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Urgent Care Targeted by Corey Haim's Mom

3/13/2010 3:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Corey HaimThe L.A. County Coroner's Office may investigate several urgent care facilities that prescribed meds to Corey Haim ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Sources say Corey's mom, Judy Haim, told Coroner's investigators that her son had been going to numerous urgent care facilities to score prescriptions.

Judy told investigators she was so frustrated in the last months of his life that she called several of the urgent care facilities herself, inquiring why they would give her son so many pills. She said Corey would often get 60 to 90 pills per visit.

We're told Judy and a friend told investigators they would provide the Coroner's Office with a list of facilities.


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Talk about pathetic. Sure, blame Urgent Care and not the addict. Totally sounds like something someone who is in denial about another persons addiction would do. Or like something someone who is looking to make some money off of their son's death would do. Let's see, pain killers are typically taken 2 - 3 times a day. That means 60 - 90 pills would be a standard one month prescription, which is what Urgent Care would write a prescription for, regardless of who the person was. They'll give you a month prescription and then tell you to see your family doctor. If you don't have one, you can go back the following month and get another month prescription. Many people who go to Urgent Care do not have family doctors. Each Urgent Care facility would have a record of his medical history with them, but they're not linked to other Urgent Care facilities, so they would have no way of knowing that he was also going to other ones. He undoubtedly used a variety of pharmacies that weren't linked, as well. As someone who is related to one, I can tell you that addicts know their way around the system VERY well.

1651 days ago


I saw part of a interview that aired on television where a woman that knew Corey and dated him in the past said Heart Surgery was recommended for Corey’s heart condition but he never had the heart surgery and she said that Corey stated it would required him needing to go back to Canada to have the surgery done.

1651 days ago

Jerry Martin    

First Wacko Jacko and now this dude. How many more are going to die?

1651 days ago


I admit I am addicted to Ambien. And once was addicted to Xanex. Well, I can't say "once" I'm sure I still am, but I had the responsibility after rehab for Xanex to tell EVERY DOCTOR I HAVE never to prescribe it for me if I ask. That I have an addiction. (some days I was sorry I did that, but I haven't had one in 15 years). Ambien, however, I am an insomniac and it is HELL! I do take too many at a time becasue of tolerance, but I NEVER try to get any more than my 30 days supply and then go without for 2 weeks until I can refill. If I ever DO overdose on it, I know I have no one to blame but myself and would not want hubby to sue anyone over it and he knows it. (He likes Ambien pretty well himself, but we don't ever try to get more than our 30 days supply from our regular doctor that we each have). I do remember how damn hard it was to stop Xanex though & I feel for him.

1651 days ago


I agree with debbie....Where I live this is a BIG problem seems like everybody is high on script pain pills the young,middle aged an old people. My 28 yr old brother is a pill head goes to ers or urgent care gets pain pills with any old excuse,or scores from his pill head friends from there Dr.visits.Buried my 32 yr old cousin in 06 from dr.perscribed pill od,buried a 26 yr old friend in 06 from dr.pill od.He left behind a 7 yrs old daughter.I know several other young males I grew up with dead pill od.Some not all docs need 2 pay for school,new medical off,big house fancy car.Why else do ppl who dont have cancer or broken bones keep getting script after script for pain and nerve and antidepres all at same time.Why r they given oxy,klotpin,vico,perocet,methodone it goes on an on like candy. Legalized drug dealers.Look around fokes ppl high every where on script meds.I have many,many other stories 2 many 2 write.....

1651 days ago


To Vonslohnson, you obviously didn't read the rest of my post or you would be able to see I would never mean any disrespect to him, but rather quite the opposite. I think of him as a dear sweet soul, and deeply regret that I did not make an effort to spend more time with him. He was a special person, very human and endearing. I am very very sad at his passing, and my heart goes out to his mother for losing a wonderful son. I had hoped to see his career soar once again, as it was very important to him. Unfortunately he died destitute, living with his mother in a low income apartment because of his drug abuse and hidden demons that tormented him. This is a waste, a tragedy, of such a special person, sad, and yes, pitiful.

1651 days ago


There's a lot of money to be made in the health care and pharaceuticals industries in this country thanks to their lobbys buying our government "representatives" in state and federal governments; abuses like this are inevitable. MJ's doctors bought an island medical degree then Jackson bought him—and the graft goes on forever.

1651 days ago


Pick a Lane... Was it an enlarged heart or is mom trying to get a pay-out for her son's harship..Cash over reputation..good job mom - where were you when he needed you? Now you want to sue everyone..go home and let it be.

1651 days ago


60-90 vicodin is NOT a large prescription.

MANY people use urgent care as a primary doctor because they have no insurance!

So before all of you believe the hype, take the time to realize that the prescription was perfectly reasonable for moderate to moderately-severe pain for a months supply.

As far as PMP (prescription monitoring programs), i agree 100% that this should be done, and linked to EVERY pharmacy.

