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Weight Loss Company Targets Gabourey Sidibe

3/15/2010 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A weight loss company claims "Precious" star Gabourey Sidibe shouldn't be worried about her appearance ... but rather her health.

Gabourey Sidibe
is reaching out to the Oscar nominated star, noting that obesity is a "major epidemic" in the U.S. and they want to help her fight what they call "this terrible affliction."

The company is offering her a one year supply of the product in return for an endorsement -- provided she loses weight.

The CEO wrote a letter to Sidibe, urging her, "The only way you can reach your goal of someday winning that Oscar is by being active, fit, and most of all, healthy!"

A rep for Sidibe could not be reached for comment.


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hot snot    

"she'd be pretty if she were thinner" oh please people COME ON! This hefer needs to lose weight. I bet she breaks a sweat just trying to eat a salad *LOL SALAD* Im sure she has a hard time breathing just taking two steps. FACT IS FACT...this chick is OBESE and either she gets her fat butt on a diet or she dies. Im sure she is already type 2 diabetes. Not to mention...she needs to get a life. No one is going to want someone that looks like this...except for her money (if she keeps acting). There are only just so many roles that call for a monster like her

1648 days ago


63....Many, not all, of the black community today, have no real experience with rasism of the past and what their ancestors went through. They just know that they can bring race into just about any issue and use it to their advantage. And the young white community is being brainwashed into believeing "they" owe the young black community an easier ride because of what our ancestors did.

Posted at 11:43AM on Mar 15th 2010 by Ummm, yeah...right...
"Many, not all, of the black community today, have no real experience with rasism of the past." Obviously you have been held captive in a barn for most of your life and is being spoon fed inaccurate information regarding race relations in America. Granted African Americans are not subjected to balant racisms that was prevalent during the Jim Crow era, but racisms still exist. Perhaps you have not heard of racial profiling. About 10 years ago, I worked as an Emergency 911 Operator. We were inundated with calls about a "suspicous person walking in our neighborhoods and don't send a colored policeman." These suspicious (black) persons, had not committed a crime but only looked out of place because it was a predominate white neighborhoods. How about black men being stopped because they drive expensives cars. Let's not forget that their hair styles are afro centric. Blacks in expensive cars and afro centric hairstyles, to many whites this equates to criminals. Let me provide an example from personal experience. As a realtor, I was in a neighbor attaching flyers to the OUTSIDE of people's mailboxes. It is early afternoon and I am dressed professionally: dark blue suit, white blouse, etc. I noticed a policeman sitting in his car watching me as I walked to each house. I am feeling secure having a policeman around while working in an unfamiliar area. As I approached the last house, where the white police sat in his car, he leaned over and asked me, "What business do you have in this neighborhood?" I was stunned. The neighborhood was a predominately white neighborhood and the houses range between 150,000 to 190,000 range - my house costs more. Anyway, I was deeply oftened as he watched me for close to 20 minutes. Nothing about me was threatening or suspicous. So, please don't say that young African Americans don't know about racism. We are stopped for DWB (driving while black) WWB (walking while black) FWB (my favorite, followed while blacks in department stores).

1648 days ago

Not Being IT    

This company is obviously desperate to sell worthless products that have not been endorsed by anyone including the FDA. They are a rip off and have received a lot of complaints from people This company is a scam and will try anything to continue to rip people off. They are obviously desperate by saying "Thousands of people around the world say that Acai Supply's Acai berry products help them live a healthier life that is full of energy and vitality". Now what kind of sales bull crap of story is that. They have no solid evidence these pills are effective. I doubt the pills even have an ounce of acai berry.

1648 days ago


First of all Arnold, I was only making a point about actor/actress who have been successful in spite of their weight. Regarding Raymond Burr (1) In Ironside he PLAYED a wheelbound character. He was not crippled in real life, (2) He was overweight during latter part of his life and still worked on screen. As far as you not being familiar with the others on the list, so what? Perhaps you are not a movie buff. You not knowing them means....???????

1648 days ago


This is one of those cases where if she were to lose 150 pounds people would be like..."Oh, turns out she's ugly anyway." She ain't cute and she ain't pretty. Ewwww.

1648 days ago


The only reason she got the oscar winning "roll" was because they needed someone who looked like her. They needed a fat black girl her age, not necessarily her.

I'm happy she had her Cinderella moment, but her fifteen minutes are up. Her next "moment" should be feeling good and looking good by losing some of her poundage - if she doesn't, she will get a few small parts requiring a fat black girl, but nothing more.

Just do it for your health and see how big your smile gets when you look and feel better.

1648 days ago


Gabourey is very beautiful. She show signs of Cushing's Disease.. But big or small Gabby is beautiful. I think she should have her Pituitary Gland check for a tumor or her Adrenal Glands checked for a tumor. Cushing's Disease is life threatening if not treated in time. Cushing's Disease is a main cause for Obesity,,,high Cortisol Levels and ACTH Levels.Too heck with the weight loss companies right now. A Endocrinologist could help more than a weight loss drug or drink. Love you Gabourey and I hope and wish you all the best.. God Bless Darling

1648 days ago


Though a bit brassy in approach, for health reasons alone gaby needs to loose some weight. People gain and lose weight for parts all the time (yo-yo isn't great either). But, I hope she does try to get in better shape. Obesity has high risks of many health problems including heart disease, cancer, diabetes. It is not if it will happen, but when. She needs to get at team together to help her make healthy lifestyle changes so she will be around for a long time.

1648 days ago


Thanks to Gabby's performance in "Precious" - and a well earned Oscar nomination - would say she's easily recognized by a large segment of the population. But the profile of a jackass company like so much. You do the math.

1648 days ago


Just Sayin', the actors you list are heavy. This young woman is morbidly obese. Can you name one other person in any field who is morbidly obese and successful? Also, you didn't mention the actors etc. who died young from complications of their weight: Mama Cass (fatty myocardial degeneration due to obesity), Divine (sleep apnea caused by obesity), John Candy (heart attack brought on my obesity), and so on. Note that these few I've mentioned (of many more) were obese and NOT morbidly obese, like this young actress. I'm not advocating size 4, mind you--just staying alive.

1648 days ago


While the company is clearly cashing out on Gabourey's fame, losing weight for health isn't such a bad idea. She doesn't have to be stick-thin or even reach size 8, but let's face it, she is obese. That is very dangerous, even as dangerous as those anorexic girls out there.

The company may not be the best solution for Gabourey, but I hope she does listen a little to them and lose weight, whatever technique she deems fit. I can't help but think that she doesn't want to because everyone is telling her to do so or because that has been her claim to fame in the first place.

1648 days ago


I'm now reading some of your comments,lol. If you all wasn't so stupid you would know that this type ofgain has nothing to do with eating and alot to do with a Cushing's Disease or some other type of Gland Tumor. You all need to read and know what you're talking about before you open your dumb a** mouths

1648 days ago


Well, honey, at least I know who my mother and father are, which is more than a lot of Gaflabby's fans can say. And my mother does not like Al Sharpton, she prefers men of honor and integrity, and also those who do not stink, which is something you added, honey, so you must be sensitive about your own smell...

1648 days ago

Maniacal Zebra    

Yes, she is quite seriously overweight, but no one has any business telling her what I'm sure she already knows. If she's happy the way she is, leave her alone. HER weight is none of MY, or any one else's, concern.

1648 days ago


Oh, yes, GAFLABBY is a perfect name for this trainwreck. You can't even see her eyes, they are hidden in rolls of flab!

1648 days ago
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