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Lutfi on Spears: 'Nothing Wrong with Britney'

3/14/2010 9:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sam Lutfi was by Britney Spears' side during her crazy heyday (coincidence?) but insists Britney was just "expressing her independence and her freedom" when she did things like shave her head.

Sam Lutfi

Lutfi described the incident as "cool" but admits he "doesn't know what she was thinking at the time." In his defense, neither did anyone else.

Reminder: The conservatorship for Britney Spears was granted a three-year restraining order against Lutfi on her behalf back in April 2009. So consider the source.


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What the hell is wrong with him. He said her head shaving was 'cool'.

1648 days ago


omg Britney, we love you! stay strong.

1648 days ago


Why isn't my comment going through!

1648 days ago


Stop with the spam! no1curr about the suff you're trying to sell.

1648 days ago


Peter Graves has passed away.

1648 days ago


nuts gipsy kings tribute 3 on you tube

1648 days ago


Has not a soul in that celeb world dragged this wank off to a dark alley and rearranged his thought process yet? Where is that leave Brit alone guy? Let him have this rod.

1648 days ago


40. TMZ,
Peter Graves has passed away.
Posted at 9:18PM on Mar 14th 2010 by Helen

TY HElen, I loved that man an Mission Impossible RIP

1648 days ago


Ya know..Britney got such a bad wrap for shaving her head. I totally could relate. There are many times I have thought of doing that, just for a fresh start. She had all of those nasty extensions and over processed hair. SHe was probally just tired of dealing with it.

1648 days ago


Every time I see pictures/video of Britney since the conservator ship, She looks really miserable. There is a sadness in her eyes. Everyone wants her to make hit records but is that what she wants? She has been a paycheck for so many people for so long. Maybe she was better off being able to go out and get crazy rather then be under house arrest with her dad!

1648 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

I know what Britney was thinking when she shaved her head: "Oh, my god, K-Fed is going to ask the courts to demand a sample of my hair for drug testing! Quick, pass the clippers!"

1647 days ago


It was so sad to watch her during that meltdown. And I really don't know what role he played in it, it seems that some of you commenter's think he was drugging her. She sure seemed to be out of her mind at the time and while yes most people do go through a rough time of it during a divorce, I don't think most rise to the level that her's did. He did seem to have a grip on her. How did she even meet him and why did she allow him into her life ? If I recall he said he represented her as a manager, but since losing his only client I don't see any other Hollywood types looking to be represented by him...interesting.....He's scary and if it's true that he was feeding her drugs and turning her into a madman, then he should be locked up, she could have very easily died during that time. She was headed down that road. Thank God someone stepped in and stopped the insanity. Thank God her father took control and got her the help she so desperately needed. That girl would be die right now had that man continued to be in her life.

1647 days ago


Why do you post anything on these people? Post something worth reading; please.

1647 days ago

Vix aka Team Aniston    

Ditto on that #47 and 48, these guys probably taped Brittany naked and showed them to the highest bidder most likely in the middle east.

1647 days ago


Where do I sign the petition to make her go away for good?

1647 days ago
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