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Corey Haim 911 Call --

He's Not Breathing

3/16/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: TMZ has obtained the heartbreaking 911 call made by Corey Haim's mother the morning he collapsed at her apartment on March 10.

Corey Haim
Judy has a difficult time understanding the 911 dispatcher. It's hard to understand what he's saying.

Judy makes it clear Corey is not breathing. He was pronounced dead an hour and 15 minutes after the 911 call.


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Had it coming    

because im not overly sensitive? no one is making you read it

1685 days ago


This is so WRONG, please remove it...I love TMZ but this is just wrong in every way possible :(

1685 days ago

Christian Carmona    

What is the purpose on having this call on your website? Makes no sense at all! Let families mourn in private instead of blasting all their private moments on the web.

You guys at TMZ are pretty sick people. To catch celebs in action and make a buck off is something but, to post the 911 call??? IS IT REALLY NECESSARY?

1685 days ago


How about maybe... oh, I don't know... getting 911 operators for whom ENGLISH is their native and first language?

If an interpreter needs to be found, fine. But this is AMERICA and ENGLISH is our language.

911 Guy was obviously of some kind of Mexican/Spanish heritage. I couldn't understand a thing he said, and I can't imagine the mother's anguish in the same situation.

I agree with others... broadcasting someone's last breath and the horror of loved ones surround them is in incredibly poor taste. The public does NOT need to hear this. It is NOT "newsworthy". It only magnifies the distress of those involved.

Harvey, grow some balls. Report on things that are newsworthy, like Merlin Olsen and Peter Graves passing on... not the "fact" that Charlie Sheen actually showed up at work (for which he is handsomely rewarded) like millions of others do every single day; or that a football player had t-shirts printed for his b'day party.

Your reporting is pathetic.


1685 days ago

Had it coming    

yes it is necessary

1685 days ago


My only question is why do you post 911 calls of people dying? It's just something I can't comprehend the reasoning behind.

1685 days ago


"Tell me if yoh see aney fud er vomutt!..."

great clarity 911 operator.

1685 days ago


Wow! Go figure mature programs and websites like Access Hollywood state, The call is very a personal conversation regarding a mother's realization that she could be losing her son, and Access Hollywood has decided not to post it here on, yet TMZ has no problem disrespecting Corey Haim's family's privacy. Heartless.

1685 days ago


The 911 call is public domain and any one of us, our call or our family's call can be re-played back but it needs to be changed , this is an invasion of privacy, why do we need to hear this anyway?also this 911 operator is very unprofessional, and should be out of a job, the way the call was handled was totally inappropriate.

1685 days ago


I had no problems understanding the 911 operator, but I am not a mother in shock with my dead son on the floor. The 911 operator knew he was already dead.. very sad for his mother.

1685 days ago


His mom turned a blind eye and tried to live off his so called "Fame".He was a Doctor shopping drug addict who missed his 15 minutes of fame.

1685 days ago

Had it coming    

they had it coming. all there is to it

1685 days ago


That 911 operator didn't seem to care at all... he seemed put out and bothered. He was also very difficult to understand. How is this helping people? Are the out-sourcing 911 too now these days?

1685 days ago


WOW ...I thought TMZ took this one down in respect to to post on the funeral?? Looks like they just wanted to post the warnings??
I listened earlier and posted under the funeral post ...but this is really truly a heartwrenching call ...My heart is totally with Corey's Mom ....she soo dearly loved her son! and to realize the mom had most likely had a chemo or radiation treatment and was weak as could be to begin with....OMG
I really think the 911 op did a decent job overall... it was not an occasion where you hear that the 911 did a bad job... he did what he could with the situation.

PEACE to Corey's MOM

1685 days ago


Im a big fan of tmz ..........but this is wrong to do in so many ways. i didnt listen and dont want too this is a very personal event for the mother of corey. Harvey my days of watching tmz just ended and i think you owe all of corey haims fans and family an appology. I hope you are a stand up guy like ive always thought you were and make an attempt to make this right again...

1685 days ago
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