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Ah-nold Is My Daddy!

3/14/2010 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Patrick Schwarzenegger -- son of California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger -- hit up a yoga class yesterday with his mother, Maria Shriver.


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Jerry Martin    

Looks like he has the IQ of a thumbtack.

1654 days ago


Gross, WHY do kids want to show their underwear and look like IDIOT TRASH? NO parenting. What's wrong with his mom, she's right there, I would tell him I'm not being seen with you like that, Stop it or you're grounded. I don't care what age he is, he still lives at home, take the cell or computer away or something. Dr. Phil will tell you how it's done. If the kid had been raised right in the first place, he wouldn't be doing this trash look. I've got 3 teens and let me tell you, they know better, they think it's looks idiotic too.

1654 days ago


Damn, Maria's starting to look like a thin Ted.

1654 days ago


Sorry dude, pull up the pants. It looks cheezy and pretentious; especially coming from a Governor's son and the blood line of the Kennedy's. Have some self respect, be happy with who you are, and keep the pants pulled up (at least in public).

1654 days ago

Kathleen Thorn    

Lookin' like a fool... Wit yer pant on the ground...

1654 days ago

Fred Farkel    


Good looking??


My god. When I was in high school that kid would have been beaten up every day for looking dumb.

My how times change.

1654 days ago

Naomi K. Garza    

The Next Sex Symbol In The Making....Pants Down, Shirt Off and Shaggy Hair. Almost 6-Pack. Kid Your 16, Live In Your Youth.

1654 days ago

Jus D truth    

Damn, Maria looks like she's older then dirt! Sheeeze, I know they are coming outta a yoga class, but darn. She looks old!!

1654 days ago


Wow those Kennedy genes just keep on giving eh? I did not even know it was arnold's kid but no doubt it was a Kennedy. Hopefully the fk up genes did not transfer along with the look.

1654 days ago


Looks like a Kennedy; no doubt. If he can't stay out of trouble (like the rest of them), he'll go into politics...LOL.

Starting off pretty skinny like Arnold. The one advantage he has is that his parents have the money to buy him the 'good' steroids.

1654 days ago

jim goosh    

GOD Is this Kid UGLY or what. Arnold was handsome when he was young. This poor thing looks exactly like an ugly drunken Kennedy. He looks so much like that red faced Congressman who was screamong on the news the other day. They're all grotesque horse-toothed losers, even Maria is a dog. The only truly attractive Kennedy was John

1654 days ago


It could be worse.. At least he does not look like his mom..

1654 days ago


He looks like Bobby Kennedy

1654 days ago


He's a doll, too bad his parents are such sell-outs and jerks.

1654 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Hay PULL EM UP!! You look stupid!!Unless daddy and momma dont mind you reppin the Jail prostitute look... Who you announcing you are OPEN for business for any way Schwartenschriber boy!! GROSS!!! PULL EM UP!!!

1654 days ago
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