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Weight Loss Company Targets Gabourey Sidibe

3/15/2010 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A weight loss company claims "Precious" star Gabourey Sidibe shouldn't be worried about her appearance ... but rather her health.

Gabourey Sidibe
is reaching out to the Oscar nominated star, noting that obesity is a "major epidemic" in the U.S. and they want to help her fight what they call "this terrible affliction."

The company is offering her a one year supply of the product in return for an endorsement -- provided she loses weight.

The CEO wrote a letter to Sidibe, urging her, "The only way you can reach your goal of someday winning that Oscar is by being active, fit, and most of all, healthy!"

A rep for Sidibe could not be reached for comment.


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Anything with Acai in it is a scam. I think she's definitely exhibited more smarts than to fall for that. I think if she wants to lose weight, she will and on her terms. If weight loss were so easy, everyone would be thin. Where are all these offers for all the fat actors out there? Why is TMZ not going after them also?
She's fat, not an alien life force. Only in Hollywood.

1684 days ago


leave the girl alone...let her decide

1684 days ago


Regardless of the weightloss company....the fact that she is morbidly obese is EVERYONE's problem. If you do not know how obesity affects you in the United States, then maybe you should pay a teeny bit more attention to the health care crisis currently going on in America. I am baffled that we tip toe around fat people and pretend it's okay. Regardless of the company mentioned, she should get help for her problem. It's disgusting to glamorize obesity.

1684 days ago


Howard Stern was WRONG about no one hiring Gabourey. She has 2 projects in the works. Shame on TMZ for using Gabby to promote hate and racism for hits, you know you are doing it. You seem to do it a lot with the racism stuff. Aren't you Jewish, Harvey? You should know better. I also resent the comments made on this board about members of your own staff and weight, it's BS. Hateful people. Stop promoting hate, Harvey. I'm not the only one that has noticed..people drift away from here.

1684 days ago


Acai Berry is not the answer to weight loss.

Acai berry is just another quick fix diet product that has plagued the weight loss market for years, the truth is everyone would like a pill or a berry to take that will make them lose weight quickly …
Post from: Acai Berry Diet Reviews Blog

Is FDA approved, why does it say UK in websites? They just want to make money off Gabby. Probably kill a few people in the process.

1684 days ago

Politico Pablo    

She needs to lay off all those fried foods and go with the Vicodin & Red Wine diet. It really works!

1684 days ago


it seems to me this girl has talent. It doesn't matter what she looks like, she has talent. Hollywood is all sorts of messed up as far as the skinny, skeleton chicks go. Is it me or does hollywood have a serious skeletal issue? I grew up with all the stupid boys thinking all the girls had to look like the super-stupid models and actresses. It's sad that people can be such shallow creatures. I also find it humorous that most of the women in the world are not these super-skinny bitches either. And,alot of the men, not the boys I knew as a kid, like their women with some meat, not skeletal. Think and say what you will about my post, I could give two S*@ts.......

1684 days ago

Urall Khuntz    

Well maybe a gastric bypass, or precious will be the only role she will ever have. That role was made for a fat ugly person. Hollywood does not like fat women. What role do you think she could have next? I know!!! She could play a ballerina with drug problems. Yeah sure. Another one hitter.

1684 days ago

Urall Khuntz    

12. 10. They just trying to cash in her fame. There is no miracle to losing weight, exercise daily and moderate portions is the only sure way. BTW, starving yourself just keeps your metabolism down and the fat won't burn anywhere.

Posted at 4:02AM on Mar 15th 2010 by kromen

I could not agree with you more. I found out that I had a mild case of type 2 diabetes

about a year ago. I have always been overweight because my parents thought that feeding me was "love". My doctor did not tell me that if I lose weight I could reverse the diabetes. She just wrote me a prescription for a list of meds.

I was watching a special from Dr. Oz on the Discovery Health channel and he put this guy on a diet that had type 2 diabetes and he reversed it. I did not even know you could do that! I did a lot of research on the internet and I changed my eating habits (I did not go on a diet), cut out the sugar, took 30 minute walks at least 5 times a week and low and behold the weight fell off. I have lost 60 pounds and my diabetes has reversed, my cholesterol went down at least 40 points in around 4 months and my blood pressure is under 120/80. All of this in about 6 - 8 months.

She really needs to lose weight or else she may end up with type 2 diabetes. Let me tell you it is not fun to live with. You have to watch everything you eat when you have it, so why not watch what you eat and either lose weight or maintain a healthy weight because you are going to have to do this when you have diabetes anyway.

She is not going to lose weight until she wants to. I just hope she decides to lose weight before it starts affecting her health.

Posted at 4:29AM on Mar 15th 2010 by And thats the truth

Read more:

There is BORDERLINE diabetes, not MILD you moron. Once you are a diabetic you are diabetic.

From: a 5"7 150lb type 2 diabetic that follows all the rules and is still diabetic.

1684 days ago

nuna your business    

she really needs to lose about 50, 60..100 lbs for her OWN sake. nobody elses. how many stars have died b/c they were so overweight? she's young and has her whole life ahead of her.

1684 days ago

Credit Card Billing Scam    

They say you get a free trial but you end up being charged as much as your credit or debit card will allow, check for all the complaints from people who ordered the free trial and ended up with 400, 500, 800 up to thousands of dollars in charges on their card statements.


1684 days ago

Sit down and shut up Ms. Jackson    

I am not trying to be mean at all, because I do try everything I can to not talk badly about people, but this girl truly grosses me out with how big she is. People saying leave her alone and let her be just because she was put into the part of a "obese, black girl" are the ones that truly don't care anything about this girl at all! I don't know her personally, but I am a psychologist and I must sasy that people that allow themselves to be this morbidly obese usually have underlying emotional, psychological problems and are lierally ADDICTs themselves, only their addiction is to food. The facts are that she looks AT LEAST 10 years older than she is becuase the fat is hanging of of her and adding all types of life threatening possibilities as a result. She doesn't need to do anything for any of us since I can jsut look away when she comes on the TV or the internet since she disgusts me and I also feel sorry for her. However, she is only 22 and already weighs, what close to 400 pounds now? Imagine what she would look like in ten years after kids and her metabolism slows down? That is IF she lives that long. Right now that girl probably has diabetes 2, which is preventable and curaeable with weight loss, her cholestrol is throuh the roof, her heart is working way to hard and I am sure her self-esteem isn't helping her out much because no matter if you agree or disagree with what the company wrote, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU though "wow, that girl is so fat" when you either saw Precious or saw her for the first time. The point is, I hope SOMEBODY helps her or it won't mater much what we THINK when it comes to her next role becuase she won't be able to play in ANY movie while she is dead!

1684 days ago

capt andy    

Has anyone mentioned that she is very-very fat and obviously eats to much fast food......I wonder if she ever takes a shower..sometimes girls like that do not like to shower or bathe.

1684 days ago

capt andy    

she looks just like my mom

1684 days ago


She is gross, and her role in "PRECIOUS" is overrated. Mariah Carey did a better job then her... seriously!!! I don't care if she loses the weight or not... just go away... I'm sick of seeing and hearing about her... yuck!!!!!!!!!!!

1684 days ago
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