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Lady Gaga -- Exhausted in New Zealand

3/15/2010 8:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lady Gaga looked like she was thisclose to fainting during a concert in New Zealand this weekend.

Lady Gaga: Click to watch
A lethargic Lady sang most of her concert closer "Bad Romance" sitting or laying down on the front of the stage -- and appeared more out of it than usual.

According to the person who posted the video on YouTube, it was so hot that "people passed out" in the audience.


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Mr. Guesa    

And we're supposed to believe this has nothing to do with drugs? Look at what she wears and how she behaves...It takes a lot of drugs to be that untalented and popular.

1685 days ago


Funny thing is all you haters probably like sucky druggie bands like Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin. I'm just wondering, how much energy does it take to hate a musician that much? I'd be exhausted constantly trying to convince everyone that SHE has a penis or can't sing.

1685 days ago

C'mon TMZ    

Never go to New Zealand.

1685 days ago

C'mon TMZ    

37. Funny thing is all you haters probably like sucky druggie bands like Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin. I'm just wondering, how much energy does it take to hate a musician that much? I'd be exhausted constantly trying to convince everyone that SHE has a penis or can't sing.
Posted at 5:15PM on Mar 15th 2010 by Druggie Musicians Suck

Never liked Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd.

1685 days ago

C'mon TMZ    

9. "it was so hot that people passed out""? seriously?
i was at the O2 arena concert in london on the 26th of february. you know how specific the brits are in terms of safety etc. the temperature was just fine and still at least 30 kids passed out in the front area and were carried out by security. it had nothing to do with being too hot. it had to do with them waiting in line for hours, because the wanted front row (as front as possible) access even though the had general admission tickets. and their excitement once the saw her on stage. i don't believe i saw even one person over 20 pass out.
Posted at 1:28PM on Mar 15th 2010 by dolly

No I didn't know how specific the brits are in terms of safety...

All I know is how the brits seems to be so bitchy and not very nice.

1685 days ago


People actually pay money to see (and listen) this S&%T???

1685 days ago


Oh GaGa you poor girl your a bloody trooper and your an amazing performer. These people who question and "try" to degrade your abilities are just jealous and should really channel their energies into trying to be successful for themselves. YOUR BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!!

1663 days ago


Her first concert in New Zealand was on saturday night, and this footage was taken from the sunday night concert. Her telephone video went worldwide that weekend as well. She either went out with the locals on saturday night, or she is genuingly exhausted. She is obviously singing too, coz you can hear the words slurring

1685 days ago

Black Power    

To post 37 and 39 - You may be happy with the way music has turned in the last ten years, but from my point of view, rock and roll will never die out like disco and the boy bands and Goth and most of the punk rock bands and eventually rap. If you are going ot lump Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd into a druggie category, then you might as well dump 90% of the musicians from the last forty years into that same category. What do you like? Rap, crappy one hit wonders like Lady Ga Ga, or do you get into the newer bands that do the same drugs and drink alcohol and do extasy or some of the other new wave drugs out there? Whatever the case, music is what binds this world together, no matter what you are listening to. As long as it makes you feel good, then I'm all for it. Even the crap that you guys are used to.

1685 days ago


Definitely high. Maybe e?

1685 days ago


Yikes! I don't know who you are trying to fool. Girl better slow it down...come on I wanna see you ten years still being creative. I knows drugs help keep you going...but your not sleep! I love Gaga...stay alive!!!!!

1685 days ago


That video makes me sad. She's obviously suffering from the heat.

People can be so cruel.

1684 days ago


i find it so funny that all these international media websites and spectators are speculating over one video that was posted on the net. I was at the concert in new zealand and here are the facts - yes Gaga did appear very tired & out of it during this performance and she was helped off the stage at the end by 2 of her back up dancers. It was just pure exhaustion - she had said on NZ radio that it was going to be a very explosive show because it was first night after the hugely anticipated release of the Telephone video. She belted out hit after hit with little intermissions/breaks throughout. during the v. short breaks she was changing into the 16 different costumes so hardly a break at all.- it was the last song of the night after 2 hours of performing and yes it was very hot! - people in the audience were passing out at this point too. and as for the dancers being perfectly fine? of course they would be - they arent on the stage for the whole two hours singing and dancing are they (yes she was singing live) i suggest u watch the other vids before u speculate! This video is from the same night

1684 days ago


If you watch her mouth closely, she is lip-syncing. Amazing, she is another Ashlee Simpson.

1684 days ago


I think she is amazing, shs is pushing herself too hard and needs a break. Plus, she sings live all you haters!

1684 days ago
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