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'Precious' Shows Off Her Spots

3/12/2010 5:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Looking chic in all black, "Precious" star Gabourey Sidibe rocked a pair of leopard print sneakers while strutting through Santa Monica on Thursday.


Who wouldn't want to walk in the 26-year-old Hollywood Cinderella's shoes?!


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Looking chic? LOL How could that ever happen? Wonder how long these truthful comments will last? Radar online removed theirs earlier this week due to negative comments...will TMZ? No matter what big a-s celebrity is behind this woman...her fifteen minutes of fame is done...she is hard to look at.

1685 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

What an adorable young woman!! Saw her on Kimmel and she is refreshing because she is herself. Great personality comes through, wonderful sense of humor and hope to see her do more work. She's very talented.

1685 days ago


Hey "big hamnk"

Uh, I happen to know Brigid in "real life" and if you saw her you'd beg her to pay attention to you. She's one of those women that other women would KILL to look like. If you only knew how big of a moron you look like now - wow. It's hilarious.

So thanks for the laugh, I love ignorance on parade and you were certainly a showstopper today. More so than most actually.

1685 days ago


Gabby, Lifetime Diet:

Close YOUR MOUTH to 75% of the junk you jam into it.

1685 days ago


She's a slob. She will be dead like Nell Carter.

1685 days ago


You guys are so rude. Seriously, bigger woman are pretty too. Two of my aunts are and they're just as beautiful and human as any anorexic girl out there. Your peoples comments are disgusting.

1685 days ago


Sidibe, You can't get food (junk) in, if the mouth is CLOSED !!!

Second benefit to losing 150 pounds? You won't stink so much!

1685 days ago

capt andy    

She is like a train wreck.You know u shouldnt look but you just cant help it..yikes.......Can you imagine being in line at a bathroom and going in after she just finished.Oh my god

1685 days ago


What's up with the elastic pants!?!?!?!! BARF!!!!! Please dress appropriately chick!!!

1685 days ago


those same sunglasses would engulf Paris Hilton's head!!!

1685 days ago


Holy Cow, let's hope she just fades away quietly and very soon? I came close to hurling my breakfast.... Uugghhh

1685 days ago


@ kikirocks23

People are rude because the tabloid society we live in. The same people making the rude comments are going to get a taste of Karma. And it's a whole helluva lot bigger than Gabourey.

These commentors here are typical trash to me. They're so quick to judge someone but when someone does it back to them, they get pissed off.

"Second benefit to losing 150 pounds? You won't stink so much!"

This comment was made by the user "what?" (108)
It's so stupid beyond belief.... How the f*** do you know?!
Seriously. If you're trying to say fat people stink, you must be 4 or 5 years old...Or just plain dumb; or a troll.

1685 days ago


Even though she sounds like a valley girl when she talks, clearly she's adopting that weird fat black chick syndrome. Where they wear clothes you'd only expect to see on a 5'5/115 hottie, they insist on shoving themselves in these same outfits and are delusional enough to think they look good in them. Very sad.

1685 days ago


Well, I hope she milks it while she can. Because lets be honest, how many roles are there really going to be available for her? Look at Jennifer Hudson, who is 1/3 her size. She's not exactly landing quality roles and she actually won an Oscar.

1685 days ago

capt andy    

111. Holy Cow, let's hope she just fades away quietly and very soon? I came close to hurling my breakfast.... Uugghhh

Posted at 1:47PM on Mar 12th 2010 by tifosi44

2 in the afternoon and your just eating breakfast..i bet your as big as she is...go take a jog

1685 days ago
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