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Corey Haim's Funeral -- All Taken Care Of

3/13/2010 5:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Corey HaimCorey Haim's funeral costs will be covered by the memorabilia company that was auctioning off some of his belongings, this according to the company and sources close to Haim.

Haim's mother had been reaching out for donations, but a company called Startifacts volunteered to donate the proceeds from their Haim-related auctions.

Michael Kronick, owner of Startifacts, says rather than wait til all the sales were complete, they'll come to the funeral next week with a check for $20,000 -- to cover the costs of the headstone, transporting the body to Toronto, and whatever else is needed.

Remembering Corey Haim


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Wanda W.    

I know you said "not working much ". That's what I said YOU said ! And IF he cared so much for Mom,then why did he continue doctor shopping, doing more drugs,and shortening his own life while his Mom was ill,in the same home as her ?? ? ? A caring,compassionate son ? I think NOT! He wasn't on any shows dear Sloane,because he was a drug addict,and NO ONE wanted him ! Duh ! His common sense left the building a long,long, time ago !

1692 days ago

Jamaican Sam    

'The Independent'
For whom the till rings
He's scarcely cold in his grave, and already Ronald Reagan memorabilia are up for auction. Sarah Jane Checkland looks at the ludicrous sums paid for items formerly owned by the rich and famous

Wednesday, 23 June 2004

"Meanwhile John Reznikoff, archivist at the university of Westport in Utah, has formed an incomparable collection of celebrity hair. Listed in the Guinness Book of Records for owning the largest such collection on earth, not only does Mr Reznikoff possess strands taken from the severed head of Charles I and from around the bullet wound in the head of Abraham Lincoln just after his assassination, but he even has one removed from the dead Marilyn Monroe by her embalmer in 1962. According to the dealer Michael Kronick , a routine tuft - comprising 10 single hairs - from Marilyn Monroe or JFK's head would put you back by about $1,000, while Elvis Presley's would cost $800.

Collectors like Mr Reznikoff are careful to present themselves as normal people. By possessing such items, they insist, they are merely bringing history to life for themselves and their visitors. Meanwhile, the dealer Michael Kronick states blandly that his buyers are "wealthy business types who own the best of everything (cars, homes, art etc)" and are now, "looking to buy the most unusual items on earth."

1692 days ago


So happy Corey's mom doesn't have to worry about the funeral expenses. I can't imagine how hard this is for her. May God bless his mother and loved ones. RIP Corey.

1692 days ago


Corey Feldman hasn't worked in decades. He doesn't have any money either. Some of you really have crap for brains.

1692 days ago


Very cool someone is stepping up!

1692 days ago


Let's take up a collection here. All of the lazy toxic housewife posters can ravage their hard working husband's wallets. Sorry, I am tired of these types. They do next to nothing but are toxic posters on places such as this.

1692 days ago


Why didn't he have some type of life insurance?

1692 days ago

J C    

To Corey Feldman
Who's the guy who molested/raped Corey Haim ?
why is He still free molesting boys!!!

1692 days ago


I think the funeral is costing $20,000 because of the expense of transporting a body to another country. They are probably taking up collections in his country of Canada to help a native son's Mom who is probably destitute with a potential terminal illness. I see nothing wrong with that.

One thing Corey Feldman said on Larry King was the incident with TMZ when they were photographed out together that Corey Haim was made fun of, anyway, that is what I understood him to say. I just want him to know I saw the show at the time and when I spotted Corey Haim I was just thrilled to see him and wished I could hear him say a few words over the loud voices of TMZ and I didn't even listen to what TMZ was saying. So just because tv or papers or magazines sometimes make fun of our favorite stars doesn't mean we believe it or agee with it. But I think Corey Feldman had a point because the media can be mean spirited today. It is almost like highschool where people are constantly made fun of. But if you are a fan you love that person no matter what the media has to say about them. Corey Haim was still popular and respected outside Hollywood.

1692 days ago


The selling of his personal belongings is a disgrace! His mother needs time and the rule of thumb is to do nothing for at least one year. From what I've read the ex-porno star friend of his - whose name I can't think of - his father's site is the one putting up items on Ebay. They should be arrested. I feel absolutely terrible for his mom.

1692 days ago


Thank you Startifacts! I'm thankful and relived to know everything will taken care of. Corey was a beautiful, loving and warm person, he will be missed and remembered always. Love you Corey, RIP.

1692 days ago


Very cool! Classy move Startifacts. I guess there are still some nice people out in the world. =)

1692 days ago


I can't believe that not(or many) one person in the acting/movie community didn't pick up the tab. If I had the cash, I would be making sure all his belongings stayed intact with his mother and sending him off in style. Shame on Hollywood.

1692 days ago


Be glad his mother is financially able to pay for his funeral, burial, etc. Corey Feldman for f*cks sake who cares! He is a ass anyway the Larry King interview proved that, charcoal dude really! Child stars usually have it the hardest and he didn't make it, end of story. Hopefully his family will heal and move on. SILVER BULLET FTW!!

1692 days ago

Brent A. Blomquist    

My God! Corey Haim could not afford a funeral? How sad.

1692 days ago
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