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Corey Haim 911 Call --

He's Not Breathing

3/16/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: TMZ has obtained the heartbreaking 911 call made by Corey Haim's mother the morning he collapsed at her apartment on March 10.

Corey Haim
Judy has a difficult time understanding the 911 dispatcher. It's hard to understand what he's saying.

Judy makes it clear Corey is not breathing. He was pronounced dead an hour and 15 minutes after the 911 call.


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I kinda disagree with those saying not to post the tapes. While I'm sure TMZ has no altruistic motive, I wish every addict out there would listen to these tapes. You wanna chase that high and gamble with your life? Well this is how your mother is going to sound. When my kids are older, I definitely want them to hear this. This is what death sounds like. Not so cool, huh?

1619 days ago


Come on!!!!! I'm all up for some silly celebrity gossip, but posting the Corey Haim 911 call..? The last desperate, primal screams of a mother losing her son..? That's low, disgraceful and whoever made the decision to post that should feel shame. Do you sleep well at night... ? Are you a parent..? I'm disgusted and will NEVER watch TMZ again, I will never view TMZ online and I feel like I need a shower. No I didn't listen.. I don't need to..I feel sick at the thought. Shame TMZ Shame....take a good look in the mirror. Thats not news its cruel and revolting. What has this world come to...

1619 days ago


His mother said thank you at the heart broke. After the poor help she received, her kind heart still said what came natural to her love and kindness. I am sad for her and what she seen in her life , the pride of having such a cute young boy that was on his way to know where i am going with this.....much love to all the mothers out there.

1619 days ago


I heard children be more helpful while speaking loud and clear. I cant stand when people want a career so bad...''put on'' a great impression....get interviewed and hope for a certain job and get it. Then hate their job and don't take one thing serious. Give that job to someone who is alert, and speaks loud and clearly!

1619 days ago


I'll never understand why we needed to hear this. TMZ I'm so disappointed that you posted this. Are you so caught up in the race to get an exclusive that you've forgotten that this is a real mother's anguish we're hearing? Horrible! :-(

1619 days ago

love her!    

Anyone who gets upset at TMZ for posting these calls should have a reality check...This is a tragic epidemic in today's society drugs kill...As sad as it is parents have to make these calls everyday...This is reality..Society should stop enabling people to die of overdoses

1619 days ago


I too at first believed that making these 911 calls available to the public, is a deplorable act of insensitivity.

However, I have given the subject further thought, and I have changed my view point.

Although I still find it painful to listen to these types of emergency exchanges, in some cases I have found educational techniques, about what to do, and what not to do, in certain emergency situations, through these 911 recordings.

Again, these times of desperation can be uncomfortable to listen to, but they have a certain educational value, and may indeed one day save a life, when a phone is not available.......Artofwar

1619 days ago


They even outsource 911 operators to India?

WTF? If you can't speak English you shouldn't be allowed to have this job, if your some stupid n-word that says "fonna" instead of "gonna" you shouldn't have this job.

Sometimes affirmative action sucks.

1619 days ago

The Witchfinder    

Yet another reason why 911 callers should have CLEAR English skills... Not outsourcing Indians, etc...

1619 days ago


I agree that TMZ shouldn't be posting these 911 calls but I see it didn't stop you from listening to it?

1619 days ago


Good ole LA dispachers. Apparently they didn't get the memo to care about people OR the one about how CPR guidelines have changed to chest compression only upon arrival of paramedics.

1619 days ago


I love TMZ, but posting crap like this really pisses me off. Quit making it about the almighty buck and have some damn decency. I refuse to even listen to this.

1619 days ago


WTF? I couldn't understand a frigging word the 911 operator was saying. Poor mom..I could only imagine what that feels like watching your son die. My prayers are with the family.
Honestly speaking I don't know why you post these 911 calls. Its heartless

1619 days ago


TMZ Sucks! Why post this?

1619 days ago


@KC..u are right..but they posted pictures of James Brown in the coffin last week, without having to click onn anything. I think that was pretty LOW also.

1619 days ago
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