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Lutfi on Spears: 'Nothing Wrong with Britney'

3/14/2010 9:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sam Lutfi was by Britney Spears' side during her crazy heyday (coincidence?) but insists Britney was just "expressing her independence and her freedom" when she did things like shave her head.

Sam Lutfi

Lutfi described the incident as "cool" but admits he "doesn't know what she was thinking at the time." In his defense, neither did anyone else.

Reminder: The conservatorship for Britney Spears was granted a three-year restraining order against Lutfi on her behalf back in April 2009. So consider the source.


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1683 days ago


Nick of Time--Thank God for caring fathers!!Britney would have been on the stroll by now, Looking for Jons, if she had remained a little bit longer with these bunch.

Britney, you have no idea what you just escaped.

1683 days ago


His real first name is Osama!
Nuff said!

1683 days ago


Why do you talk to him? Better ask Britney how she is doing!

1683 days ago


A judge does not just grant restraining orders against someone , there has got to be solid evidence that the person is stalking someone or a danger to the person...

It was proven in court that Sam Lutfi was drugging her and a danger to Britney and from what I last heard he is facing criminal charges for it.. I guess criminal charges are being brought up against him for nothing as well right??? He is just completely mr.innocent who was trying to help her...She did not start going far down hill until he came along

Stop giving this guy attention, he deserves to be behind bars...He can sit there and play mr.innocent all day long but everyone knows he just used Britney and helped her in destroying herself , it was nothing but amusing and a game for him he just enjoyed the big bucks he was making, to heck what happen with Britney..He keeps making a fool of himself, he acts like once Britneys conservatorship is lifted she is going to come running back to him..She wants nothing to do with him or the other two clowns whos names I forget, the one was a pap and then there was some girl who claimed to be Britneys cousin when she was not and was just using her to get a record deal

1683 days ago

Jacko WAS wacko    

Britney who?

lol........has been.
No one cares anymore. Lady Gaga took over from Britney and is more interesting.

1683 days ago


she was on drugs. DUH. remember when she began partying with parish ho hilton and lindsay coke lohan? it was featured on the cover of Newsweek at the time.

she shaved her head about the time k-fat was trying to get custody of the kids. hair samples provide proof of drug-use.

post-partem excuses my ass. she was a coke fiend.

1683 days ago


Why is he with a guy that looks barely 21? and a very young Conan at that. Is he a gay?

1683 days ago

Jacko WAS wacko    

IN response to:
Why is he with a guy that looks barely 21? and a very young Conan at that. Is he a gay?

The guy he is with is CUTE!

1683 days ago


This guy is crazy. Get him off the front page!

1683 days ago


Jamie Spears saved that girl’s life. This guys sounds like a creep.

1683 days ago


Good old walking into dirty public gas station washrooms barefoot was what she was doing with this guy then.

1683 days ago


Men who wear baseball caps ALL the effin time, like Romo and Lufti, have no taste or imagination. They just want to 'fit in' with the frat boys. They can't think of something original to wear, so they just wear a hat every time, even to fancy bars/clubs/eateries. Tony Romo only doesnt wear one on the field or to a wedding.

1683 days ago


Love ya, Brit. I'm happy she's not involved with him anymore.

1683 days ago


Anyone else notcie the creepy smile he has throughout the whole video?

1683 days ago
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