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'Precious' Shows Off Her Spots

3/12/2010 5:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Looking chic in all black, "Precious" star Gabourey Sidibe rocked a pair of leopard print sneakers while strutting through Santa Monica on Thursday.


Who wouldn't want to walk in the 26-year-old Hollywood Cinderella's shoes?!


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i dont know what you guys are talking about she is a beautiful black
Volumptuous. women what you guys are saying is just ignorant, get a life

1628 days ago

Common Sense    

For #14. I do agree with the fact that she has to be careful with her weight because of the health risks that are associated with being overweight. However, many of you will be shocked by the amount of work and money she is going to get in the months and years to come. Remember, she does not look like your typical actress, and this will actually be a plus for her. America and Hollywood loves an underdog. She may want to thank Howard Stern for giving her acting career an unintentional boost.

1628 days ago

Not Crazy    

Plastic... Well said. As I was saying yesterday, mean people take it as their personal responsibilty to dictate to a grown woman what they think is a sexy and normal size. Screw their normal, because their normal involves cruelty and attracting bad Karma to themselves. Question is who in these comments has been nominated for an Oscar lately?

1628 days ago


From someone working in the medical profession with bariatric patients, I am deeply saddened by the rude, vile comments some "people" have left on this message board.
Didn't we all learn not to judge a book by it's cover?
I can't help but feel that a lot of the mean comments come from people who are trying to mask their own insecurities, not one of us are perfect beings.
As far as health risks associated with being obese, yes, there are many; hypertension, hyperglycemia, hypercholestemia just to name a few, but you are forgetting that there are equally as dangerous health risks of being too thin, or being normal weight but being a smoker or drug user. We as a society don't seem to jump all over the super thin celbs who smoke or use drugs because they are still considered beautiful, by a "Hollywood" standard at least.
Yes, this woman needs to lose some weight, but by making rude comments about her you are doing nothing but making YOURSELF look ignorant and heartless. I truly feel sorry for you.
I, myself, have struggled with anorexia in the past and now I am currently working with obese patients in my medical profession and I can tell you that ANYONE with an eating disorder (whether it be eating too much, or far too little) carries a lot of emotional pain and until that emotional pain is healed, the true healing process will never begin. (Or weight loss or gain for that matter).
None of you know WHY or WHAT caused this young woman to become morbidly obese, therefore none of us should judge her so harshly, this is something SHE has to deal with and come to terms with and if she can walk down the road with her head held high I have much respect for her...
Live and let live!

1627 days ago

My Gosh ! ! !    

Your comments are so MEAN, why are you all so mean anyway? ? ?
Just wait ! ! !
Everyone has problems, you don't put them down for it.
Hurting someone for how they look is not acceptable.
Things can happen to you that are not under your control, so just hope nothing like a fire or accident that disfigures you, will ever happen to you....

1627 days ago

My Gosh ! ! !    

Would you rather be friends with someone FAT or
Someone mean that you could never trust and treats you like s---?
Someone that makes you feel special or
Someone that makes you hate yourself ?

1627 days ago


Well, #260, Dana, I was not referring to every comment on TMZ, only to the people who seem to post repeatedly with nothing more substantive to their comments but vulgarity, misspelled words, playground cruelties and ignorance. They are absolutely unbiased in their random inanities, and respond to any attempt to post intelligently about a TMZ article with the written equivalent of a Bronx cheer or belch. Are you trying to join their numbers? You seem to have an issue with critical thinking and reading for comprehension, so perhaps you are. Speaking of wallowing in slime...

TMZ's website still provides a certain amount of interesting information on various "celebrities" (and I do use that term loosely). At one time, the site was more about information than sensationalism. That is no longer the case, which is unfortunate. Much of what appears on TMZ now is perilously close to the internet's own version of Yellow Journalism (if you are not familiar with term, look it up). Or, if you prefer, tabloid journalism. It is meant to excite the most prurient interests in people, and it tends to attract the worst sort.

I do not read most of the posts on TMZ. When I do, it is frequently to read the comments made by other readers. I knew that any article on Gabby Sidibe was bound to bring out some "interesting" commentary. I wasn't disappointed. I am fascinated by the growing trend of "fat acceptance", with which I disagree, although I am also not going to condemn people for being fat, nor do I believe that obesity is an indicator of a person's personality, intelligence, talent or character. I also knew that there would be comments that would accuse anyone questioning Ms. Sidibe's obesity (whether intelligently written with regard to possible health issues, or crudely written by ignoramuses only wishing to air their own deficiencies) of "racism". This also occurred. I enjoy thoughtful commentary. I become somewhat enervated by brainless morons spewing mindless crap. Hence, my comments about "troglodytes". If you wish to identify with their ranks, be my guest. I think perhaps that THOU doth protest too much. Feeling threatened?

1627 days ago


235, you are among the most ignorant posters on here, one of those who make up facts to fit their opinion. Do your homework, Get your facts straight.. The part of Precious was NOT taylor made for gabby, in fact, she had to be persuaded and pushed to try out for the part by her friends. She had no aspirations to be an actress. Next, Shortly after Jennifer won her Oscar, her mother sister and newphew were slaughtered in their home. She has moved on and has had a son. She is still working,and recording and just because you are not a fan of hers , does not mean she is not been "heard from since". Jennifer is a talented singer, who was talented enough to win an Oscar for her work.

Read more:

1624 days ago


Americans ar the worst bunch of hypocrites in the world. We talk about how it is inner beauty that counts , and all men are created equal, blah, blah, blah. When it comes right down to it, it, the only people who matter are underweight, half naked, shamelessly untalented,vapid, vain, brainless, selfish, shallow and empty inside. When someone comes along that does not fit that mold, we cant even see them, they are treated like some kind of animal that has crept into the camp.. that includes rejection of skin color, body size, and in some cases,religion. We have become so used to 'the hills, the oc, gossip girl, reality show after reality show, we cant even recognize a real person, with real talent and real feelings. For those who feel that gabby is too fat to be happy, think again, she learned to love and accept herself as she is. She may choose to lose weight, she may not, but what exactly does she have not to be happy about? Her truckload of cash, her world travel, her new friends? Her new career? Howard Stern? He did her a favor!

1624 days ago



1624 days ago


The sad thing is, she will not live long enough if she doesn't get healthy to see a long career ahead of her. People on here find they can attack when they are not facing someone. Just one time, I would like to look at some article and see more positive comments than negative. No one knows if she is happy or miserable, that is the truth only she knows. But if you refer back to the Notorious B.I.G. comment, when Biggie was alive...did anyone have the balls to make the same comments to him?

1623 days ago


Wow I didn't realize how people love to ridicule a person so much because of their weight. We all know she is big I mean that was part of the reason why she got the role, but to somehow say she has 15 minutes of fame is ridiculous. She was a college student deciding to audition for a role and she got it, that is amazing. But she is also an intelligent person who can do anything she wants to do including acting. She will loose weight in her own time, when she decides, but she is not all of the negative things that people like Howard Stern saids she is. Why are people so concerned about her health all of a sudden, if you saw her down the street you wouldn't give a hoot. Let this girl be and when she wants to loose weight for health reasons it will be on her own terms, not because someone is paying her to.

1602 days ago


damn she big as ****.and atlease she got lotsss of confidence cuz id be crying if i was real black and big..n shes weareing black ass teddy bear.

1481 days ago
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