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'Precious' Shows Off Her Spots

3/12/2010 5:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Looking chic in all black, "Precious" star Gabourey Sidibe rocked a pair of leopard print sneakers while strutting through Santa Monica on Thursday.


Who wouldn't want to walk in the 26-year-old Hollywood Cinderella's shoes?!


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Rachel and steve would make funny fashion police. lol

1623 days ago


Seriously, Howard Stern was right! She will not last long in Hollywood and she is WAY TOO BIG! Health reasons alone she needs to loose weight. The only reason she was in the movie was b/c the budget was blown to pay for Monquie and Maria! They could afford anyone else!

1623 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

If they ever re-make the old show "What's Happening!" she'd be perfect for the role of Mama!

1623 days ago


Piss off, haters. I love her. Go girl!

1623 days ago


13. Don't be haters. You are all just jealous that she makes a heck of a lot more money than you do! You go girl!

Posted at 10:35AM on Mar 12th 2010 by KRISTIE

LOOOOOL heck yeah she sure makes more money but at least I don't EAT mine! Get a grip! Being this big is not healthy. That is the issue. And just for the looks of it, if you lose facial features just cause you are so fat that your face looks like the moon, you have a problem. And no money can fix that.

Someone that fat shows all signs of wrong nutrition and non-existing discipline. Sorry that I don't pity someone like that. Even if she got bullied for that her whole life. Call me intolerant but at least I can walk stairs without collapsing!

If you decide to become an actress or singer you stand in the spotlight. And you will get judged by your looks first, then your accomplishments. Live with it.

1623 days ago


She is like the spoiled brat kids parents that tell their kids they are great, precious, princesses, etc.

I want to scream to all these knuckleheads....this woman is way old enough to have SOMEONE tell her the truth.

She a lucky one-shot morbidly obese woman (deathly fat for the morons out there) that fat Oprah gave her that one-shot opportunity. No more lying...that's it!

She can smile into her fat mirror until the end of time, but the REAL WORLD does take over evidently.

She has been FED the wrong information. She is unhealthy!

1623 days ago


Howard Stern was 100% right, it was a joke that Oprah stood on that stage and said she'll have a long career. All she needed to do was look around the room at everyone else and see she was out of place. What roles can she possibly play? Especially to give her a long career.

1623 days ago

You likka the juice    

I would NOT hit that.

1623 days ago


peachpie... judging by your name you need to lose weight too!

1623 days ago


you people are all ignorant. the problem with todays society is that everyone focuses on what you look like, not what you are made of inside. leave her alone and look at your own flaws. ignorance being one of them!

1623 days ago


For those who think people are "haters"...get real. You want to continue the double standard in this country. If that were a white woman, EVERYONE would be saying the truth. But it's a morbidly obese black woman, so everyone's supposed to act like there's nothing wrong. She's grotesque. Hard to even look at. She's not cute. The truth wins out over political correctness every time.

1623 days ago

C'mon TMZ    

I'd hit it.

1623 days ago


I Knew I felt the ground shaking in Santa Monica,But there was no earthquake,it was just Gabby.

1623 days ago


It is interesting that only the small minded, insecure, emotionally weak individuals are the ones making such negative comments. Most of you inbred victims do not have the balls to degrade someone face to face, so you find safety in putting it in print. At the end of the day, she is happy with who she is. She could care less about you, and will have more success than all of you combined.

The ignorant bullies that think making fun of people is o.k. need to realize not everything is fair game. If a teacher talked to your kid that way, how would you respond???????

1623 days ago


OMG loose the weight before the weight losses you..

1623 days ago
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