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Britney Spears

No Show in Court

3/16/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No ShowBritney Spears
was supposed to show up in court today but her appearance has been delayed -- however, the end game for the conservatorship may now be in sight.

Britney was supposed to sit down with Judge Reva Goetz at 1:30 today to talk about her progress, but her appearance has been put off because, we're told, the parties need more time before the meeting.

You don't need a PhD in psychology to see how much progress Britney has made in the last year.

As we first reported, daddy Jamie Spears and others have been hoping to wind the conservatorship down mid-year ... but no date has been set.

The judge wants to sit down with Britney for a second time this year, but it's premature until the judge gets more info.

No date has been set for Brit's next command performance before the judge.


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I'm Just a Kid    

Britney Spears is in the Illuminati.

1683 days ago


Shave your head again, that was funny. DO IT. You aren't funny now. Just a washup. Do something drastic, please!

1683 days ago

Me, myself and I    

Aw. I expect that she will still be under some kind of Conservative ship when she's 50. She blew away any kind of critical thinking by her obsessive drug abuse. I doubt that she can make any kind of decision in her mushy brain.

1683 days ago


with all her money, why does she not own her own home?. i am sure there is a reason, does anybody know?

1683 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Awesome! It's been getting boring and it will be fun to watch if she comes back out to roll non-stop in gutters and bang paps and assorted people while humiliating herself again! Warm up the straight jacket and clear the sidewalks, Brit for Brains may be soon on the loose! Glad I don't live in L.A.!

1683 days ago


Shes getting better??? Yeah all the stained up clothing and NASTY ASS HAIR show how much better she is..........NOT. It would be cool though for her to be free...............bring back the pink wig LUNITIC.

1682 days ago


Britney WHO? Didn't she just die in the shower a few weeks ago?
You've been REPLACED, mudbug!
Ke$ha, GaGa,...
Move along folks, tired lip-syncher here...nothing to see...

1682 days ago


I hate to say it but without the conservatorship she'll be back to the lunacy in no time. The only reason she's doing well is because she's so drugged up it's ridiculous. She has this vacant eye thing going on which makes me think she's beeen "pharmaceutically handled" for some time now. Take her off her meds and see what happens....good for TMZ...Britney....not so much!

1682 days ago


Either Balls and Kooky are gay lovers who sit around and wait for new posts just so they can type lame sh?t or they are the same person. Either way they're comments are always pointless and utterly stupid. I find it hard to believe that they would continually leave they're stupid ass brainless comments on every story here but hey, here they are. Balls just types balls and Kooky just type some dumbass little jingle or the recipe to some lame food. Yes, everyone saw it. Here is your 15 minutes of fame. Now give it a damn rest and move on to something new.

P.S. Just had an earthquake here in S. CA. and a ceramic statue just fell on my face. What a great way to start the day.

1682 days ago


not going to happen. She's incapable of caring for herself.

1682 days ago


Her time has come and long gone. The only reason anyone would pay to see her lipsync and show her body on stage, in what she calls a "performance", is the hopes of seeing her make a fool of herself once again. Better start putting some money aside for your retirement,'s long overdue.

1682 days ago


If she was OK, she would have shown up for court with bells on. She's changed her hair color 3 times in 10 days, prances around in dirty clothing, and has the most vacant look on her face 90 per cent of the time. Sad, but true, it's not happening.

I find it despicable that her publicist's continue to portray her as normal. She has no fiance, and never will, she is not a good mother and still needs 3 or 4 people with her at all times when she's with her children. All of this does not contribute to being freed by any judge.

1682 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Poor moo cow. Poor, sad moo cow. Maybe they'll cut the straps on the jacket and she'll stampede back to ol' Sammy boy and will then make a perfect swisheroo into the trash bin of obscurity.

1682 days ago

chicken head    

make out with that UGLY untalented COW Joy Behar

1682 days ago

chicken head    

lock her up! she went down on my friend and now there is something growing on his pecker!!!!

1682 days ago
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