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Corey Haim's Funeral -- All Taken Care Of

3/13/2010 5:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Corey HaimCorey Haim's funeral costs will be covered by the memorabilia company that was auctioning off some of his belongings, this according to the company and sources close to Haim.

Haim's mother had been reaching out for donations, but a company called Startifacts volunteered to donate the proceeds from their Haim-related auctions.

Michael Kronick, owner of Startifacts, says rather than wait til all the sales were complete, they'll come to the funeral next week with a check for $20,000 -- to cover the costs of the headstone, transporting the body to Toronto, and whatever else is needed.

Remembering Corey Haim


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That was very nice of them. Rest in peace Corey.

1635 days ago


Thank you for that.

Especially if they don't even know the people involved or what the situation is.

Feldman and Haim were friends!

How do we know Feldman didn't lend Haim cash

when he was alive?

Posted at 2:54PM on Mar 13th 2010 by ditto

Totally agree!!

1635 days ago

Erica Smith    

The least a freaking pill head can do is get burial insurance

1635 days ago


Are you pissed at me for SAVING my money? Try it sometime.

1635 days ago


58. Are you pissed at me for SAVING my money? Try it sometime.

Posted at 3:08PM on Mar 13th 2010 by Cheryl

No, Cheryl, I feel no one gives a rats' azz how much money you have, but being a braggart about it when someone just passed away, and being judgmental...THAT'S what pisses people off. Now, you keep on saving up that ton of money you have and when you pass away, you'll be covered.

1635 days ago


Posted at 2:19PM on Mar 13th 2010 by moron alert

A bunch of pious ass idiots who think they have the answers for everybody.
May I suggest that everyone who thinks that Corey Feldman should have pitched in to pay for Haim's funeral, get together and donate the money themselves and leave others alone???

Posted at 2:37PM on Mar 13th 2010 by they piss me off


People need to stop telling other people how they should live their lives.

You don't know anything about other people or what their situation is or was.

And how do we know Feldman didn't already lend cash to Haim when he was alive?

Could you possibly be any more pompous?

Always best to mind your own business and stay silent.

1635 days ago


And my tax dollars will be paying for yours when you die.

1635 days ago

C'mon TMZ    

Good. Now can you please stop posting about him? TMZ never really posted about him before.

1635 days ago


This is a mini rant directed towards "Cheryl" - B*tch, please! I am so sure you have so much money, I bet you are some fat welfare whore. Who left you in charge of Feldman's money? Go back to your welfare housing and get off the public library's computers!

1635 days ago


58. Are you pissed at me for SAVING my money? Try it sometime.

Posted at 3:08PM on Mar 13th 2010 by Cheryl

Right! Right!

Soooo....what percentage of your CRAZY CHECK are you saving?
It's our tax dollars that is supporting your crazy ass, with the disability check you collect each month!!

You can com'on down off the pious ass stoole you're about to fall off of and get a grip on reality!! Stooge!!

1635 days ago


Posted at 2:57PM on Mar 13th 2010 by La Mom

La Mom, I believe he was referring to people/fans who work in Hollywood in the entertainment business.

1635 days ago

Christina G.    

Just because it happens to be a company that is paying for the funeral, doesn't mean they are doing it for their own gain. Companies are owned by human beings, you know. Besides, who cares where the money comes from or what their motive is? The important thing is that the mom gets to have her son buried close to where she's living.

1635 days ago


61. And my tax dollars will be paying for yours when you die.

Posted at 3:19PM on Mar 13th 2010 by Cheryl

lmao, beyatch, do you want to compare bank accounts? I mean, DO YOU?!! It must have taken you since birth to save up all that government money to get that 'made up' amount. Let's not get into bank accounts, because most of us here could buy/sell your sorry ass; but it does us more good knowing you'll be buried in a Glad bag...BEYATCH!!

1635 days ago


Warner brothers should have forked over some cash too considering how much money Corey made for them in the 80's.

1635 days ago


"Maria M. Access Hollywood reporter" interviewing "Nicole Eggert" regarding Corey Haim on a recent show asked her point blank if Michael Jackson molested Corey Haim..!!Boycott Access Hollywood for this false accusation, slander, character assasination and horrible slip of the tongue. There are alot of people outraged over this incident and newscast. You can check out the video on their website. Shame on Access Hollywood for trying to drag Michael's name through the mud again...

1635 days ago
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