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You Gotta Hand It

to Conan O'Brien Fans ...

3/13/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Team Coco strikes again.

Jay Leno

A Conan O'Brien fan posed for a photo with Jay Leno last night with the letters "Coco FTW" written on his hand -- which means "for the win."

Leno got the "Tonight Show" back and Conan got $32.5 million from NBC -- they're both winners.


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Both are right... In tech and white collar circles FTW means "For the Win", in other circles it means "F*** the World". I think in this case it was probably meant to be For The Win.

1651 days ago


That is funny!

Conan needs this kid on his writing staff.

1651 days ago


haha! Coco FTW!!

1651 days ago


FTW = "For the win" in gaming terms... I've never heard it used for "F*** the World." LOL (laughing out loud, for those of you who still need help figuring out internet terms)

1651 days ago


It means FOR THE WIN. You guys are losers.

1651 days ago


F**k conan jay is the best by far What is up with all you stupid conan fans bunch of idiots like him I guess

1651 days ago


"F... the world" is biker lingo, long before the internet was even around my young friends!

1651 days ago


Snookie looks and acts like an Italian Miss Piggie!!! Attractive I don't see it Italian/ Russian myself! Go Jay! Conan watched for years bottom line Jay is funnier in those years and now!

1651 days ago


For all of the people on here saying FTW means "F*** The World", it used to in the past. It now means "For The Win", at-least online it does. When in doubt, Urban Dictionary is a great way to see what "slang" terms and words mean.

1651 days ago


Too bad he wasn't watching the show..WHEN IT MEANT SOMETHING!!!!LOSER!! Last I checked the Tonight Show was NUMBER 1 AGAIN!! So keep talking guys never watched the show when it could have help Conan, so you guys are to blame..Team Conan is the reason Leno is back on the Tonight Show. Truth Hurts, sooner you face it the better. Like the one fan on Oprah said, "well, I don't watch the show but I support Conan"..NO YOU DON'T...MORON!! My favorite is "well the kids today watch by you tube and internet!" that is how we support conan...NO YOU DON' just don't get it!! To SUPPORT conan you have to BE THERE!! you guys were NEVER REALLY he QUIT!!! YOU FAILED AND HE QUIT so shut the hell up..its over!! I don't see anyone jumping to sign you!! GET A LIFE!!!!

1651 days ago


I'm with CoCo, but that was really mean to do to Jay considering he was nice enough to pose for a picture with this yahoo.

1651 days ago

Mike other thing! What does Conan win? Zucker has made it VERY clear even if LENO didn't take the Tonight show back that he wanted to dump now what do you win? A spot on FOX? Cause ABC, and CBS are not interested...AT ALL. Think of it, sticking with Jimmy Kimmel of that is a slap in the face! If you thought Leno was bad...Jimmy Kimmel and they chose him over Conan!?! WTF! So, what does TEAM COCO win? Some Diddy CD's? What is the end game here? what will make you guys shut the hell up? He is not going back to NBC..forget it!!

1651 days ago


HAHA That Guy ROCKS... TEAM CONAN!!!!! I will never watch Leno again.

1651 days ago


Why is it that almost all TEAM COCO aren't even old enough to order a beer (legally)? Notice that? Sorry kids, COCO is a NO-GO! MOMMY and DADDY will tuck you in!! Poor little ones! it will all be over soon! You can all grow up, get a job and move the hell out of your parents house!

1651 days ago


Never watch Leno never watched Conan..stop lying! If you did he would be on the air..MORONS!! Leno beat Letterman by 3 MILLION!!!! SUCK IT!!

1651 days ago
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