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Corey Haim 911 Call --

He's Not Breathing

3/16/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: TMZ has obtained the heartbreaking 911 call made by Corey Haim's mother the morning he collapsed at her apartment on March 10.

Corey Haim
Judy has a difficult time understanding the 911 dispatcher. It's hard to understand what he's saying.

Judy makes it clear Corey is not breathing. He was pronounced dead an hour and 15 minutes after the 911 call.


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That Corey Haim was a drug addict is not what infuriates me. I do not personally know Corey's Mother but I am hoping that this message reaches her so that she would know that many of us feel her pain and are chagrined by what we heard on that 911 audio. That the County of Los Angeles hires a mindless moron - rude, lazy, or unintelligible - is what demands an investigation here. Anyone who feels as passionate about this incident - please take the time to send your complaints to the 5 members on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Look under Executive Officer for the email contact field.

1681 days ago


Sad, but do not blame TMZ. It does bring to light a problem with 911. Don't train a monkey to answer a phone, pay enough money for a real person who is capable of speaking clearly. I would not want to hear such a recording of my family. However, did anyone realize such a poor operator could be your only source of help when you most need it?

1681 days ago


After hearing the Brittany Murphy 911 call, I was so heartbroken for her mom and regretted it instantly. When I saw that the Corey Haim 911 call was posted, I felt so dissapointed in TMZ...why post this kind of stuff? This is such a traumatic event in someones's personal and shouldn't be posted for the world to listen. It is a personal choice whether or not to listen but it really makes me wonder what kind of people are working at TMZ...where is your compassion? On the up, at least light was shed on the incompetant 911 operator...common', when dealing with emergencies...clarity and comprehension are a MUST!

1681 days ago


That 911 dispatcher should NOT BE WORKING IN EMS!!!! Does he have Down's Syndrome or WHAT?!?! He couldn't enunciate to save his life and was not speaking loud enough. I understand it took paramedics (I used to LIVE in that building/ they are right around the corner) like 45 minutes to get there too!!!!! 911 dispatcher probably told them he was cold and not to rush. In this case, it's a blessing that TMZ posts 911 calls, as this operator clearly needs to be reviewed. It's criminal, the horrible service that was provided to this woman. I'm ashamed. City of Burbank?!?!? Are they on Los Angeles EMS or have their own dispatchers?!?! This needs to be reviewed and this guy needs to GO!! FIRST RULE of an emergency services dispatcher is CLARITY. This guy seriously sounds like he was watching a movie and suffers from Down's Syndrome!!! (No offense to those WITH Downs as they could do a better job than this embarassment!)

1681 days ago

Jeff OC    

What most disturbing about this is the fact that the dispatcher seemed so sluggish and lacked that sense of urgency that 911 dispatchers should have! Sure he spoke with an accent, but in addition he spoke way too slow and in a non caring matter. Fire the guy!!!!

1681 days ago


Corey Haim. Right up there with Bogart, Stewart, Hoffman, etc...

1681 days ago


What the hell is a Corey Haim?

1681 days ago


i think i get the idea of why tmz posted this 911 call but i really hope out of respect to the family you consider pulling it. such a sad way to memorialize someone. i was going to marry corey haim when i was 11... rest in peace

1681 days ago


How do they get these 911 calls? Aren't these private and shouldn't these be only given when asked by the court or some lawful thing or are they considered public records? Are they given out just freely to anyone or are they handed out for a fee/payment that easily? Or once it's released to the police or court does it mean they can be handed by the court or police to the public and be used by anyone? I'm just wondering since I don't think if I'm in such situation (hopefully, never), I don't want to be reminded and hear my distress and pain over and over again...and share it with the whole world.

1681 days ago


You are most incorrect. There are various methods of delivering CPR, but in hands only, AS IN ALL OTHER METHODS, the directions are set out by the AHA, the dispatcher did not follow them. 911 operators are mostly incompetent as the one that handled the Haim call. I do CPR almost every day in the ER where I work, the guy was wrong. I hope no one else is subjected to him. CPR only works if it given correctly. He lost complete copntrol of the caller, failed to ensure she was doing it properly and instructed her to give 400 compressions with an inaccurate count. If one performed it as he instructed, there would result about 65 compressions/minute. The correct count is 100/minute. The smart dispatchers ask the person to open the door first, then they ask the helper to check for breathing, then move to gloor, then check mouth, then intruct on compression rate specifically, then count them out. We listen to most of the 911 calls released and most of them have mistakes, this one is just beyond inept.

1681 days ago


Quite frankly.....I could hear everything the 9-1-1 operator said. He asked if the person's eyes were opened (important because it distinguishes what to do for a next step), then he told Judy to put a towel under Corey's head, then tilt it with one hand on his head and the other on his neck so his mouth was open and she could check if there is food or vomit present. Then he told her to continue applying compressions. Obviously, the call was treated as serious because the ambulance already arrived quickly into the call.

Was the operator the clearest? No. But if you are talking to somebody in major distress.....I've seen the clearest 9-1-1 operators on the planet provide direction only to have the other person so crazed that they tune out. And, yes, it's understandable for a person to be that way. That being said, I would want a 9-1-1 operator to be a calming, instructive voice rather than an emotionally attached one. They have to practically be doctors except for the fact that doctors don't have to sift through probably thousands of calls that they shouldn't be getting in the first place.

And I won't pick on TMZ on this one either because, while nobody wants to readily admit, many in society have a morbid fascination with all the minute details of anything that happens with celebrities. I think the real sickos here are the Los Angeles officials who actually circulate this stuff because it's in the "public domain". Unless it needs to be used for a court case or private investigation, there's really no public benefit (outside of a sadistic one) in publicizing the call. At least obtain permission from the family.

Then again, I have far more respect for Corey's father who opted to stay quiet and away from the cameras. The mother is something else. For somebody so frantic during the call then turning around and go parading around on television ranting on about funeral costs and who will/can pay for it. It's not like she was putting on a Michael Jackson spectacle and she far from lives an impoverished life in the projects. That's for more shameful than the demeanor of any 9-1-1 operator.

1681 days ago

Cest Moi    

Refused to listen to the call. Always do. Just wanted to comment to please STOP with these calls! Not cool!

1681 days ago

No Comment    

Not sure what you are talking about - I understood him perfectly. But it did sound like her audio was higher than his.

1681 days ago




1681 days ago


That 911 operator should be fired. I couldn't understand a word he was saying to Coreys mom. She was trying so hard to understand him but he just kept slurring his words. I think they should broadcast these tapes because it will help keep these stupid 911 operators on their toes. Imagine if it were you talking to one of these operators in an emergency. UNBELIEVABLE this can happen in this country. FIRE HIM at let him go home and get some sleep.

1681 days ago
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