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Marie Osmond -- Sunday Services

3/15/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marie Osmond was seen leaving church near her home in Nevada on Sunday.


Last week, Marie returned to her Vegas show one day after her son Michael's funeral.


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I just want to see one photo where she looks like she even gives a crap. I saw alot of photos from the funeral and there was none where she looked upset.

1651 days ago


So. Why is this important? What is the relevance? Why do you think we's not like it's news that her faith keeps her going. Next....

1651 days ago


Michael was a (gay) child molester. How the heck could she know how he would turn when she adopted him? She bought him the best psyhc treatment her money could buy. He was ungrateful for his privileged life-style and committed his own death. She is relieved and so are the rest od the family. Their kids are safe from Michael.

1651 days ago


the real gossip tmz is that she is with her first ex-husband here & they have been dating for a very long time! not that she went to church! he's the one who cheated on her the first time around!!

1651 days ago


This poor lady was raised this way. From the time she could walk and talk, it was all about "the show must go on." She didn't have a normal childhood and probably has no idea how to provide her multitude of children with a normal childhood. This is all Marie knows, bless her heart! I'm sure her heart is broken, but she's doing things the way she was taught, and the only way she knows. Cut her some slack!

1651 days ago

Anonymous Vegan    

Janie...your info is extremely, extremely incorrect. Marie is not dating anyone at this time. She is very good friends with her first ex-husband. Nothing more.

1651 days ago


What the heck...the lady went to church. Leave this lady and her family alone. Millions of people go to church. Let the family deal with their loss in their own way.

1651 days ago


Vegan Sue strikes again. She's a crazed Marie Osmond stalker!!!!
Marie is dating Steve you nutty ho.

1651 days ago


I could never date a woman like that, I'm just not interested in going back to the 1950's in the psychology or clothing of that period. And what is with the Donny and Marie stuff? Neither one of them is creative, neither has a distinctive voice, neither has moves.

1651 days ago


Marie Osmond blah, blah, blah, Vegas jerk, blah, blah, blah, son dead, sell dolls, sing, dance, blah, blah, blah, single mom, weight loss, blah, blah, faint, cry, whine, blah, blah, blah.

1651 days ago


That is really a smart comment, was it worth the time even to write??? And is that Sue person on every message board out there?? One day she hates Marie and the next she is in love with her.

1650 days ago


Everyone who is being so judgemental of Marie Osmond for going back to work so soon after his funeral do not know her well enough to be so critical. When my dad had cancer, I moved him into my two bedroom apartment which was small for 3 people , not to mention 5 with my mother and father living there for 8 months. His last trip to the hospital, he went in on a wednesday and he died Friday morning around 6:30 am. By 9 am, I went to work after just leaving the hospital and changing clothes. The next day, I went to the casino and had several drinks and went to his funeral Sunday afternoon. To some of you, that would sound heartless and like I did not care. After he died, I was just numb for weeks. During those weeks I was numb, I went to work, stayed out, I just did not want to go home or be alone. Finally, I had to, and reality set in, and I went through a long grieving period and depression. Its been 6 years now, and I still am not over it. What I am saying is that people handle death in very different ways and we cannot judge them or say that they do not care about their family members death just from being an outsider observing what the tabloids say or their outer actions. I am sure Marie is probably still numb and just throwing herself into her work as an escape from the reality setting in. People grieve in different ways and it is not up to us to judge how she should or should not act. Until she gets on tv and says that she doesnt care about her sons death or say he deserved it, I will assume that the devastation and pain are yet to come and until then, stop judging her people.

1650 days ago


Evian, There is a difference in losing an elderly parent, as painful as it is, than a mother losing her 18 year old child with his whole life ahead of him. BTW, people saying that is not Steve are wrong. It is Marie's first husband. They've been dating almost a year now.

1650 days ago


Why are people on here talking about other Fans when this is supposed to be about Marie Osmond? Seems that the Dan guy is obsessed with Marie Osmond. Have seen his posts before and saw his website: Now he's a scary kind of guy for sure. I think he's a little on the Gay side too. No Male Marie Fan that I know, has all that Marie Osmond collectable items. And what's even scarier is that Marie had Dinner with this guy. I wonder if she knows how crazy he really is? Watch out, Marie!

1573 days ago
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