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Roethlisberger Party Dubbed 'Ben-a-Palooza'

3/14/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Most of Ben Roethlisberger's ill-fated party weekend was thoroughly planned out weeks in advance -- minus the whole alleged sexual assault part -- and TMZ has learned the festivities even had a name ... "Ben-a-Palooza."

Ben Roethlisberger

The Palooza is a tradition that Ben and his pals have put together for the past several years in which the Steelers quarterback and a group of his friends celebrate Ben's birthday together.

This year, Ben-a-Palooza began at Roethlisberger's home near Pittsburgh, where the group -- pictured above wearing customized Palooza shirts -- boarded a party bus bound for Ben's lake house in Georgia.

After the bus arrived to the home, several members spent one of the nights on a bar crawl in Milledgeville where Ben was later accused of sexually assaulting a 20-year-old woman in a nightclub bathroom.

Nothing spoils a Palooza like a criminal investigation.

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You tell lies.

1652 days ago


How about calling it Douchebagapalooza. A bunch of fat unattractive adult frat boys.

1652 days ago


So, the guy is a complete jerk and he's accused of rape. Jerks are probably more likely to rape a woman who dares to say "no". But then, if you're enough of a jerk around women, sooner or later you'll leave one (or two) so pissed off and hurt that she'll probably accuse you of rape. Hopefully, the investigators will dig up enough surveillance tape and witnesses to prove who's lying. Either way, Ben's handlers should keep him surrounded with an entourage of prostitutes as well as body guards. Both should make a point of slipping enough Valium in each of his drinks that he passes out before making a fool of himself again.

1652 days ago


Steriods and raping...what a great combination from child mind rapist. Hope all your advertisers drop you!

1651 days ago


Question: How do we send one guy to jail for dogs then let a rapist stay in the game because he has two rings?

Answer: Because if the rapist is white, he can do no wrong in the eyes of the white men and women in the media and a lot of white people in the good ole USA. What Michael Vick, Santonio Holmes, and Pacman Jones did are not even in the same ballpark as what Rapistberger did. He actually inflicted abuse and harm on another human being. But I don’t see those white women who are STILL out protesting Michael Vick’s return to the NFL (AFTER he already served his time) out protesting Rapistberger and I don’t expect to. Most white people (and ESPECIALLY white men and women in the media) ALWAYS focus on the most negative images of African-Americans and they exploit those images to the fullest to mainstream white America. When someone like Rapistberger commits a crime that is FAR worse than anything those guys did, the white men and women of the mainstream media attempt to sweep it under the rug. Tiger Woods may have had sex with a bunch of white women, but I haven’t heard ANY of them say he raped them. And look at the hatred and venom with which the white men and women in the media have gone after him. They have not even come close to going after Rapistberger with that same intensity, hatred, and venom. In fact, they have tried to make excuses for him and justify his actions. It is so obvious that this is because he is white and Tiger and Vick and Holmes are brown-skinned. I’ll bet we won’t hear Jim Nantz taking shots at Rapistberger the way he did Tiger Woods.



1619 days ago


getting drunk off your ass can cause a bump on the head too!

1527 days ago
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