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Kate Winslet, Sam Mendes


3/15/2010 2:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Perennial Oscar-nominee and "Titanic" star Kate Winslet has split from her husband, director Sam Mendes.

The couple married back in 2003 and have one child together.

A statement from their lawyers says: "The split is entirely amicable and is by mutual agreement. Both parties are fully committed to the future joint parenting of their children."

Winslet can now boast on her resumé that she has six Oscar nominations, one win, and two ex-husbands before the age of 35.


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So what about Jennifer Lopez???? Oh wait you can't compare apples (Kate) to beans (Jen)

1619 days ago


I think without really knowing, than there is a jealousy of the man when the woman gets the Oscar and all the attention. I;m just sayin!! That is what is seems like to me. Doesn't Leo have a girlfriend he is very serious about?? I know she loves Leo!! I am sure he is somewhat overwhelmed casue he never gets the Oscar either. I think Sandra Bullocks husband "knows who he is." and will love that his wife is in the limelight. she said he is bigger than life. He is secure with himself. As a result they will last!

1619 days ago


I would like to see Winslet and Mendes get together...Eva Mendes that is :0)

1619 days ago


Kate Winslet is crazy for Leo - simple as that!

1619 days ago


She is an amazing actress and I wish her well. You all talking crap are jealous because you must be butt ugly.

1619 days ago


Good for her! if she wants to be with someone attractive then good for her. She loves Leo but, Leo has other fish in his sea.

1619 days ago


Maybe I am mistaken but I also think it is Leo all the way. It looked like she truly loved him that one time at the Oscars. Why should she stay if she isn't happy. She has enuf money to move on.

1619 days ago


Good! We the people should have it written in the divorce decree that he will no longer subject the viewing public to seeing her gross "sisters". Hopefully she will not be the leading lady in his movies anymore. Sorry Kate~ Your a great actress but your chest has been overexposed and it pains me to look at you without getting a bit of vomit in my throat.

1619 days ago


To #16-they said ONE child because they have one child together and one with her other ex.

I think the problem is with her. She seems like the type who is in love with the idea of being in love and expects life to be all flowers and roses all the time...and YES-she seems to be in love with Leo. She seems like she expects life to be like one of her romantic movies and when it isn't-SEE BAILS.

She tries to give this impression that she's this down-to-earth person (I just read an interview with her where she claims to hate being called a 'movie star') but I get the impression she's a stuck-up snob. She's obviously outgrown her husband and I'll bet anything that she wants to trade-up...just watch.

1619 days ago


That should say SHE BAILS...

1619 days ago

bruce flitt    


1619 days ago


3. I saw that one could tell by the way she swooned over Leo DiCaprio at the Awards shows last was like she threw it in her husbands face. I felt bad for him but anyone with 2 eyes and a brain knew she wasn't in love with her husband. Look out Leo !

Posted at 1:41PM on Mar 15th 2010 by I saw that coming

Totally agree with you! I was embarrassed for her husband, and for her also, because I doubt highly that Leo is interested in her, as she's not the supermodel type.

It was a ridiculous and childish display of desire!

1619 days ago



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1619 days ago


Shannon, you can add Halle Berry to the so called "Oscar jinx list".

Too bad. I'm not sure people should comment or make assumptions about Leo or otherwise, seeing as it takes two people to make a marriage work. How do we know what goes on behind anyone's closed doors?

And yeah, I'm rooting for Sandra and Jesse to stay together. I think they will survive. They seem very solid. She waited a long time to find Mr. Right. :)

1619 days ago


That biotch better stay away from my Leo. That's all I know. Dont have anymore kids by 5 more men Kate!

1619 days ago
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