex offender. Done and done.

1684 days ago


#15, it's perfectly normal for women to do their hair naked. I do most of the time, because when you have long hair, the collar often gets caught in the brush, which is really annoying, and it's easier to contort your arms (which styling your hair can often require) when they're not being constrained by sleeves. Young women's clothing is a lot tighter than what most men wear, so I don't think you can quite understand that part of it. Bottom line, your comment is ridiculous, as is your suggestion that she was putting on a show for that creeper!

1684 days ago


The posters who are saying the guy should be neurted should be imprisoned themselves. What he did was wrong and he's going to serve time but 20+ years for what he did is a bit much, People who have committed violent crimes would get less than that. The Paparazzi imo should get jail time also. Also the way she dresses and carries herself she shouldnt have been that surprised.

1681 days ago
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