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Roethlisberger Party Dubbed 'Ben-a-Palooza'

3/14/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Most of Ben Roethlisberger's ill-fated party weekend was thoroughly planned out weeks in advance -- minus the whole alleged sexual assault part -- and TMZ has learned the festivities even had a name ... "Ben-a-Palooza."

Ben Roethlisberger

The Palooza is a tradition that Ben and his pals have put together for the past several years in which the Steelers quarterback and a group of his friends celebrate Ben's birthday together.

This year, Ben-a-Palooza began at Roethlisberger's home near Pittsburgh, where the group -- pictured above wearing customized Palooza shirts -- boarded a party bus bound for Ben's lake house in Georgia.

After the bus arrived to the home, several members spent one of the nights on a bar crawl in Milledgeville where Ben was later accused of sexually assaulting a 20-year-old woman in a nightclub bathroom.

Nothing spoils a Palooza like a criminal investigation.

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Jerry Martin    

They should have called it Idiotaplooza.

1648 days ago


Arent they a little too old for this sort of thing?

1648 days ago


This is to the Posters and public not TMZ (though they should clear up as the public is misinformed)

(1) Ben has not been charged with ANY criminal activity yet. Why everyone is making him out to be guilty when he hasn't been charged, let alone proven. Bit premature don't you think?

(2) Even if he is charged with sexual assault... I don't know where this rape crap came from. The only thing he could possibly be guilty of based on the facts (not rumors) is if he was responsible for her falling over. Of course, she was drunk so did he knock her over? probably not but we don't know No one, including the alleged victim ever claimed rape. No sex took place. The lab tests would have been back a week ago. Ben would have been charged and arrested if there was any proof of anything like that.

(3) She reports that he weighs 241 pounds... who does that? If it was real she would say something like "240 or 250 lbs" not "241" which happens to be what the internet tells her he weighs.

(4) If she fell and hit her head.... why didn't she report it to the security in the bar? Why did she wait until the bar closed and she hung out with her friends to report it? Fishy..

(5) Just another gold digger trying to financially gain and figured based on his previous case that was proven to be a scam he is a perfect target.

(6) Anyone who has looked at the facts and thinks he is guilty is either mis-informed or someone who doesn't like his playing ability and wishful thinking hoping that he did it so he is in trouble.

1648 days ago


haha funny how there are about 4 comments on the first page about how this guy is guilty and america is bad yadda yaddaa....hey if i recall pro athletes have a higher amount of douchebags clamming for there money then jack off internet hereos like your selves.

1648 days ago


"18. Am I the only one who finds this whole Palooza deal lame as hell? Grow up"

haha your an idiot too....what you think he needs to do things like you do it? your a pretty judgemental person arnt ya? Hey how much charity have you donated?

1648 days ago

j steader    

Here's how it went down. Daisy pinched Ben's. About 15 minutes later Ben followed her into the ladies room. He approached her with his tweeder exposed and started to grind on her while being verbally demanding. She tried to resist and slipped and fell in the process. Ben returned to his party and she went and informed her friends of what just took place. Semen was found on her clothing. No rape occurred.

Sexual assault or sexual misconduct? You make the call?

1648 days ago

j steader    

"He bought a round of shots for girls and said, 'All you bitches, take my shots,' and I got pissed because that's very rude and disrespectful to call girls a bunch of bitches," she said.

Before she left, she said she saw Roethlisberger with the woman who would eventually become his accuser. She didn't think anything of it until the next morning when she heard about the accusations.

"The fact that people are talking about how he's such a nice guy at the bar, buying us a bunch of shots, because there's a bunch of drunk girls happy that they're getting free shots -- he was very arrogant," she said.


1648 days ago

um, no thanks    

looser palooza is more like it, I would rather do laundry than hang out with a bunch of big fat old guys trying to reel in 20 year old chicks.

1648 days ago


Hey Realist, or real d-bag. Fact: she claims rape and intercourse, Fact: he said no sex took place. Fact: A rape kit was taken, and a sample(dna) was extracted. Fact: his lawyer stated that they do not know if they will VOLUNTARILY provide a dna sample?????? HMMMMMM. I remember when I was a kid and thought my sports hero's could do no wrong. Do you still breast feed?

1648 days ago


For the ignorant posts about her AGE: She was NOT UNDERAGE TO BE THERE.

In most clubs (especially in college towns) it is "18 to party, 21 to drink." Thousands of college girls under 21 are at clubs and bars legally every night. They just cannot be served (most places give you color-coded bracelets when they card you at the door). Sure, college kids find ways around it to drink, just like they do with fake ids, but you can be 18 to enter one of these spots. Ben chose to hit a bar that had 18-year-old college girls in it.

1648 days ago

Illinois person    

So Big (loser) Ben, which one of these guys are your off-duty cop buddies you pig? "Hey boys, let's go assault some chicks"? They'll know how to tame your wild ass in the Big house - you f-ing pig!

1648 days ago


Why dont the victims lawyer press charges against seven?

1648 days ago


Who is Ben Roethlisberger and why should we care what he does?

1648 days ago


Ok..let me get this straight. An 18 year old can get into any bar in GA. So how he is doing anything wrong when ANY 18 year old can enter ANY bar? Can someone explain how a bar would be free of 18 year olds? Witnesses will be able to say if she was drinking.
And how many "sober" people fall and hit their head. There is no indication he pushed her or hit her.

The other thing is this is the ONLY bar in the area that has a VIP area.This is not a large city that has multiple lounges with a VIP section. Do people think he would go to a bar that had deer on the wall and had pickup trucks in the parking lot?

1648 days ago


j, that is not Ben on the far left unless you think he can grow two-three inches of hair on a trip from Pittsburgh from Georgia considering pictures from the night in question show his hair much longer.
This little girl was grown up enough to put herself in the grown up situation. Some are claiming that Ben offered her and her friends shots - she could have turned them down but instead opted to be reckless and put herself into this situation. Maybe she waited until after she left the club to report this thinking she would be sober instead of falling down drunk like some have reported she was. I find it very telling that no charges have been filed and it's been over a week since this alleged incident was reported. She had a medical exam and yet no arrest or charges. This is yet another case of someone who wants to cash in. That money would look good to anyone with a college debt. This new girl lists 241 as the weight of the accused? Please. A PA drivers license does not have the driver's weight on just for the record so whoever commented above that maybe they got that off of the license was incorrect.
Innocent until proven guilty is still in effect, or at least it should be because I know if all of the haters were accused of something like this, they would want that on their side. 9 days and still no charges. I won't hold my breath.

1648 days ago
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