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Weight Loss Company Targets Gabourey Sidibe

3/15/2010 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A weight loss company claims "Precious" star Gabourey Sidibe shouldn't be worried about her appearance ... but rather her health.

Gabourey Sidibe
is reaching out to the Oscar nominated star, noting that obesity is a "major epidemic" in the U.S. and they want to help her fight what they call "this terrible affliction."

The company is offering her a one year supply of the product in return for an endorsement -- provided she loses weight.

The CEO wrote a letter to Sidibe, urging her, "The only way you can reach your goal of someday winning that Oscar is by being active, fit, and most of all, healthy!"

A rep for Sidibe could not be reached for comment.


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If she doesn't lose some weight she's going to be a one hit wonder. There are not a ton of roles for girls of her size. If she gets more work she'll be playing the same character and nobody wants to see that.

Big girls exist and roles for them exist, but not for girls THAT big.

1621 days ago


I am always stunned at the odacity of people who think they have the right to criticize someone and do it under the guise of caring and worrying about their health. There is not an overweight person in the world that doesn't already know they are overweight and they do not need anyone else to point it out. In some cases people have tried in ways a thin person could never understand and simply lost hope, there is no magic way to lose weight and there are some health issues that make it impossible. You'd be shocked at the small amount of food a lot of overweight people eat. Untill you walk a mile in their shoes, BUTT OUT.

1621 days ago


Yes Debbie, there are a million excuses for being overweight. I guess that means everyone should just stay huge and not even try to change?

That particular company is probably just looking for an increase in sales but if Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers calls, the girl had better say yes. Otherwise at this rate she'll have a heart attack and die in her 40s after a lifetime of fat-related medical problems.

1621 days ago


No, Audacity. That just proves you have zero idea what you are talking about. I doubt there is a truly overweight person anywhere that hasn't tried at some point to lose the weight (the majority of them are constantly trying something) and most of them probably know more about nutrition than you ever will. There is nothing YOU can tell them that they don't already know.

What I am saying is that you have no right to inflict your opinion or criticism on them. Most overweight people pile enough guilt and pain on themselves, they certainly don't deserve or want your self righteous input.

1621 days ago


There are no starring roles for 400-pound women in Hollywood. She will be a footnote who got lucky with fluke casting.

1621 days ago


So she's heavy, what we don't know is her actual fitness level, she may be one of those big people who has a lot of energy and is stronger than you'd imagine or something. She needs to drop some weight because eventually, it'll cause health problems down the line, and it is probably uncomfortable physically. But we don't know what got her to that size - she may wrestle with demons she needs to deal with first before she goes on anybody's idea of the ultimate diet.

We need to value people for their personality and attitude and talents, not by whether they are fat or not, and whether we can compare ourselves favorably to them or not, clucking "hoo hoo hah hah, lookit her ass." I'd rather have a cup of coffee with this Gaby girl than any of the super-fit members of the Jersey Shore crew.

1621 days ago


I would do it, provided the supplements are safe.

1621 days ago


Whether or not this chick is happy with her weight still does not detract from the fact her face is so fat her eyes looks shut while she's awake.

1621 days ago


I think the girl is unhealthy.
She truly is morbidly obese - you don't have to be a nutritionist to know that.
However, nobody can be responsible for her actions, so if she doesn't want to join one of these 'programs' or try to become a healthier person, well, that's her choice, not ours.
Let her look after herself (or not) and let's look after ourselves.

1621 days ago

capt andy    

can you imagine spending a night out partying with your freinds and wake up in the morning next to that water buffolo..oh my god,,what a joke that would be..that could almost be made into a show..nightmare date..hee hee ...suicide would be the only cure...but then again sdome werido guys actually like big women as discusting as that sounds..i like these fat women who stand up and proud of my weight and my husband loves me no matter what..errr no he doesnt and he checks out every babe that walks by wishing he could get down her pants and to you he makes every excuse in the book not to go to bed with you..who can blame the poor smuck..oh and remember its monday the day you have decided to lose all that fat..and that will last until lunch time when you are standing in line at burger king getting rready to chow down on 3 doublecheeseburgers and a diet coke,,your husband will be
1.tired from work
2.have a headache
3.working late tonight
4.coming down with a cold
5.conteplating suicide
6.checking out the babe next door
7.falling asleep on the couch
8.hurt his back
9.developing cancer
10.dreaming of you when he first met you and you had the body of a cheerleader...not now when you have the body of a whale.......
thinking of anything but actually go to bed with you he he he

1621 days ago


I think all of you people who are skinny phoebic needs to lay off of Sidibe. When she wants your advice about loosing weight, I am pretty sure she will go to the one she wants to use. Stop using her for your advertisment to make money and get customers. Gabby is not a stupid girl. When shes ready to loose her weight it probably will be by a personal trainer and not your crap! A lot of that stuff that you are pushing down people throats for weight loss causes other health problems later. Its best for her to just exercise and watch her eating habits. BACK OFF!

1621 days ago


If this girl were white she would've been crucified for her weight and her slovenly appearance. Leave her alone? She and others like her are one of the real problems with healthcare! People like her stress the healthcare system with their insistence on doing nothing to help themselves against heart disease, Type II diabetes, joint problems, etc... She looked absolutely globby gross in her gown on Oscar night. I was embarrassed for her. I agree with Howard Stern she may be talented but where tell me where is there a place in Hollywood for a morbidly obese woman like Gaby-nowhere. For heaven's sake put down your fork, join weight watchers and go to the gym. I know I sound cold but those are the cold, hard, facts.

1621 days ago


What truly bothers me about this article is that reporters who are writing these articles have absolutely no business discussing this woman's weight on a national level, on a tmz website. Do any of us really think that this woman doesn't know how much she weighs. Do any of us think that its right to even be discussing her weight issue on a public forum? Do any of us think how much this must humilate her or embarrass her ? As I write this comment I too am guilty of all of the above. But I think its insensitive and cruel to have these types of articles written in the first place. This woman doesn't need some weight loss company trying to promote themselves by offering her a weight loss program. As someone already said, it all comes down to eating right and exercising. There is no magic pill or drink that is going to help her. She has to want to lose weight and how do we know she even wants to ? I'm pretty sure that she knows she's overweight, she's the one carrying the weight around. So I say backoff TMZ and any other paper printing something so personal and hurtful about an individual. Just because Hollywood's standard is an bulimic, anorexic woman this is the wrong message to those who struggle with weight and relationship issues. Us REAL people who aren't famous or a celebrity are having to live up to that standard because all of sudden men are judging women based on their appearance and comparing us to Hollywood's version of beautiful. Hollywood must own its own pipeline to pump in the plastic, botox, restalin like a gas station. I feel sorry for those who think beauty comes in a bottle or under a knife or through an injection. I truly feel sorry for them because at the end of the day they look plastic, fake, and scary, and way older than they actually are. I love myself, I thank God for the way I turned out ! I have natural beauty and I'm sticking with God's plan for how I look as I grow older. Its priceless !!!!! Hollywood BACK-OFF !

1621 days ago

capt andy    

sorry barbie,,which excuse does your husband use..look above I bet #4

1621 days ago


Barbie: Get bent!!! This is a blog where people go to discuss whatever they want pertaining to articles TMZ posts. I suggest if you don't agree with the articles on TMZ or the comments then go away! These are all opinions and last time I checked we are in the United States where freedom of speech is still our birth right.

1621 days ago
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