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Corey Haim's Funeral -- All Taken Care Of

3/13/2010 5:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Corey HaimCorey Haim's funeral costs will be covered by the memorabilia company that was auctioning off some of his belongings, this according to the company and sources close to Haim.

Haim's mother had been reaching out for donations, but a company called Startifacts volunteered to donate the proceeds from their Haim-related auctions.

Michael Kronick, owner of Startifacts, says rather than wait til all the sales were complete, they'll come to the funeral next week with a check for $20,000 -- to cover the costs of the headstone, transporting the body to Toronto, and whatever else is needed.

Remembering Corey Haim


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tabloid baby    

What kind of writing is this?

You do this over and over again..

It sounds like bad Eyewitness News TV writing.



1595 days ago


RIP, Corey. I really enjoyed Lost Boys and Silver Bullet (stephen king movie).

1595 days ago


24. Hey, Pisses me off, You ask why I don't pay for his funeral with my savings then rant on how you hate it when people tell other people what to do with their money. Do you smell it idiot in this recipe?

Posted at 2:01PM on Mar 13th 2010 by Cheryl

Hey STUPID Cheryl, "YOU'RE" the one who said you had enough money to pay for his funeral in your savings account!! What part about your bragging don't you get??
If you have the money then put up or STFU! YOU IGNORANT WITCH!
Not everybody is stupid, just because you are! And again, leave Feldman alone!!

1595 days ago


For all of you who are saying Corey Feldman should have footed the bill for this funeral - do you know him personally?? How do you know he hasn't contributed? That's just it, you DONT. People are so quick to tell others how to spend their money, if you think someone else should pay for it, why don't you do it yourself? I am a big fan of both of the "Coreys" and it was heartbreaking to hear about Haim's death. My heart goes out to his family, as well. But geez, don't make judgments about things you know nothing about!

1595 days ago


Hey Cheryl..... speaking of idiots.... can't you tell when someone is being sarcastic? sheeeeesh!

1595 days ago


maybe Feldman's divorce prevents him from forking over any sizeable amount of money. Not that he should have to anyway. Not that he hasn't actually contributed for all any of us know. Haim treated Feldman like dirt and constantly blamed him for all his troubles. Haim chose drugs over family and friends. No one owes Haim a thing, not even a decent funeral, the only reason anyone is doing anything is for his mother.

1595 days ago

Over It Already    

Addiction is a horrible thing. Mr. Haim tried I believe, but the demon was too big for him to handle on his own, and when there is pride involved, well, the loser is the addict and the winner is the addiction. My sympathies to his family and friends and loved ones. My favorite role of Corey's was in Murphy's Romance. That's how I'll remember him. Rest in Peace young man.

1595 days ago


Corey Feldman, if you are reading this, please don't let the negative comments upset you - I'm really sorry that ignorant people are saying so many terrible things. Please know that there are many, many fans out here who "love ya bunches"!! I've been watching you in movies and tv since you were just a 'lil guy and my friends and I definitely support you!! Hang in there and I'm so sorry your friend passed away.

1595 days ago

mrs. jones    

Stop with the Corey FELDMAN HATERS!! Corey Feldman got his act together, quit using and has been clean and sober, supported a family, has taken on the responsibility of being a father and tried for years to help Haim. He got Corey on board for projects, tried an intervention, you could see the love he had for Haim. He was really his biggest supporter-- wish we all had friends like Corey Feldman--he was honest with him and tried to help, always stood up for him. Even after 15 REHAB ATTEMPTS he didn't give up on his best friend and was always ready to promote him...How people can criticize the Corey who got his act together against a lot of odds is beyond me....

1595 days ago


30. How the hell do any of you idiots know that Corey Feldman didn't help out with this? And again, even if he didn't, it's not HIS place to pay up on this awful tragedy. He didn't kill the guy, so all you self righteous idiots need to STFU!

Posted at 2:19PM on Mar 13th 2010 by moron alert

A bunch of pious ass idiots who think they have the answers for everybody.
May I suggest that everyone who thinks that Corey Feldman should have pitched in to pay for Haim's funeral, get together and donate the money themselves and leave others alone???

1595 days ago


finally a company that is being generous and not money grubbing greedy! a very descent gesture to a sad ending.

1595 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Oh come on guys... This is a RIP OFF!!!! ... Who are they kidding??
"Starifacts" stands to make a BAZILLION Dollars from Corey's death... Plus who knows what he gave them to sell and who is keeping or not keeping track of the sales... I'm sure his crap is going for high prices now...

His dieing has made them RICH!!! ... RIP OFF !!!!! Watch out Corey's Mom .. Hire a lawyer before it's to late

1595 days ago


The bottom line is it got paid for! Do none of you have anything better to do than to spend your day bitching about what people aren't doing. FFS

1595 days ago


how do you know he hasn't contributed anonymously? see anonymously means "you don't know" so if you don't know....then don't know. get it? got it? good.

1595 days ago


Hey Cheryl, here's an idea; why don't you pay for Corey's funeral, since you have enough money to pay for it, and leave Feldman's money alone?
You people are just ignorant! Pisses me off when people try and tell others how to spend their own money!
It's bad enough to have the government telling you to hand over your hard earn money, let a lone some bozo trying to judge and dictate how and where you should place you money.
Get a life loser!

Posted at 1:39PM on Mar 13th 2010 by boy that pisses me off!

Thank you for that.

Especially if they don't even know the people involved or what the situation is.

Feldman and Haim were friends!

How do we know Feldman didn't lend Haim cash when he was alive?

1595 days ago
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