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Corey Haim Death Certificate

3/15/2010 12:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Corey HaimCorey Haim's death certificate is coming out ... and we've learned the cause of death is listed as "Deferred."

Sources tell us the L.A. County Coroner's Office is waiting for toxicology results, and they could prove revealing on two counts. First, they want to see if Corey had fatal levels of drugs in his system.

But, we're told, even if there are no fatal drug levels, certain drugs could have stopped Corey's heart. The Coroner's Office says Corey had pneumonia. As we first reported, 4 drugs were found in the apartment where Corey died -- Valium, Vicodin, Soma and haloperidol, an antipsychotic drug.

Valium, Vicodin and Soma all slow respiratory rate and could stop a person's breathing when taken while pneumonia is present.

We do not know if Corey took the prescription drugs.

It's interesting that Brittany Murphy's cause of death was a combination of pneumonia and prescription meds.


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I'm so sad that he died. And he didn't have to die. He was so talented but it was wasted and it didn't have to be.

1592 days ago

Allred Tree    

Will Corey's mother vacate her apt. and remain in Canada now that she has no excuse to be here? Who has been paying for her medical care? Did she have insurance? In Canada she should have no problem getting treatment as they have national health care!

She must have other family members or means of support in Canada if that is where she is from originally and wants to have her son buried there.

1592 days ago


If someone says something nasty about this mans mother I will jump in and say whatever the hell I want. On any website too!!

1592 days ago


corey feledman thank you for being corey haims friend=I just firstoff would like to say, that I was quite surprised at the commentsthat came from celebrities , like melissa gilbert, and others. I'mamazed that they made comments. Where were they when cory was introuble and not successful and lost all his money. I didn't see oneof them helping him or even being his friend. you all stepped awayfrom him when he was really bad and needed a friend and not one ofyou reached out to him, except for corey feldman who was his truefriend. I just want you all to know that you celebrities think youhave it made with making money and your movies and you think you'rebetter than everyone. but you're not in God's eyes and one day youwill have to face Him alone, and you won't be able to take your moneyand your fancy cars with you. Hollywood celebrities you ought to beashamed of yourselves for not being there for one of your fellowactors.

1592 days ago


Oh Calm Down....I guess ur the respect keeper!!Everybody has the right to leave remarks and discuss what has happened.But why no respect for the dead,because u dont like the way he may or may not have died...I take it from ur remarks that if u were to die today ur funeral would be paid for casket picked,flowers,obit wrote ready to go...Your family is very lucky u prepared so well.Most people in there 20s/30/s even 40s dont exspect to die so young even when doing risky behavior.Its not only drugs that kill u unexpectedly.By the way why should he earn ur respect did u know him? Or only what u have read the last few days off tmz.I bet ppl like u make his cancer stricken mother feel much better as im sure that was ur goal.If u dont like that some of us r truely sad because we grew up watching and loving his movies mabe u should post somewhere else.....RIP COREY HAIM

1592 days ago

Tim Giangiobbe    

He had Vicodin big deal and some valium and the levels were low.I am tired of the overreacting Idiots.He is Dead let him be.

1588 days ago


Respect Keeper?? No Coreyfanforever, but don't tell ME I have to respect someone, dead or alive just because you say so or because you think he's the best actor ever. And yes respect is earned, I don't respect Haim, not for his 'great' acting (gag) nor for how he blamed others for all his problems, continued to use putting his sick mother (who you care SO much about) at risk in so many ways, not to mention the sheer anguish and added stress of living with an addict. You don't think drugs came before 'mommy'?? Well they do, take off the blinders. There is a reason his mother was left without a dime to her name. Some of you fans are so nutty, stop taking other peoples comments and opinions so personally you are not Corey, his friend or his mother.. same goes to you Rip. Jump in all you want with your own opinions or comments but don't try and tell others what they can or can't say. As I said if YOU are so offended by comments here, about someone you don't personally know, then don't come to this site. In case you hadn't noticed this is TMZ not "I love Corey".

1592 days ago

Elvis Twin    

He died from the same thing Murphy died of, Poisoned "prescription" drugs from some other country thats not regulated.

How in the hell are these young people getting Pneumonia in southern California? answer, They're not.

Its a cover story

1592 days ago


Being a washed up child star isnt an automatic death sentence, many quit and get on with thier lives, like Culkin or Ringwald.

Cory started out as a nerdy type and wanted to be sexy, that ruined his career. HE should have stuck with 'Lucas' roles, instead of trying to hard as in 'Licence to Drive' etc...

He had long term problems from drug abuse, and should have went into rehab ages ago. Also, he was not young anymore and should have gotten a life and moved back to Canada!

1592 days ago


Last time I checked 38 was young. Am I missing something? "He wasn't young anymore"? Really?

1592 days ago

Helen Speight    

Rest in Peace Lost Boy. Addiction is a tough disease.

1592 days ago


Sad so sad that people are making fun of him for living with his mother do you morons realize that his mother has cancer and he was taking care of her leave the man alone let him rest in peace tell me what is so perfect in your life that you have the right to judge others the way you judge a man you didnt know!!!!!!1

1592 days ago


If Simon Monjack moves to New York with Haim's mother, something might be up!

1592 days ago


Wow struck a nerve with OH Calm Down....Quick call ur DOCTOR tellem you need a nerve pill and blame it on me!! I guess u have all the insight to Corey Haims an his mothers life. Mabe you should write a book about it and call it NO RESPECT,NO RESPECT!!!Boy for not respecting or likeing someone so much who u dont know, u sure think u know alot!!!You were the first to to speak for everyone else "Calm Down" with ur respect lesson.You seem to have taken everyone else comments personally with ur first were the first to single ppl out or did u forget,"old age creepying in".Sorry it took so long to respond I dont have hours to spend on my computer...FYI Corey Haim had more talent in his little pinky then u have in all 10 typing fingers.Dont be mad that this person had fans.Also I dont need any lessons from u on respect,It comes from within if u dont respect others u cant respect ur self. As a non-famous person once said GAG,SHMUCK,NUTTY back at u........RIP COREY HAIM Let the haters hate it makes them feel better about themselves....

1592 days ago


corey feledman thank you for being corey haims friend=I justfirstoffwould like to say, that I was quite surprised at thecommentsthat camefrom celebrities , like melissa gilbert, and others.I'mamazed thatthey made comments. Where were they when cory wasintrouble and notsuccessful and lost all his money. I didn't seeoneof them helpinghim or even being his friend. you all steppedawayfrom him when hewas really bad and needed a friend and not oneofyou reached out tohim, except for corey feldman who was histruefriend. I just want youall to know that you celebrities thinkyouhave it made with makingmoney and your movies and you thinkyou'rebetter than everyone. butyou're not in God's eyes and one dayyouwill have to face Him alone,and you won't be able to take yourmoneyand your fancy cars with you.Hollywood celebrities you ought tobeashamed of yourselves for notbeing there for one of your fellowactors. well any ways god bless you corey feldman==== I see your smile of the past
You would always make us laugh
Life was forever free
And you were all you could be
Then came time
There were burdens to share
Sadly those you could not bear
Deep within your mind you went
You became not who you truly were

Life became dark
The the drugd and drinking and partying took over you
Your eyes filled with tears
The pain was forever
The memories of the past are clear
And when we see tomorrow
You will be nowhere near
When we look for your smile
All we see is the sorrow
But what has happened has brought fans and friends closer to you
The memories of your life will always live on
With the sparkle in your eyes
And a smile on your face
In our hearts you have filled a special place
So when we think of you
We will forever reflect back
To who you once were a fine actor from the 80s -----warner-

1591 days ago
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