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Seinfeld on 'SNL' -- Atonement for 'Marriage Ref'

3/14/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Seinfeld dropped by "Saturday Night Live" last night in an attempt to make up for the train wreck that is "The Marriage Ref."

He was awesome -- but it's gonna take more than a three-minute "SNL" cameo to get rid of that "Ref" stench.


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I didn't bother to tune in to this show. There is nothing I would want to hear from Madonna about marriage.

1663 days ago


We love The Marriage Ref. I applaud Jerry for trying something new and opening himself up to everyone that has a computer and a sharp tongue. What's with all the haters ? We LOVE it at our house, the kids are still talking about the Iguauna and my husband and I enjoy debating about the couples. Let's all relax and give praise to people that try something new. What do you want - Conveyor Belt Of Love ? We will be watching every week. It's become must-see in our house.

1663 days ago


Maybe NBC will make Jay Leno the host of The Marriage Ref and the permanent host of SNL since they think he is so great. NBC is the Jay Leno station. All Jay all the time. NBC and Leno suck.

1663 days ago


Me and my husband love The Marriage Ref. Jerry Seinfeld doesn't have to ever work again... and for us anything he does is great. I suggest to my fellow TMZ'ers to stop beating up on the show. Give it a chance, I bet like us you will end up laughing and having a good time watching it. I think we could all stop being so critical...bad karma and root for a new show that you can actually watch and not feel sick about after...Not much to watch on tv and this one is actually guilt free, laugh out loud, relatible entertainment. Maybe the show isn't perfect yet...but it's something we now look forward to seeing...Go Jerry and team. We're rooting for you.

1663 days ago


I am a big fan of The Marriage Ref. I can't figure out why so many of you are anti Jerry and The Marriage Ref. Anyone that can bring a little laughter in this day and age and has the courage to try something new in this day and age of computer haters gets our vote. Read - Glenn O'Brien's assessment of the show. He nailed it. I think in our society we like to bring people down instead of cheering them on for trying something new. All I know is I would rather gather around the TV for an episode of The Marriage Ref than I would that stale, contrived American Idol. If we keep slamming people who want to break new ground when they don't have to bother, I am afraid we will be left with Housewives (who have nothing to do with real life) and Jersey Shore an utter embarrassement to our country.) Sure the show will have some growing pains, but WE LOVE THE MARRIAGE REF at our humble home in Philly.

1663 days ago


I agree with King, Jerry Seinfeld is lucky people didn't realize he wasn't funny till it was too late. Larry David made him. I've heard horrible things about his comedy shows and this marriage ref thing is a joke. Jerry stole someone elses wife, Madonna can't keep a man for anything, and same with the others on there. We are supposed to listen to these people about how to fix a marriage? REALLY?

1662 days ago

Patrick MJR    

It was a great skit and Jerry Seinfeld is a genius. Marriage Ref sounds like an amazing idea on paper but there's this thing that no one can anticipate, which will cause it to crash and burn. But Jerry is craftsman and could find a way to make it work. And SNL stole the whole skit from Chris Rock! Really? Yes! No, Really?

1658 days ago



1657 days ago


The marriage ref is hilarious. I think you have to have been married to get the joke tho. On another note, I never thought Jerry was that funny.

1656 days ago


this show hilarious! what an innovative concept!

1662 days ago

Brunilda Alvarez    

Jerry Laughter Is what this world needs. This world is so full with depressed people in it. We need shows like Marriage Referee. KEEP

1634 days ago


There are about a quarter billion reasons most of your comments just sound butt-hurt.

I'm sure Jerome is crying all the way to the bank to cash some more $50,000 royalty checks.

1372 days ago
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