The urgent care did NOTHING WRONG. Cory presented with legitemate records indicating ongoing treatment for pain, and they gave him a script for 60-90 vicodin. happens every day. Now if they had given him 360 oxycontin 80mg, that would be egregious. 60 vicodin is the norm for ongoing pain treatment; in fact, it'd be better to eliminate the tylenol altogether for liver's sake, but that's another debate altogether.

STOP BLAMING THE DOCTOR'S FOR TRYING TO TREAT PAIN. Do you want to go back to the days of the civil war ? A bite-stick, a shot of whiskey and a rusty blade ? PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY.


1651 days ago


Well said, "pragmatist"!

While all this finger-pointing is going on, the real source of the problem is completely overlooked.

Why don't we ever see criticism of the rehab programs? With relapse rates at 80% they clearly don’t work. That's not treatment. That's a joke. Or it would be, if it didn't have such tragic consequences. Those treatment programs fail their patients miserably. And the illusion created by the media is that somehow it’s the PATIENT who is at fault when they relapse. This added sense of failure only pushes them into deeper desperation, even suicide.

It’s not the patient who is a failure, but the approach we have taken to treat this problem. We treat the symptom (addiction), when we should treat the underlying psychological problem--and there ALWAYS is one, be it depression, anxiety, OCD, ADD, etc. Not treating that underlying cause leaves patients in the same suffering and misery that they started with. Addiction isn't the real problem, it's what lead to it. Focus should be on better identifying those underlying causes, and treating them more effectively.

It's a lost cause trying to deal with addiction and prescription "abuse" in a vacuum, without understanding why people do it, which is mental problems, these people feel sick, miserable every day, day in, day out. They don't feel normal like healthy people. These people feel miserable, and they're only trying to feel normal like any healthy person.

It shows such utter lack of understanding and empathy to label these people as "addicts" who are out there just to "lie and cheat and work around the system". No, they're trying to cope, because other treatments haven't worked or been offered.

And understand this: any action that makes their own coping even more difficult only drives them into deeper desperation, and perhaps ultimately suicide.

So many people on these lists are asking why these young people are dropping like flies? In short: ill-directed focus on addiction as if that on its own is the problem, lack of appropriate psychiatric treatment for the REAL underlying causes, and misdirected public opinion and bad policies due to that, all of which are fomented by media that doesn't focus on the right issues.

Instead of sensationalistic finger-pointing of doctors doing nothing wrong, turn the focus on Dr. Drew and others who say rehab is the answer to every ill on earth. Question why it is that their rehab DOES NOT WORK, and how that could be fixed? After all, most of these dead celebrities DID go to rehab, so they were doing the right thing (according to these so-called addiction experts). The patients were let down by the program; not the other way around. That gets forgotten amid all this finger-pointing.

1651 days ago


Well Chanelgirl you were lucky to have met him. I've always followed him through the years and was really pulling for him. As for people on here dogging his mom, STFU. This woman just lost her son you buttheads. She is devastated. You don't know her so be quiet.

1651 days ago


48. The sad irony is that people with real pain issues are consistently under-medicated because they don't know how to "game" the system- and addicts have no problem scoring because they are well-practiced at saying the right things, etc.

So, next time you have some teeth removed, or some jawbone shapening surgery (or anything that will cause extreme pain because of the cranio-facial nerves), or (true story) a complete shoulder reconstruction- and you are sent home with a couple days of essentially worthless Tylenol 3... just remember all the addicts out there that are gaming the system, saying the right things, to get a months worth of vicodin/norco's.

Posted at 11:04AM on Mar 13th 2010 by DrSoze

Exactly. See also this - and the comments:

And thanks for your honesty, DrSoze. Everyone should read your post on page 2 (#24).

1651 days ago


I recently moved to a new state and do not have a doctor or health insurance. I'm on pain medication (Vicoden) for a back injury. Like another poster said, what he was prescribed is not out of the ordinary. Whenever I go to urgent care, I get a prescription for 60 tablets and that's considered a months worth. I usually only take one a day, so it lasts me 2 months. I could go back there in a month and have it refilled, though. At urgent care, they won't write prescriptions with refills on them, but if you have a history of going there, they will write you a prescription every single month.

1651 days ago


I have worked in urgent care for 15 years @ 2 different places. These type of users come in all the time to get drugs and most of the time we don't give them out. If they really do need them we will give out enough to get them through the night or until they see their personal Doc, after we have confirmation of appointment.
Cory was not uber popular or rich enough to pay staffers to get him drugs, he just had a good story. Blame the people in the clinics and urgent care facilities if you will but I blame the person and their family and friend circle just as much. Where was good old Feldman? How come that media whore wasn't trying to get Haim on some celebrity detox show? I'm surprised he didn't contact Intervention and get his ugly mug plastered across that show and try to get his friend some help.
If people are stupid enough to get caught up in drugs and booze then that's their problem. I am so friggin tired of everyone else being blamed. Grow some balls and just say NO!

1651 days ago


Jeeze, maybe you're in the wrong line of work. You seem to lack any empathy for or even a simple understanding of addiction. For many people it has become the only way of life they know and changing is not as easy a excercising a little will power. (Perhaps you'd be more suited to working in corrections or something more authoritarian than health care.)

1651 days ago
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